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Old 01-19-2009, 12:51 AM
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To me, it's simple. When I go to the movies, I leave my slide rule at home (does that date me?) I'm not there to analyze the physics or second-guess the film's rocket science. I've already suspended my disbelief enough to accept the idea that starships can travel at FTL speeds & can enter temporal anomalies to travel back in time, and that cybernetic humanoids can "assimilate" me - this I did in front of my TV years before entering the theatre. In this film-friendly state of mind, I have absolutely no problem believing that an advanced rocket fuel invented 50 years or more in the future could lift the first warp-drive ship into orbit, regardless of its mass. I also find it relatively easy to believe that Cochrane - the "drunken master" of warp technology - might have invented a revolutionary fusion reactor small enough to fit in this vessel. It is therefore no huge leap of faith to accept that this reactor might power a relatively primitive impulse engine (even if I didn't see it,) as well as a pair of warp coils. I can believe all this because I have been conditioned for about 30 years (at the time the film was released) to believe this sort of thing can happen - in a fictional universe. I honestly do not understand the compulsion to hold Star Trek (or any other sci-fi/fantasy) to such strict, realistic standards. The only real result seems to be a reduction in (or even a total loss of) one's ability to enjoy the episode/film.

BTW - Am I in your "Class Act" club of "intriguing individuals?"
. . . just an old-school Trekker getting by in a newfangled galaxy.
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Old 01-19-2009, 06:09 AM
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That's where you're wrong.

Even if you can't understand it. Even if it defies every bone of your bones. I derive enjoyment from a well told story. When the Mechanics of the story are built to fill every second with relevant information, the plot devices work with the plot instead of inspite of it. When science fiction, includes science, when we flirt with making the improbable possible....

When I don't need to suspend my belief. That is a great story. The ultimate enjoyment. That is the legacy the motion pictures have left to the novelist.

You're wrong because you think inorder to enjoy a film you have to give yourself to it completely and critisizing reduces the enjoyment factor. For you maybe. Maybe to have an emotional reaction you need to be unaware of the irrational decisions of the movie makers. For me CDH-313, I can have an emotional reaction, hate or like it and still slice the film up and sum up the errors and success. The number or errors often does have a hand in my enjoyment factor when it comes to SCI-FI. Because SCI FI doesn't mean unbelievable it means a story told with science.

So cybernetics, Time travel, nanotechnology, and Faster than light are all possible or mathematicaly relevent in theory but they haven't been achieved. Is the way the story explains these ideas possible, sometimes not but it's important we at least follow conventional wisdom because these stories inspire individuals like Armstrong Aldrin, McAuliffe, Grissom, White, McCool and the others that have risked it all to glimpse the final frontier.

"If our reach doesn't exceed our grasp, then what is heaven for?"
-Robert Browning

But if you know can't reach it then why reach at all.
Science Fiction tells us...Yes you can. Yo maybe the first to do it.

CDH-313, you have been one of the most relevent characters on the Forum, you've contributed a significant amount of information and perspective. I've particularly noted your knowledge of the window viewscreen in the Kelvin and other threads. Anytime someone makes a contribution of knowledge that I was previously not privy to, I take notice. You are definitely on the list of most notables.

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