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Old 01-24-2008, 04:52 PM
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Default Posting Guidelines and Terms of Use - Must Read!

Welcome to the official Star Trek Movie forum! Before you begin interacting with other members and users of the forum, we ask that you review the following guidelines to ensure that everyone has a pleasant & rewarding experience.

Posting Guidelines and Terms of Use
Please respect other members and the content of their posts. This may be a virtual community, but the people here are real and have real questions, thoughts and comments. Although we encourage healthy debate, we reserve the right to remove posts that in our opinion are abusive towards other members, defamatory, harassing, bigoted, sexually explicit, disruptive or otherwise exist solely to insult or violate these Guidelines. We may also remove user names when they violate these criteria.

Be sure to visit the Terms of Use for a more detailed explanation of the policies governing your use of the forum. You are solely responsible for the content of your posts so click on the Terms of Use link and read the entire article there.

Signature Size Guidelines
You may use one signature graphic no larger then 600 x 100 pixels and a line of text along with the image. You can have up to four lines of text if you prefer text over an image. Please do not use extra large text.

To check the pixels of your signature, right click on it. You'll see "properties" near the bottom of the popup window. Click "properties" and you will see size and dimension. Dimension tells you how many pixels your signature is.

Infraction/Warning System
The following explains the infraction system. It's a good way for you to track how many infractions/warnings you've received and for the Administrators to track how many infractions/warnings have been issued. Warnings are worth 0 points and do not count toward your infraction total.

Each infraction will generate a point. If someone accumulates 3 unexpired infraction points they will be banned for one week. If the returning member continues to accumulate additional infraction points after their ban they could be banned permanently. If anyone tries to circumvent a temporary ban by posting under another user name, they could be banned permanently.

We also reserve the right to ban people immediately as we deem appropriate. Please be aware that posters who deliberately and viciously break the rules may be permanently banned with no warning. Ruling on whether a permanent ban is necessary is ultimately left up to the discretion of the board moderators and administrators.

You may view your infraction points on your profile page. No one else is able to see how many infractions you have. If you do not see any infractions listed that means you have not received one. When you do get an infraction, a private message is sent to you. Infraction points expire after a certain number of days, so your active point total may decrease with time. Members will get infraction points for the following reasons:

Not Posting a Spoiler Warning - 1 Point (expires in 10 days)
This will become especially important as the movie draws closer, and once it opens. People need to post a spoiler warning before they post anything that might give part of the movie away. Please read how to use the spoiler tag in the post below.
Inappropriate Signature or Avatar- 1 Point (expires in 10 days)
This includes any inappropriate pictures or text. Swearing, harassing or belittling others in your signature is also not allowed.
Inappropriate Language - 1 Point (expires in 10 days)
This includes sexually explicit language, links to sexually explicit or inappropriate sites, vulgarities and swearing. The forum allows ages 13 and up and needs to have content appropriate for all ages.
Actor/Director/Writer Bashing - 1 Point (expires in 10 days)
People are free to express their thoughts but name-calling, personal attacks, and general hate language will not be tolerated. Comment on the work, not the person.
General Disruptiveness - spamming, trolling, derailing threads, etc - 1 Point (expires in 10 days)
Trolls and spammers are banned immediately but sometimes a regular member is inadvertently disruptive and needs to be reminded about proper board etiquette.
Attacking or Harassing Other Members - 2 Points (expires in 30 days)
Belittling or attacking others for how they think or feel, name calling or debasement of any kind is not allowed. People are free to have their say within reason. If you think someone's post is unreasonable, please report them or place them on ignore.
Attacking Moderators or Administrators - 2 Points (expires in 30 days)
Self explanatory. People don't need to like what we say, but we ask them to respect the rules. We will listen to thoughts and concerns, but draw the line at personal attacks.
Posting or Linking to Unauthorized Photos or Materials - 2 points (expires in 30 days)
Threads or posts about unauthorized photos whether requesting them, posting links to them or engaging in discussions on how to get such material, are prohibited. Unauthorized downloads and merchandise constitute unauthorized material or piracy, and links to them will be removed.
Controversial Topics
Threads with controversial topics such as abortion, religion, or politics are not to be posted in Off Topic and will be removed. The same rules applies in the other forums. We also ask people not to use controversial or political topics in their avatars or signatures. It's important people consider the official movie forums a welcoming site to be on, not a place where people feel a need to defend themselves for who they are or what they believe.

Reporting Posts & the Ignore Feature
If you see a post that is a breaking the rules, please do not quote it or respond to it. Use the report post button found in the upper right hand corner of the post. If there is a certain member you're unable to get along with, use the ignore feature found under the Miscellaneous section of your control panel. If someone is deliberately being disruptive report them but if it’s just a personality issue than it’s your responsibility not to react to them. Use the tools we provide.
If you have any questions regarding the posting guidelines, please visit the Comments & Suggestions forum located here

Duplicate threads
Please read the first few pages to see if what you want to talk about is already being discussed. Duplicate threads will be deleted or merged with others. Feel free to report duplicate threads using the report post button. Including links to both threads is appreciated.

Thank you, have fun posting and welcome to this community!

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Default We have a spoiler tag!

Read me :)

To use the spoiler tag, type your spoiler and then highlight it by running your mouse cursor over it.

Once all of your spoiler text is highlighted, click the black box in the upper right hand corner of your post. In the window that pops up, type "Spoiler here" or something along those lines to indicate a spoiler. Click "OK" and the click "submit reply" for your post.

Your spoiler should now only show when someone clicks on your spoiler tag in your post.
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