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Old 03-16-2009, 04:50 AM
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Default Some more JJ interview quotes

Was reading up on a Star Trek Special in the new UK edition of Total Film magazine and found some interesting stuff from the mouth of Abrams.

On seeing the Enterprise for the first time in TMP -

'I remember being blown away by the scale of the ship. In the sequence where Kirk takes the shuttle over to the was the first time I could see the front lights, the first time I could scutinise the panels: It was the first time I believed it was real. The ship was shown in a way that felt legitimate; it was no longer a TV show. I so loved that aspect of the film and it was something I tried to emulate on this one'

On his decision not to watch every hour of Star Trek made -

'I watched bits of all the series just to see how it was being done, how it all connected. But at a certain point I felt that being so inside of it might not actually be an start to become burdened, in a way, by the constraints of what came before, as opposed to telling a thrilling story'.

On the narrative of the film -

'For me, Star Trek was always the original Kirk and Spock story. They were the characters I cared about. So when Paramount asked me to do the film, I didn't feel like I would be very good at doing a completely separate space adventure that had the name Star Trek on it. But going back to the beginning...that was more interesting.

On his approach to Roddenberry's creation -

'The whole approach was, commit to the spirit of what Roddenberry was doing but don't commit to the literal aesthetic of it. I wanted to bring a utility and legitimacy to the stuff that was so potentially campy'

'There were a handful of things I felt we had to retain so that when people glance at it they'll go 'Yep, that's Star Trek'. But if you look carefully at the uniforms, you'll see that there are a lot of differences that make them more 'real'. We tried to make what worked 43 years ago work at a higher resolution'.

On the story -

'I feel that the best thing about the movie are the people, which was the goal going in. Yes, there are phasers and tricorders and all that stuff, but it's not a gadget-centric's a human slash Vulcan-centric film with technology in the fine print'.

There are also loads of quotes from many of the other cast including Quinto, Bana, Pine, Saldana gets a little interview etc

But there's more on the magazine's website - in the magazine subsection.
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courtesy of Saquist
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