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Old 01-19-2010, 06:54 PM
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I have alot stuff, and it keeps adding up. But heres what I got so far. I might add this might take awhile to list. Here we go:

The Orginal Series:

12 inch action figures of Kirk,Spock & McCoy
12 inch action figures of Kirk & Spock TWOK
7 inch action figures of Kirk,Spock & McCoy
9 inch action figures of Kirk,Spock,McCoy,Scotty & Uhura
9 inch action figure of Kirk Generations
9 inch action figure of Spock The City of the Edge of Forever
3 inch action figures of McCoy (episode from TNG),Edith Keler
Birthday cake topper model Enterprise
Enterprise model with a base that lights up
Ultimante quater scale talking action figures of Kirk & Spock
Uno card game
Scene It board game
Enterprise keychain
TOS and movie tie-in novels (still adding more)
Calender 2010
Signed photo of Leonard Nimoy
Signed photo of William Shatner
Photo with Leonard Nimoy,William Shatner and me! (convetion)
Stand ups of Kirk & Spock lifesize
TOS Seasons 1-3 blu ray
The Best of TOS dvds
The Motion Picture Collection blu ray
Movie Trilogy dvd
Tricoder,Phaser,Comunicatior & Utllity Belt
Costumes of Kirk (Gold shirt) & Spock (Blue shirt)
Costume TWOK-TUC style
Bobble heads of Kirk & Spock
Tactal Assult PSP game
The Animaited series dvd
Captain's Log dvd collection
Altertive Realties dvd collection
Encounters PS2 game
Orinments of Kirk,Spock,McCoy,Enterprise (TOS),TWOK
Birthday card
Spock Christmas stocking
Spock tree topper
Spock with Tribbles figure

The Next Generation

Data 12 inch action figure
Costume Red & Black suit (tv series style)
Comunictior pin and rank pips
The Best of TNG dvds
TNG Motion Picture collection blu ray
Signed photo of Jonathan Frakes
Signed photo of Brent Spinner
Photo with Jonathan Frakes and me (convetion)
Photo with Brent Spinner and me (convetion)
Novels based on tv series & movies

Star Trek XI (2009)

12 inch action figures of Kirk,Spock,McCoy,Spock Prime,Sulu
6 inch action figures of Kirk,Spock,McCoy,Scotty,Sulu
3 inch action figures of Kirk,Spock,McCoy,Scotty,Sulu,Chekov,Uhura
Collector Ken & Barbie dolls of Kirk,Spock & Uhura
Enterprise Bridge
Enterprise model by Playmates
Phaser,Tricoder,Comnicator & Utllty belt
Costumes of Kirk (Gold) & Spock (Blue)
Enterprise keychain
Lifesize stand ups of Kirk & Spock
Novelation of movie
Star Trek blu ray
Blanket (Snugne)
Pictures & Posters
Signed photo of Zacuary Quntio
Signed photo of Chris Pine
Picture with Zachuary Quntio and me (convetion)
Game on iphone
Cell phone cover
Lobby Card set
Tradding card set
"Out of the chair"-Spock
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