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Old 06-03-2009, 11:38 AM
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Originally Posted by horatio View Post
It just summed up Kirk's early life in a few minutes.
Putting the event of Kirk's provocation into dialogue would be inferior to seeing and hearing it and having a decent reason to hit Kirk would only make Cupcake look good and Kirk even worse than he already does.
Well, I certainly would have kept the provocation. But you are right. The risk is that Kirk now looks really bad ***.

The irony is, that this is the whole reason why revenge stories are quite hard to write and what bugged the Nero part. If your hero (Prime Spock) did nothing morally questionable, then the villain has no understandable motive for revenge. And if you give your villain a motive by having your hero made an moralic mistake, then you risk turning your audience away from identifying with your hero. Its a very thin red line. One that Wrath Of Khan danced on with ease and perfection while the new movie was quite shaky at best.
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Old 06-03-2009, 11:46 AM
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In case you read Countdown, Nero makes a 180° turn from being Spock's friend to a guy who generally distrusts Vulcans and suddenly threatens Spock with what he will do to him if he should fail. It made absolutely no sense, so let's call it the 'Shinzon moment': why not go after the folks who really messed it up, which is in both cases the Romulan government.

That's why your idea about the planetkiller is better. If the movie is too crammed for a well-developed humanoid villain, choose a good ol' non-humanoid sentient being which needs less screen-time (at least I got this impression from previous Trek incarnations and beings like V'Ger or the Horta or the Excalbians) to work fine.

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