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Old 02-10-2008, 11:26 AM
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Default ST:Birth Of The Federation Multiplayer Meetup


You are ordered to report to Sector 0,0,1 and join in on Star Trek Games:

Star Trek: Birth of the Federation Multiplayer Event

Star Trek: Birth of the Federation

Friday.... Feb 15th @ 9pm EST (01:00 a.m. GMT) (6:00 pm PST)
Saturday.. Feb 16th @ 2pm EST (06:00 p.m. GMT) (11:00 am PST)
Saturday.. Feb 16th @ 9pm EST (01:00 a.m. GMT) (6:00 pm PST)
Sunday.... Feb 17th @ 2pm EST (06:00 p.m. GMT) (11:00 am PST)

Team speak:
Meetup Software: ewarzone

We will be using eWarZone's match making software to chat and invoke multiplayer sessions. BOTF uses P2P matching and while players can pass IP's back and forth to play, this software makes the process much easier while providing a chat room.

Instruction on how to use the software:
1. Dload and install
2. Select the 'Other Games' room
3. Enter a username and password. If you don't have one then it will use the values to create one for you (In other words you don't need to go through a separate account creation process).
4. Once your in you'll see rooms arranged similar to what a calendar looks like (but instead of days they are room numbers). Look for Star Trek Games and then join it.
As I was reminded of recently there still is a large crowd thats still active in Microprose's 1999 game, Star Trek: Birth of the Federation. This meetup is a chance for those still active and maybe not so active to get together and play!

We have scheduled multiple times but keep in mind that BOTF is a turn based strategy game and games can take a long time to play out. So it pays to be there on time in order to increase the chances of you being able to be there when a game starts.

Don't sweat it if you've forgotten how to play, there are many friendly BOTF fans who will be happy to lend you a hand.

So pass along the word and lets Make it So!

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