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Old 03-12-2009, 12:26 PM
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I got truly excited when I saw the second trailer for this movie.

The new, third trailer sealed the deal.

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Old 03-12-2009, 01:13 PM
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Originally Posted by tomalak301 View Post
I figured since this is the official site of the movie, I might as well post something in the official forum. Unfortunately, I'm not all that excited about this movie and actually feel ambliviant to it. However, since this is Star Trek, I might as well ask. When did you get excited for this movie, unless you aren't. Was it just because Trek was coming back? Was it because it was a remake. Is it this cast? When did you realize that this movie would be the number one movie you're looking forward all year.
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Old 03-12-2009, 02:23 PM
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I was absolutely horrified at first, really horrified. It was something i had dreaded for a LONG time. The Original series is hallowed ground and it was the one remake i had feared. However, i now am very excited about it. The first glimmer of hope came when i saw and heard that Quinto had been signed up as Mr Spock and how he lobbied the studio to cast him in the role. The prototype pics that emerged were astounding. also when Nimoy put his name to it i thought this has got to be good.

As i read further JJ's hopes and fears and some of the nice touches (jimmy doohans son appearing in the movie etc) i became very intrigued and this lead to eventual great anticipation. when i saw the trailers i just went loopy to see it. cant wait now. Bring it on.

starbase Britain
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Old 03-12-2009, 02:57 PM
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I think the Teaser first really got my attention. I was mildly interested since rumors were out they were doing this.

Once the full Trailers came out, and details began to emerge, my anticipation level grew.
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Old 03-12-2009, 04:18 PM
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I first became excited about this film when I was a foetus. Although I already had fixed views about the design of the Enterprise I was willing to be born and grow up and see what would happen. WAAAAAA!!!!!
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Old 03-12-2009, 04:22 PM
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...when I found out that the Trek film was going to be during the TOS timeframe. I am so weary of the 24th Century.
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