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Old 05-18-2009, 09:36 AM
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Well, I just caught the film a second time -finally - and I thought it flowed much more smoothly than it did the first time. I was able to be more attentive to some of the details and although the plot holes are still huge in places, I actually enjoyed it the second time even more than the first.
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courtesy of Saquist
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Old 05-18-2009, 11:00 AM
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starwarsrcks, your lower signature image IS after he received official promotion to Captain
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Old 05-18-2009, 11:02 AM
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He looks strange doesn't he here's a picture of him and his crew

Space is disease and dangerous wrapped in darkness and silence-Leonard Bones McCoy
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Old 05-18-2009, 11:04 AM
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Originally Posted by kevin View Post
Well, I just caught the film a second time -finally - and I thought it flowed much more smoothly than it did the first time. I was able to be more attentive to some of the details and although the plot holes are still huge in places, I actually enjoyed it the second time even more than the first.

Imagine it's do the same for me.

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Old 05-18-2009, 10:46 PM
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Originally Posted by klaatu View Post
Yes heres hoping the dvd release is full of interesting stuff, or will we get a bare bones release at first? i'm pretty tired of the studios double dipping on the dvds, not sure what paramounts like on that front.
Glad to see others noticing the bat vibe from the soundtrack, i found on the second viewing i picked up a lot more than on the first time, i noticed when kirk and sulu dropped down the drill shaft the third guy who gets burned up was a 'red shirt' well not shirt, but his outfit was red, classic!
Found a pic

yes it's well known that unless you are a senior ranking crew member then you are guaranteed to die on the Enterprise LOL. Maybe that's why Kirk got promoted so quickly?!
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Old 05-19-2009, 07:05 AM
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Cool Star Trek: Boldly Going Somewhere Finally.

Hey all; new poster here; been following the forum for quite some time, however, and as a long time Trekker since the tender age of four, I thought I'd share my thoughts on the new film having seen it twice now, and the "outrage" I keep reading/hearing; bear with me, I may ramble.

So now we have our new Star Trek, courtesy of J.J. Abrams.
One of the biggest questions (or complaints) amongst fans and hardcore Trekkies being "Is it still Star Trek?" has been debated about the chatty boards since the film's release and before, even.
Do I think it is?
Simply put, yes.

While it's newer, and shinier, with more bells and whistles, at it's heart, it is most definitely Star Trek.
Not Star Trek: The Next Generation (I loved it, but it seemed as if technobabble could solve anything with a tachyon pulse.) or DS9(Ironically debuted after Babylon 5) Or Voyager (Reminded me of Lost in Space without the humour.) or Enterprise (Which I found rather dull and flat, the characters, at least.) or Star Trek: Fan Wank Fan Film(IMHO; Don't even get me started.) it is simply Star Trek.
This film cut to the core of what I grew up with as a kid.
am-Kirk and his crew boldly going where no one has gone before, kicking ***, and taking names.
This easily could have become a SNL parody (Belushi & Chevy Chase, anyone?) but the cast assembled not only avoided that, they became the characters without simply impersonating the previous cast.
So Chris Pine (Kirk) isn't suffering from dramatic pauses every other syllable ala' Shatner.
But by the end of the film, when he does the Kirk strut on to the bridge of the Enterprise in command gold sporting the "Kirk Smirk", you just know he's Captain Kirk, goddammit.
The same can be said for the rest of the cast, most notably Karl Urban (McCoy) who just loses himself in the role of the grouchy techno phobic doctor; and Zachary Quinto (Spock) who although not possessing Nimoy's barritone vocals, still felt perfect for the role; even making his struggle between his humanity and Vulcan heritage something I could really get into.
And I should not forget Simon Pegg; this guy I've followed since SPACED; I love this guy, and was surprised and actually a shwee concerned over his casting announcement as Mr. Scott; I was pleasantly surprised, and hope he gets more time in the next inevitable sequel.
I found Zoe Saldana's protrayal of Uhura sassy, and assertive; it was great to see her do something more than open the hailing frequencies, and I don't mind saying I have no quams with this incarnation doing that oh-so-frightening fan dance my eyes were originally burned with in STV.
Now, on to a point that is causing nerd-rage across the chatty boards of the fandom; namely the tossing of established Trek "canon" out the window.
This is to be expected; the complaining that is, and I qoute:

"how can you os willingly accept these blatant changes, and complete disregard and respect for what was "classic" Star Trek. Is it wnough that somebody presents you with a siny new toy with the Star Trek logo on it, for you to accept it as good as the old Trek?"

O.o Really....I mean, really?
Now I came across this quote on this board, and if I have offended the original poster, sorry; and that's all I can say.
But just that statement as it stands makes me do a double take; it gives off the impression this fellow believes the "Prime" Trek universe has been horridly, and permanently altered (RUINED FOREVER!!) or even destroyed, never to be known by anyone again, simply because they started over.
Now, I understand some fans wanted to origins of the orginal "Prime" universe crew, not an alternate time line reboot; but this would only serve to retread the same stories that had already been told, knowing exactly where the crew ends up, etc.
Been there, done that.
I ran into the same attitude regarding the first Transformers film in 2007 (OH NOES! FLAMEZ ON PRIME!!) I kid you not.
Now, I've seen complaints about this film that range from the aesthetic issues to canon issues; let's start with the aesthetic.

A good number of folks seemed really put off by the look of the new USS Enterprise; and I'll be honest, when they released the first image, I kinda tilted my head.
Two warp nacelles, primary hull in the shape o f a saucer with a bridge set atop, a secondary hull vauguely in the shape of a cigar; it was all still there, yet different.
It came across much more organic; it looked more hot rod than cruiser.
But it still looked like the Enterprise, it still had her shape, albeit altered in subtle ways.
So I was sold on that.
Some folks wanted it to more closely resemble the original series ship; I have no idea what's going through these people's minds.
There is no way, and I mean NO way that audiences would have bought the original model of the USS Enterprise zipping around space; don't get me wrong,, I love the original ship; I grew up with it; when I was four years old, I actually made my own 6-inch model using scotch tape and loose leaf paper.... yea, I was a neerdy little kid.
But if I had seen that, I would have been insulted.
I honestly would have looked at that and thought This is the 23rd centruy?
I bought that as a child in the late seventies; people could buy that in the mid to late sixites.
But not today; that just doesn't fly.
Add to that the basic tech absoltely had to be updated, because regardless of what came before, it still has to look like it could come from our future.
The original Tricorder itself while nostalgic for me, does make me chuckle when I look at it now; reminding me of my Dad's old Polaroid camera case.
Now as for the canon issues; oh, boy, here we go.
I'l' refer you back to that post I had qouted ealier; again it makes me believe that this person truly thinks that the Prime Trek universe is gone forever.
Despite the fact that this new Star Trek takes place in an alternate timeline, even gooing so far as to explain it in story, as if to hold a big sign saying "Look you little prats! It's a different universe!!"
So again, I find my face firmly planted in the palm of my hand.
The last complaint is the lack of a cerebral story; again, why everything Trek has to be all cerebral is beyond me; even TOS didn't do this constantly, and is one thing the Next Generation seemed to go overboard with at times (Most problems solved with a tachyon beam, pulse, etc. insert technobabble here.); was there a human message or moral to the story?
I don't know, but if so I'd ike to think it has something to do with fate and destiny.(OH NOES! TOO STAR WARS!!)
This was a story of the crew getting together for the first time, now under different circumstances as a result of the new alternate timeline, and facing a serious threat.
Simply, direct, and yet to me, remarkably effective.
So let's break it down; are things different?
Is it still Star Trek?
Yes; better yet, it's Classiv Trek brought into the 21st century, finally owning up to it's credo; To Boldly Go Where No One Has Gone Before.

...........and I'm spent.
Hope I didn't lose any of you guys during this little tangent.
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Old 05-19-2009, 07:26 AM
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Default Great Movie

I just wanted to let people know that I thought the new Star Trek movie was brilliant. Some amazing scenes/set-pieces, moving music, emotional exchanges, great acting, and well-done gags.

I thought the actors did an excellent in portraying their characters, having clearly studied how the original actors handled their roles. Karl Urban is extremely funny and believable as McCoy; I thought Chris Pine played Kirk brilliantly. He looks like William Shatner for a start, but it's in the way he pulls off the little details, like how William Shatner runs/trots down steps in that camp style, with his hands out in front of him, and just his expressions and demeanour - he really nailed it. (I’d never heard of Chris Pine before, but he said at one of the premieres that he’d written a letter to William Shatner to pay his respects, since Mr Shatner has been with the character of Kirk for so long. So not only has he done a great job in the film, he’s also paid his dues).

All the actors did well in my eyes. I've not seen a whole lot of the original series (mainly TNG, DS9, Voyager and the TNG films), and I've heard criticisms like in the new movie Scotty is played totally differently, and the bridge is different etc but I think you've got to afford a 40-year later remake some creative licence. The main issue is ensuring that the style and spirit remain in tact, which the filmmakers more than achieve.

Parts of the film reminded me of the original Star Wars trilogy, such was the excitement and scale involved, and this is probably intentional. (The allocation of recruits for the Enterprise's maiden voyage, in the steamy hangar, reminded me of the Battle of Hoth. Also, Kirk could've landed on Hoth, not Delta Vega, with its CGI monsters, and there’re other aliens that look straight out of the Tatooine cantina; the general humorous tone underpinning the serious issues throughout is very much a Star Wars thing, and made the film better in my eyes). Where many people polarise Star Trek and Star Wars, I think it takes a shrewd director to combine the best of both.

I think JJ Abrams and his team have preserved the spirit of Star Trek, given lots of nods to the lore to show that they do know what they're talking about, and used their obviously large creative talents to boost the material and add a modern flavour. (I thought the inclusion of 20th century 'antique' music like the Beastie Boys, and the futuristic Nokia communications/media device all increased the immersion in this near-future, and simultaneously made the film more palatable for a modern audience). The result for me was an epic, emotional, and downright entertaining film.

I'm not sure what more the team could've done to please fans and appeal to a new audience. What must've been a mammoth and daunting undertaking has come out on top. It's got Leonard Nimoy in it! It's loud! It’s quiet! It's funny! It's serious! It's got the original series's music at the end! It's got incredible special effects! It's got a big, scary-looking spaceship that induces fear like the first time we saw the Borg in "Q Who?"! It's got techspeak! It's got a martial arts-scene! It's got starships! It gives us a rare glimpse at federation-era San Fransico! It's got stirring classical music! It's got a tribute to Gene Roddenberry and Majel Barrett at the end! To me the film represented everything that is great about Star Trek.

I've seen it twice already, and would happily go again. I will definitely buy the DVD, and would like to thank Mr Abrams, his crew, and all the actors for what they have produced. Star Trek has never been this cool, and I feel like the material is in more than safe hands. Please make another one.

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Old 05-19-2009, 08:56 AM
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Star Trek has a tendency to 'borrow' from Star Wars when it feels there's something worth borrowing, I thought that with the Enterprise prequel series alot and DS9 towards the end. Yeah there are similarities but then again they are two of the biggest Sci Fi franchises around.
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Old 05-19-2009, 06:38 PM
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Originally Posted by StarTrekXIfan View Post
yes it's well known that unless you are a senior ranking crew member then you are guaranteed to die on the Enterprise LOL. Maybe that's why Kirk got promoted so quickly?!
As always, the one wearing red gets killed . Classic Star Trek
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Old 05-20-2009, 07:24 AM
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Originally Posted by Stargazer View Post
As always, the one wearing red gets killed . Classic Star Trek
What's great is, the guy actually kinda "redshirts" himself through his own eagerness to "kick Romulan ***".
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