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Old 02-13-2008, 10:31 AM
notlad notlad is offline
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Originally Posted by Shappie View Post
While there's a snowman's chance in hell of this happening, I think it is still an interesting topic.

Come Christmas, let's say the movie is a HUGE success. It revives the spirit of Star Trek, they are rolling in the cash moneys, and announce a new Trek TV series. This is also assuming everybody loves the cast set for this movie. Would you want to see them start off the Enterprise adventures in this new series? Possibly explain and connect it to TOS in some ways?

What do you think?
I have only read this first post in this thread but you are correct there would be a snowball's chance in hell of this happening.

There is much more money to be made (at least short term)from a successful film franchise than there is a television series.

Not to mention that many actors want to pursue a film career and not a television one.

Plus I am sure the cast is contractually committed to probably at least 2 sequals with their film contract.

Interestingly though Star Trek II was produced through Paramoounts televisoin department. That approach allowed them make it with a budget around $12 million if memory serves me correct vs. the $40 million dollars spent on Star Trek The Motion Picture.
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Old 02-13-2008, 11:29 AM
Spjutulf Spjutulf is offline
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Wouldnt it be impossible, as this movie is about Kirk and the guys/girls on the academy if i got it correct. If so the movie series has already been done as TOS.

But i wouldnt say no to any new startrek series :P
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Old 02-13-2008, 11:34 AM
Oregon_Coast_Trekkie's Avatar
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How about this: Would one of the movie sequels need to be post-TNG in order to get a post-Tong show?
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Old 02-13-2008, 01:05 PM
notlad notlad is offline
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I have often thought that STNG could have done well after it's run as the occasional TV movie like Raymond Burr did with Perry Mason.

While most TV casts are ready to move on to other characters and other projects after seven years many of them do not find the same level of success they have enjoyed.

I think after a year or two hiatus most actors from any of the Star Trek TV series would have been open to reprising their roles once or twice a year for TV movies. In the case of STNG even if Patrick Stewart had not wanted to Ryker could have been promoted and a new interesting First officer character introduced. Imagine the DVD sales!!

This would have kept Trek from being overexposed as a pent up demand would be satisfied once or twice a year. Often enough to keep high interest but not enough to become commonplace and taken for granted.
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