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NBC (MSNBC, etc.) 6 31.58%
ABC 0 0%
Fox/Fox News 7 36.84%
CNN 7 36.84%
Other (please specify) 6 31.58%
Don't watch TV news 5 26.32%
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Old 04-01-2009, 03:07 AM
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I get mine from the BBC here in Britain both on TV and online. Its generally kept up the good standards and i think that overall it offers a good balanced view.

starbase Britain
Old 04-01-2009, 05:40 AM
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Originally Posted by RedShirtWalking View Post
FOX News might have seemed like someone ran over their dog on election night, but ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN and MSNBC all seemed like they were near 0rgasm on election night.
Some truth in that.
Originally Posted by jla1987 View Post
Personally, I look at Fox as the balance to the liberal media which consists of all the others. Why do people hate Fox for being the one conservative slanted network, when they have CNN/NBC/ABC/CBS etc. to get a more Liberal viewpoint?
That's why I suggested 'fair and balancing' as more apt than 'fair and balanced'.

Originally Posted by horatio View Post
I have to respectfully disagree with both arguments, FOX is neither propaganda nor is there a liberal media bias.
Why can't we simply accept that here is a variety of political opinions and stop playing these political mud games? Unconventional opinions beyond party agendas are far more interesting.
I agree FOX is not propaganda but I can see why many claim there's a liberal bias in media. People accept the variety of political opinions, its just that most feel their opinion is correct and all others wrong. The mud games are fostered and encouraged by politicians to keep us occupied, distracted and off-balanced. Thomas Pynchon wrote: 'Get them to ask the wrong questions and you don't have to worry about the answers.' It seems politics (in the US) thrives on this principle. Left v. right, rich v. poor, black v. white and on and on. I've long seen repblicans and democrats as opposite sides of the same coin. I have a problem with the coin.

I've also got to go to work, later!

Star Trek versus Star Wars!
'A screaming comes across the sky. It has happened before, but there is nothing to compare it to now.'

Thomas Pynchon
Old 04-01-2009, 07:40 AM
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Originally Posted by horatio View Post
As jerhanner said, one of the main achievements of democracy is dealing with conflicts and differing opinions in a decently mannered way.
I agree wholeheartedly. BTW, sorry for this degrading into a political talkfest.
Old 04-01-2009, 08:41 AM
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Originally Posted by jla1987 View Post
Hmmm...I take offense in your general tone anyways. [...] I just happen to watch Fox News more than the others because the others (especially NBC and CBS) seem blatantly slanted left and Fox at least gives the impression of balance.
I knew you would take offense. Thats why I wanted to make sure you understand why your question would only lead to answers you dont like to hear. There is no possible way to answer your question in an honest way without causing irritation on your part. The only way to avoid irritation would have been to circumvent your question with some nice but pointless chatter and by this to not answer you at all. Some people prefer it that way. For me thats just evading unpleasent disagreement. But I do not think you are that kind of person, who prefers nice and meaningless chatter over honest answers, so... blame me for honesty, if it makes you feel better.

However, your last sentence demonstrates what I wanted to express in my last post: Some people somehow watch Fox News and get the impression it were ballanced. I have no clue how that is possible. From my perspective thats as if people see the same elephant I see, but proclaim this same elephant would be a mouse and then they ask me why I disagree. Now what am I supposed to do? Post a long list of Fox News clips here or, to stay in the picture, post photos of the elephant, the same elephant we both see the whole time? What would be gained by that? You see the elephant allready. You say its a mouse. What shall I do about it?
I can impossibly tell you what makes you judge the elephant to be a mouse.

Leaves the last option that I am wrong the whole time and my perspective is screwed. Then I could ask you to show me where Fox is indeed "fair and ballanced". Now, as I allready said, that Fox is like a restaurant serving a lot of bad dishes doesnt mean it would not serve some good dishes. So you would point out to the good dishes. Or, to stay in the picture of the elephant, I could ask you what parts of the elephant make it a mouse for you. Then you would point to the tail and the big ears. We both would agree those traits are shared by mice. And again I would find myself in the position to demonstrate you why it is no mouse, but an elephant. And again I would have to post the photo you see the whole time anyway and by this would not show you anything new at all. Therefore I can impossibly change your perception.

You see what I am getting at? There is just absolutely no possible way for me to convince you. All the things I could show you are things you do see allready anyway.

Darn, now I will dream of elephants tonight.

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Old 04-01-2009, 09:35 AM
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Alright, look, I can tell that Fox leans right, but for goodness can't say that MSNBC doesn't lean left! I don't bow down before Fox and love everything they do (in fact, it gets old after a while as all TV news does).

This is my last post on the matter. Please, don't be condescending. It doesn't matter whether you're trying not to be, it comes off that way regardless.
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