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Old 05-12-2009, 10:17 AM
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Default Favorite Characters in the new movie and overall grade

I thought the movie was GREAT. The acting was superb and they had great characters. Doing imitations would have just made it an SNL skit.

My favorite was BONES. I was just so impressed by Karl Urban . Pine and Zac really convinced me they were the originals as well as could be done. But the Bones character was something special. He made it his own while I still felt in my soul this was Bones as De Kelly would have had it at that stage. If you can read this Karl, there are some huge smiles in heaven with your respectful wonderful performance

I am sad about canon too but understand it. We are really in just some parallel universe adjacent to the one we knew

The Checkov character as first made me unsure but then I truly enjoyed it in the end. The running part was classic

I guess where I differ from most is I did not like Simon Peggs version of Scotty at all. Scotty was cool, cantankerous and passionate not cartoonish. That was a foreign character to me.

Paul McGillion would have meant an immensely better Scotty

I know many will disagree but I thought Peggs Scotty was disrespectful

But what can you say, you made an old Trek fan cheer and smile all the way

And JJ was right on not to put Shatner in at this time. Would not have worked other than a cameo

So all in all an A-

P.S. I will give Simon the props for the "giving her all she's got" line. That was great!

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Old 05-12-2009, 11:17 AM
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I thought the actors and actress did a great job, plus JJ Abrams really did his homework, which i'm proud of.

All i ask is a tall ship, stars to sail her by.
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Old 05-12-2009, 11:22 AM
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Originally Posted by Armalarm View Post
acting was amazing, i dont know what this clown was talking about!

These are just a few word explainations

Pine: Awesome cocky kirk!

Quinto: More developed Spock! Awesome

Urban: Channelled Kelley perfectly!

Pegg: Stole every scene, hilarious! perfect

Yelchin: Perfect accent (my fiance being russian)

Cho: awesome fight scene! Takei was better

Saldana: finally! Uhura has more of a role than "message from starfleet captain!"

Greenwood: awesome trek dad!
Yeah, Kirk's dad was really impressive
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Old 05-12-2009, 01:44 PM
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Originally Posted by TheQ View Post
I liked all of them

The one I liked least, actually, was Uhura. I thought she was a little too "needy", not like the Uhura in TOS that was relatively strong. I.e, in the elevator where she's kissing up Spock like it's nobody's business and is like, "how can I make it better"? that he lost basically his entire race.

That and her standing around with a look of helplessness on her face when there was a fight going on, and the whole "...captain" snide remark to Kirk when he was made acting captain.

I was like, better get used to it, miss prissy-b***h, he's gonna be your captain for a longggg time.
Originally Posted by TamarinaDC View Post
I will qualify this post by saying that I am a woman of color who has loved Uhura since I watched the shows in my grandmother's living room. So I will have to respectfully disagree with the previous post. Granted that I felt that the scene on the transporter pad at the end was a tad overdone and out of keeping with just plain old military protocol, let alone Starfleet protocol. Still, the original Uhura wasn't stupid enough to jump in the middle of five guys throwing punches in a bar, and this one wasn't going to do that, either. And I didn't think she was needy at all- I thought she was needed. Hey look, your lover just lost his mother and planet, the LEAST you can do is give him a hug- its not as if she choose that time to ask him if their relationship had a future. And I liked her being snappy to Kirk- heck, she'd been keeping him on his toes since their first scene, so why should she stop?

In any case, I, like everyone else, loved McCoy, loved Spock, thought Kirk was very good, liked Sulu and Chekov, could have lived without the Ewok and the Ice Planet. Want to know if Spock still plays the harp and if Uhura still sings. How may days until the next adventure?
I too, am a woman of colour [Canadian girl Canadian spelling ], and I agree with the second post above as a response to the first. (Though I think the harp and singing would make me roll my eyes.)

When Kirk and Uhura first met, he hit on her. Then, he cheated on an exam. I can't take her to task for having trouble taking the man seriously. If anything, I empathize with her.

As for the Spock/Uhura relationship...I didn't mind them sharing a moment in the elevator. Yet somewhere else on this board, I wrote that I thought the Transporter Room scene might have been played a bit differently.

"Do you kids do anything besides make out?"


Ok then!

I have the feeling that somehow, upon second viewing, I'll be able to find more comedy and warmth in it. (Ultimately, I enjoyed Kirk's reaction.) When I was watching the film, the precise sequence of my thoughts was, "Are you guys kissing...AGAIN?!? Oh...Oh look, Kirk's making a WTF face. And it's making me laugh. Ok. I'm sold..."

The secondary characters, although essential, weren't given much to run with. (I realize this issue is probably a dead horse in the Trekiverse.) I felt as though there's another dimension of Spock and Uhura's relationship that ought to be addressed.

Although overall the intent wasn't lost on me, two kissing scenes does not a relationship make.

It's a matter of my disagreeing with one of J.J.'s decisions as a director.

No big deal.

Originally Posted by cjopbj View Post
The writers made an effort to point out how she and Spock were working to keep their private life from affecting their decisions. I think the transporter scene was the way it was because both of these young people thought it would be the last time they saw each other. Plus, it was only in front of Kirk and Scotty, as I recall. Not really in a public.

The leap is going from Nimoy's celibate Spock to Quinto's sexual one. Once I accepted that, the rest was easy.
Hmmmm. Although I'm not too familiar with TOS, I'm a bit concerned about Pon Farr. I wonder how they're going to handle it, if at all.

Also...I have a question.

Can anyone offer insight regarding the characters' ages? Yesterday I read posts indicating that most of the characters in the movie are around the same age. However I felt like saying, "No, not the characters. You mean the actors." I don't know if I was right in thinking that those who had posted had made a mistake. But it's the characters I was wondering about.

The reason I'm asking is...For one thing, I'd thought Vulcans lived for hundreds of years.

As for the rest of the characters, I loved them all. I enjoyed the way they were written and portrayed. In addition to the obvious--Kirk and Spock--Bones and Scotty stood out the most for me. I loved some of Scotty's (improvised?) lines. Although my exposure to people from the UK is limited, in one scene I could have sworn he inserted a bit of slang.

Well done, guys!
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