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Old 12-13-2008, 03:19 AM
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Originally Posted by Elizadolots View Post
Nimoy clearly stated that there's nothing in this movie that precludes him, no death....

Hmm... well darn it... was hopin he'd go out in a blaze of glory or something... but they could still kill him but show him again as his new future self in the new timeline? Right? lol... oi... headache is back...
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Old 12-13-2008, 04:44 AM
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Post whats the point??

Spock is a smart guy and probably understands that being said, he should know going back in time and changing the "past" isn't really going to change anything..right??? because everything that can happen, happens...If JJ wanted to make a time travelling space epic, why ride the coat tails of Gene? seems like a sell out...I will watch the movie and I am sure I will enjoy it, but this explanation is just explaining why JJ wants to make some money,,IMO
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Old 12-13-2008, 04:58 AM
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Well, Paramount wants to make the money, J.J is the man they decided could potentially bring in more of it than anyone else. I'm sorry to be so fickle, but I'm getting really fed up with the repeated idea that Abrams is ONLY in it for the cash. I'm sure he is being very well paid for his efforts (whatever any of us may think of the results) by Paramount, and his involvement via Bad Robot but the film is supposed to make money. He's doing part of his job if he does earn a profit on a film this big.
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Old 12-13-2008, 08:45 PM
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Parallel universe? that explains why the characters don't look like they do in TOS. Maybe it is in our universe and our possible future. TOS is in an alternate universe since we didn't have a war in the 1990's that Kahn fought in.

Alternate reality makes more sense to me since a change in the timeline would save us in a way picard and crew did when they followed the Borg back to fix things. And why would Spock go back in time into a parallel universe ..... That wouldn't effect anything in his universe. So the Spock we see in this film is from the universe that is created by J.J. and probably not from the Spock we knew from TOS. Or not.

Best theory in this thread is that J.J. did it for the money! And I believe that everyone in this forum will be giving up some cash (I am), canon or not. If you ain't buying a ticket you shouldn't be a part of this forum crying "canon", catch some reruns and go post in the ST:TOS forum.
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Old 12-13-2008, 08:58 PM
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Anytime I try and delve into time travel/QM/multiverse stuff, it ends up in circular logic problems and massive headaches.

If Spock goes back in time from 2385 (or whenever!) to 2242 (or whenever) - to UNDO whatever Nero's's impossible, according to the multiverse, because Nero's already made a new timeline, Spock can't enter it.

Now, the way to solve this is relatively easy, just have Nero blaze into the sun and Spock in a cloaked timeship follow in his "coattails" so they end up in the same past. From there, they'd do things to create ONE seperate timeline, with the IPrise.

But then how does Spock return to his own future? He can't, because I'm going to assume there is no way to calibrate a ship to search out a specific timeline (how'd they send Worf back in Parallels? Something about a quantum signature...) - I don't think you can freely do that with a ship.

Another thing - Star Trek's pretty well established that any time travel is linear, meaning you CAN and DO affect YOUR timeline, and you DO NOT create a new one.

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Old 12-14-2008, 01:04 AM
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Instead of quantum theory I think they should use Murphy's Law: "Anything that can go wrong, will, and at the worst possible moment."

Much better plot device.
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