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Old 04-03-2008, 03:42 AM
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Originally Posted by TM2-Megatron View Post
I wouldn't mind seeing a movie set in the Mirror Universe, so we can see what happens after "In A Mirror, Darkly". Continuations to that would've occured, had the show not been cancelled.

heh, now there's an idea. Take some of the characters whom many regard as some of the most annoying people ever to appear in Star Trek and stick them all together in one show, under the very unlikely set of circumstances that the children of major characters from past shows end up serving on the same ship together.

Nice idea!!
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Old 04-08-2009, 11:50 PM
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New ideas Pike, early Kirk as with the movie or my favorite Vanguard. For those of you that don't know Vanguard is a series of books set on the border seperating the Klingon, Romulan and Federation boundaries, its great read it. Speaking books how about adapting the Shatner novels amongst others, just a thought but we need a t.v series.
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Old 04-09-2009, 12:16 AM
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Do what they've done with this new movie. Make it appeal to both fans and non-fans. Don't alienate the non-fans with some blown out of proportion, sc-fi cliche' plot. Keep it human, keep it real as it can be, but fresh. Stick with what you've decided will work and keep using the formula. The new Batman Begins and The Dark Knight did. Chris Nolan created a new Batman universe for film (I know he got ideas from recent comic books) and look how successful it is. So the biggest mistake "The Supreme Court" of Star Trek could make would be to make the same mistakes which occurred near it's demise. Forget what the others (even the brilliant Ron Moore) have done. This is your show now, make us proud.

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Old 04-09-2009, 06:02 AM
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Go with the new Abrams Enterprise and crew and then go exploring like in the days of old. Simple. Isn't the point to "search out new life and new civilizations?" Make it an adventure but add in some character development so it's not just one prolonged action movie. Since the crew are all younger versions of the characters we know and love, there's a lot of character development that you could do without it seeming too much like [insert name of stupid teen show here] and without the new audience being like, "Haven't we seen this before?"

If you use a different crew, the general audience probably won't connect as well because they'll be used to the Star Trek, and the associated actors, that they were re-introduced to in the movie. It will just be like, "Who are these new people and why do I care?"

The only snag in this plan is the fact that I'm not sure you could convince all of the actors to sign on for a show; I'm sure you'd end up recasting someone. However, the fact that they signed on for the movies means that perhaps they could be convinced. Most of them do movies more than TV anyway and being on a TV series still leaves time for filming a movie with little problem, so they could do both and it would help them avoid typecasting, which I actually don't think will be such a huge problem this time around.

The biggest concern (for me anyay) is that I don't think it's possible for Zachary Quinto to do two shows at once and I'm not sure I'm willing to sacrifice Sylar for Spock, tbh. Not sure he is either. Oh I'd still watch Heroes but half the fun for me is waiting for the next Sylar scene because he's always doing something fantastically twisted and they've really fleshed out the character so that he's a person and not just a cardboard villain. lol I loved Zach as Sylar as soon as he appeared on screen and well before word of the new movie was even mentioned. I just <3 the character so much.

If Heroes has somewhere around a seven year run, so four more years, and we have a couple more Star Trek movies interspersed in there every two years (I'm banking on this one doing well), it could work out just fine because the Star Trek series would start after the end of Heroes. And really, Hereos kind of repeats its storylines so I'm not sure how many more places you can go with it anyway. Even seven years might be hard to get to. Maybe more like five or six.

Also, if you start a series with a completely different crew and ship before you're finished the movies, that might end up being a bit confusing because the Star Trek movies would have one crew and the TV show would have a completely different crew. Which one are you supposed to concentrate on? Unless the new ship and crew are introduced in one of the movies but then if you have the next movie, wouldn't you have to have the TV crew involved in it and then it seems the movie would become more about the TV crew instead of the movie crew.

Unless you just keep both completely separate. *shrugs* I'd type more but I have to go off-site for work and I should be leaving right about now.
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