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Old 11-18-2008, 01:22 AM
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what did JJ say that so offended?

Ive been a fan of trek ever since i can remember, and im really looking forward to something new for the franchise. If we, the diehards, and the general moving going public get behind the film then star trek will be back, but if we, the diehards, sit and sulk cos JJAbrams didnt make the bridge look like a 60's tv set then maybe we are not the fans we think we are?
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Old 11-18-2008, 04:27 AM
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Originally Posted by danellis View Post
IF JJ pulls this of he'll have done Trekkies the ultimate favourL he'll have made us socially acceptable

As long as we can stop fighting about little things some of the websites I have seen make "US" look worse then ever. I for one love what I see, I hope he can pull this off!
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Old 11-18-2008, 04:55 AM
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Trek is a lot cooler when you stop giving a damn about being socially accepted. You like what you like, screw the world.

I am SO excited about this new movie. I can't wait to see it. The first trailer really had my interest piqued ... loved the way you could hear Spock's voice as the camera came up over the saucer section. I must have watched it about a hundred times just so I could get the goosebumps going on at that moment. The second trailer just blows me away. I love it ... young Kirk, young Spock, Scotty, Bones, a hint of the angst between Kirk and Spock, all sorts of neat scenes (love the one between Amanda and Sarek) ... I could go on and on and on. I can't wait until May.
"The best diplomat I know is a fully-loaded phaser bank."
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Old 11-18-2008, 05:24 AM
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I have butterflies in my stomac ...

I feel "young".
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Old 11-18-2008, 05:27 AM
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As a person who has read The Lord of the Rings many times and who cares about its canon, I went through some pain when Peter Jackson made his movies that violated the LOTR canon quite a bit. When I listened to Jackson's DVD commentaries I could see the sense of some of his changes, but not in all instances. I approach the new Trek movie with the result of that experience.

I suspect many of the fears people have expressed about the Trek movie shall turn out to be based upon insufficient information, supposition, as well as the misleading nature of the new trailer, and that canon may not end up being as violated as many fear. Nonetheless, it appears likely that there shall ultimately be some violations, but I can stand them if they overcome some bad existing ideas. If they happen just to amaze (what I call the Bubble Gum Factor) then I'll be annoyed.

Since we can't do anything to change what is coming, it might be good to not fulminate about it, as a few have done, or to mock people for caring about canon and examining things minutely, as some other few have done. The movie promises to be a ripper action-adventure show, if nothing else, and there is still hope that there may be some character development which may drive the action.
If you are too open minded your brains will fall out.

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Old 11-18-2008, 05:43 AM
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I think that JJ has the pulse of the average guy. And because of that he saw Star Trek...the wounded and bleeding out beast that it was...and patched it up with his medkit of popularity and 21st century pop.

It's gonna be fun I think. I'm very excited for this new direction for Star Trek.

Though I just watched the first season of TNG last night and I got all sad and nostalgic.

"Someone once said that time is like a predator that stalks us all our lives, but I rather like to think of time as a companion that is with us on a journey...reminding us to cherish every moment....because it will never come again."

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See you at the theater.
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Old 11-18-2008, 06:12 AM
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Post My Star Trek

I was at work yesterday when the new trailer went live. I wanted to wait until I got home, but I just couldn't. I wanted to wait becuase unless you are a fan, people don't generally understand my levels of excitment at something new from this franchise. Unconditionally, I love Star Trek. While the Original Series is not my favorite, I understand it. I've seen it all, I know my history and I know the direction Star Trek began to take in the mid-90's. I still think, after Insurrection and 1-3 of Enterprise, "he who shall not be named (RB)," should be in jail. Nevertheless, my brain about exploded out of my head yesterday when I saw the trailer for the first time. I, just like you, have had no idea what to expect. Having read the same things you have and seen the same pictures and screen caps you have, I still had no idea. I don't like bashing Star Trek, any part of it, for bashing's sake. If you've got criticisms, that's fine, I do to. But to actively seek and want this movie to fail because we can't accept change? That is INSANE. This is our new Star Trek. I fully understand some may not like it and that's fine. The Original Series is more popular now with Remastered sets than it ever has been before. Our franchise is being rebuilt and it will take time. The Experience in Vegas did not go gently into that good night. It will be back. And so will I. For as many TV shows and movies as they want to make, I will be back and I'll be one of the first ones in line.

=/\= WAB

"Laws change depending on who's making them, but justice is justice." -- Odo
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Old 11-18-2008, 06:51 AM
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Originally Posted by danellis View Post
IF JJ pulls this of he'll have done Trekkies the ultimate favourL he'll have made us socially acceptable
That'll never happen.
Free your mind, and the rest will follow.
--En Vogue
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Old 11-18-2008, 07:09 AM
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As one who has never been socially accepted--I could care less what people think about me. I am a gay Star Trek geek. Hip Hip Hooray!

The trailer did exactly what it was supposed to do. People who are not fans or have never seen it will come to like it. Those of us who are fans will show up like we always do.

IMHO, the look and feel of the new trailer got me even more excited about Trek than I have been in a long time. I can't wait to see more, but this has given me some things to ponder. The whole canon issue is neither here nor there for me. Things change. That is the nature of reality.

Bring it on!
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Old 11-18-2008, 08:34 AM
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Well it's certainly been the shot in the arm that was needed after having to go through the 6 month delay, we're now starting to get back on track and I, for one, am liking pretty much everything that we're seeing. The proof is in seeing the film, of course, but I'm very optimistic!
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