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Old 11-06-2011, 03:28 AM
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(Unix 3321 - The team materialised on the surface and instantly had to raise their arms to their faces to shield from the intense wind and dust that was blowing all around them. The sky was dark and orange making the area area dim in the cold diffuse light. The air was also very thin compared to earth sea level standards, it made it hard to breathe but luckily meant they weren't quite so buffeted by the debris and fines.)

Crawford: "I recommend we don't breathe in too much of this stuff, will clog up our lungs."

Jones: "I can't see a thing. Which way do we go?"

K'larrg: "Trust your other senses, the way the wind echoes is different to our right, there must be a wall there."

Crawford: "I prefer trusting my tricorder... and yes there is indeed a wall there."

Smith: "My tricorder has very limited range, the air is highly charged."

Crawford: "Not surprising really, this is a planet in the badlands for pities sake."

K'larrg: "K'larrg to Gorkon. Respond."

Jed: "Sir... we're..... ... ... hard to.... lost trans... lo.... trying to..... keep you.... break... ... .... orb.... Kling... ... ..... trans.... ... ... saf....."

K'larrg: "Gorkon.... Gorkon!"

Smith: "The interference must be blocking the transmission."

K'larrg: "From what I could make out they've lost our transporter lock and were breaking orbit."

Crawford: "You can't know that for sure."

K'larrg: "Perhaps not, but for the moment it doesn't matter, we have to get out of these winds, that is our priority."

Crawford: "I keep getting what seem to be sensor ghosts."

Smith: "I keep getting that, I think our lifesigns are being refracted from the charged particles, making it appear as if there are more of us."

Crawford: "Damn things, they'll clog up with dust themselves and stop working altogether soon."

K'larrg: "No, I can sense the presence of something here, something keeping a distance." (Jones looked round nervously and took a step closer to the group."

Crawford: "What so now you're a telepath too?"

K'larrg: "You're well practised in the use of your tongue doctor, try and use your ears more. Apart from the wind and us there is silence, this planet has been eroded for so long that there is little geology to resist the trials of the wind, but there are other noises, shuffling in the dirt and an alien smell on the wind I can't identify." (He took his phaser out and peered into the murky void, Jones did the same.)

Jones: "Sir we should find some shelter, we're vulnerable here."

K'larrg: "Agreed, Smith?"

Smith: "50 metres this way sir, there's a gap in the rockface that turns into a cave, I'm picking up metallic deposits, likely in the rock, though the density could suggest an artificial structure as well."

Crawford: "Perhaps our smelly alien friends have a base, should we really walk into it?"

K'larrg: "Unless you have a better idea doctor?... I'll take your rare silence as a no. Lead the way Mr Smith." (In a slow single file they moved towards the rock face, as they got closer the scale of it became apparent. The cliff rose over 30 metres high but curved at the top, the whole surface was smooth and cratered from years of being attacked relentlessly by the sand and wind. They approached the cliff and Smith stumbled.)

Smith: "Watch you're footing, there's a lot of loose rock on the floor." (A rock struck Crawford on the shoulder."

Crawford: "Mother of Andoria! That smarts a fair mighty."

K'larrg: "What now?!"

Crawford: "A rock just hit me, are you throwing things to make me go faster." (A rock landed at Smith's feet, shattering into several pieces. Jones looked up and was unfortunate enough to get a rock square on his nose, he doubled over as he started to bleed.)

Jones: "Argh, I'm hit!"

K'larrg: "Quicken the pace Smith, we have to get inside. The wind must be blowing rocks from the top of that cliff." (Even as he said it K'larrg doubted his words, the rocks seemed to follow them as they ventured into the gap in the cliffs. He was also wary now that they were trapped, confined into a small space where they could be easily picked off. He half dragged Jones who held one hand up trying to stem the blood from his smashed nose.)

Smith: "Not much further, only a few metres more." (The wind had died down somewhat and sure enough, a roof soon appeared over their heads, a few centimetres taller than the top of K'larrg's tall frame. It was dark and immediately Smith and K'larrg turned on their palm lights and scanned the surrounding area. Crawford held his to Jones's face scrutinising with a frown.)

Crawford: "I'm afraid son that your nose is indeed very broken, gonna need some surgery to put that right. Stop fidgeting, I can stop the bleeding." (With his dermal regenerator he healed the broken veins and then injected a mild localised pain killer to dull the pain. Jones gingerly tested his broken nose with a finger before getting it slapped away by Crawford.) "Don't touch, go and guard the entrance to make sure no more rocks manage to hit anyone else's nose!"

Smith: "This cave is bigger than I thought. It extends 100s of metres in several directions." (His voice echoed as he stepped into an open cavern.)

K'larrg: "Do not wander Smith, caution is a warriors ally in unknown lands." (Smith nod and stopped moving forward, his light hit some walls but in many cases was simply lost in the darkness, looking down at his tricorder he could see that it extended out significantly further then his light would reach. He frowned as more sensor ghosts appeared.)

Smith: "The readings are sporadic but I'm still getting odd lifesign readings."

Jones: "More refractions?"

Smith: "I don't think so, we're shielded from a lot of the charged particles in here by the heavy metals in the rock and besides... sensor echoes don't cause a change in size, shape and temperature. Do they?"

Crawford: "Alright Captain gut instinct... mine is telling me that something is amiss here."

K'larrg: "Indeed, I do not believe we are alone. Phasers on heavy stun, stay close and stay vigilant, we'll move through this left tunnel."

Crawford: "A random choice?"

Smith: "No, there are heavier metal deposits in this direction, if there is any artificial structure, it will be through here." (Slowly and quietly they moved through the tunnel, it narrowed and widened periodically and Smith mused it must have been formed by volcanic activity. They kept hearing noises and the sounds of stones being disturbed from their million year rests. Jones was clearly very nervous, twitching towards any sound he couldn't identify, Smith was staring intently at his tricorder, which bleeped suddenly making Jones jump a foot into the air.)

Jones: "What is it?" (All turning towards Smith they followed his light beam and they saw it, a door in the rock, they all stood in silence staring at it for a second, K'larrg cocked his head slightly as if sensing something, then a sound came from behind them and they all wheeled round in time for their lights to reflect off a single small eye about 10 metres away, it belonged to a large pale shape, but before they could properly focus it retreated and was gone.) "What.. what was that?"

K'larrg: "Our aliens obviously."

Crawford: "Perhaps just curious, we are the invaders afterall."

K'larrg: "Oh yes very curious, but to get that close to an unknown group requires two things, confidence or extreme hunger."

Smith: "It was large."

K'larrg: "Yes it was, and very likely not alone. We should try and get on the other side of that door, hopefully it will provide us refuge."

Crawford: "What if it's their base?"

K'larrg: "I doubt that, look at the door." (They approached it and with Jones standing guard they surveyed its surface.)

Smiths: "It's a duranium alloy, can't tell what species manufactured it, not Federation. Look at these." (Large scratch marks were evident all over the surface and on the surrounding walls.)

Crawford: "Looks like something was trying to get in."

K'larrg: "Some of these marks are fresh, others look like they're years old."

Jones: "I can hear more noises, I think they're coming back."

K'larrg: "Can we get inside?"

Smith: "There's no power to the door, but I don't think it's locked, I think I can transfer power from my tricorder to activate it." (Smith worked diligently for several minutes, the noise and shuffling was evident to them all now, and coming from several tunnels. A shadow appeared from a tunnel to the right and a large appendage was seen coming from something from beyond the corner. Jones pointed his phaser at it with a shaking hand and fired. The crimson-orange phaser blast briefly lit up the tunnel and echoed loudly all around them, the creatures immediately scattered but K'larrg hit Jones's arm down.)

K'larrg: "You fool!"

Jones: "It was about to attack us sir."

K'larrg: "We don't know that. Now everything within a mile will have heard that shot and they'll be attracted straight here."

Crawford: "Since we've made that hostile first move we can be certain they'll be meaner next time."

Jones: "I'm sorry sir... I... panicked."

K'larrg: "You must learn to master your fear." (K'larrg paused as more shuffling could again be heard, all around them now.) "Smith, it's now or drop your tricorder and arm yourself!"

Smith: "I'm trying.... now!" (The tricorder flickered as it's power was drained and a faint glow came to a small light on the door, it was heavily scared and had apparently been the recipient of several strikes. A grinding sound came from the door and it slowly began to move. After several seconds it was open about 25 centimetres, they the tricorder failed and flickered out.) "Damn that's all we're getting from that."

K'larrg: "It's enough, get through!" (Smith forced himself through the gap, Jones followed, then Crawford.)

Crawford: "This is a tight squeeze."
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Old 11-06-2011, 03:29 AM
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Smith: (Smith eyed the door.) "It appears to be designed to be shut by default, quickly sir it's trying to close itself!" (K'larrg thrust himself sideways on at the door and tried to squeeze through, his barrel chest was too wide and he couldn't move, he cursed in Klingon as he strained against the mechanism. Jones shone his light through the gap and saw several of the pale shapes and bright eyes approaching from the other end of the tunnel.)

Jones: "Quickly!" (Crawford and Smith grabbed K'larrg's arm and pulled. Jones pulled on the door trying to stop it closing, with one hand he fired a shot at the creatures, but they weren't much perturbed and still slowly advanced. With a final great effort K'larrg pushed with all his might and was able to open the door a fraction. With the extra space Crawford and Smith dragged him through just as the creatures leapt forward to strike. They all fell to the ground and the door shut a couple of seconds later, but not before they got a good look at the eye of one of the creatures, centralised in what they assumed was the head of one of the creatures, pale and hairless.)

Crawford: "That was too close for my blood pressure."

Smith: "Sir, you're bleeding." (Dark purple blood was leaking from K'larrg's right arm.)

K'larrg: "One of the creatures slashed me." (Crawford ran his tricorder over K'larrg.)

Crawford: "It's not deep, it looks like there's a venom on your uniform, we'll have to cut it away, you're very lucky it didn't get into your blood."

Jones: "Hostile alien creatures with venomous scythes... it's like a bad action-holonovel."

Smith: "The question is, where are we now and can we get out again?"
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Old 11-06-2011, 11:49 AM
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*Unix 3321-Cave-Inside The Craft?-During Roysten's Great Post*

*The door finshed it's trained, and creaking, shutting*

K'larrg:"Mr. Smith, the only question should be , "Where are we now?"

Jones:"'re not going to belive this."

K'larrg:"Speak, do not keep us in suspence!"

Jones:"This...belive it or a Borg vessel..."

Crawford:"The Borg of this universe are a peaceful species, human looking, who use cybernetics to only repair their bodies. In this universe, they are virually immortal because the nanites keep regnerating them."

K'larrg:"So Doctor, are you trying to tell me that what attacked us was some kind of de-evolved Borg?"

Crawford:"It's at least as possibility Captain. But the scans of our attackers are inconclusive."

Smith:"Sir, the materials I read show these Borg came into this version of the Badlands."

*Crawford starts ripping the shoulder of K'larrg's uniform open to inspect the cut*

K'larrg:"Doctor, please tend to the others. I can wait."

Crawford:"Captain, you are the only one hurt. besides in medcial matter my authority trumps yours."

K'larrg:"I see. The cut is minor."

Crawford:"This is lacerated almost down to your bone. I would hardly call that minor."

K'larrg(Looking wooozy):"A warrior does not complain, Doctor."

Crawford:"As you reminded me recently, we are Starfleet officers. Please act like one for once."

K'larrg(Passing out):"Then....I your......."


Jones(Talking to Crawford):"Sir, I belive I can get this shuttle power gird functional again."

Crawford:"As damaged as it is, Engsin?"

Jones:"This won't fly again, but we could have fresh(er) air, and lights."

Crawford:"Then stop talking, and start doing, Engsin. Smith, get over here."

Smith:"Yes, sir?"

Crawford:"This venom is a tissue destoryer, we will have to cut the affected area out."

Smith:"Sir? Can't the dermal regenerator, and the broad specturm anti venom work?"

Crawford:"So "Doctor Smith" where did you get a medical degree??"

Smith:"Er...I meant no disrespect sir...I was trained as a medic at the academy."

Crawford:"Sterile the surgical scapel. The reason we can't do that is becuase this Venom is unknown to us, the anti venom could kill him. Also, you don't regnerate tissue you haven't cured."

Smith:"Instruments are ready sir. I appologize sir."

Crawford:"Not bad thinking Smith, but leave the Doctoring to me. Give the Captain 20 cc's of Nuralizer 14."

*The hypo hisses as Smith follows Crawford's Orders, as the lights brighten to reveal a nicely, but very old shuttle made by humanoids.*

Crawford:"Nice going Jones. Ok Smith, hold the Captain down. He may try to struggle."

Smith:"But Nuralizer 14 is so strong Doctor."

Crawford:"Klingon physiology reists painkillers.(Crawford starts cutting)"

*USS Gorkon-Bridge*

Jed Jr:"Think they got that message, Lt Langley?"

Langley:"Not sure sir, it was breaking up pretty bad."

Jed Jr:"Then back us off Lt. We can't outfight the Klingons here. Camaflouge is our friend right now."

Langley:"Sir...the Klingons are powering up weapons!!!"

Jed Jr:"What??!!! Do they have a death wish???!! Prepare us for a 2 Second warp 6 burst."

Langley:"Sir, have you forgotten that engaging warp in here could cripple us?"

Jed Jr:"Not if we time this right Lt. Let the Klingons get closer, then on my signal hit warp."

Langley:"Klingons at 1,000,000 KPH and closing...weapons readying to fire."

Jed Jr:"Hit warp 6, NOW Lt! 2 Second burst!"

*The Gorkon Lurches Forward, and out of the Badlands*

Langley:"We are free of the Badlands, sir. But picking up another Federation ship..."

Jed Jr:"The Roddenberry?"

Langley:"No Gorkon...."

Jed Jr.:"The Gorkon? Give me a visual."

*A battered USS Gorkon with a obviously diffrent saucer section appears on the screen.*

Jed Jr:"In the name of Mongonery Scott...they got her back togeter allready...."

Langley:"We are being hailed, sir."

Jed Jr.:"On screen lt."

*Zardoz and Jed Sr appear on the screen*

Zardoz:"Gorkon, we have no wish to harm you."

Jed Jr.:"I find that hard to belive, Commdore."
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(Unix 3312, the Borg shuttle trapped within the cave system - Dim lights were now illuminating the areas around the room allowing a better view of their new surroundings, Crawford was more interested in treating Klarrg's arm, but Jones was fascinated by the shuttle interior, forgetting the pain in his nose.)

Crawford: "At least this extra light lets me see what I'm doing. hold him still Smith!" (K'larrg was writhing about and even in his drugged state was easily shaking off the two officers trying to hold him down, after a particularly violent spasm Crawford nearly took out Smith's throat with his laser scalpel.) "Dammit Jones, stop gaping at the insides of this rusty bucket and help us here!" (Between the three of them they kept K'larrg down and Crawford finished the procedure, wrapping the wound in a protective gauze and removing the rest of the affected uniform.) "Right, now feel free to look around."

Smith: "This is incredible, the technology is clearly Borg. But there's a more organic feel to it, it's almost comfortable." (Crawford frowned at Smith's odd words but couldn't argue as he looked round himself. There were alcoves and distribution nodes like you would find on any Borg ship, but also seats and wall decorations, lighting that didn't harm the eyes with UV radiation and the lack of a continuous drone of background noise that would turn anyone insane if they were exposed to it for long enough.)

Jones: "How on earth did it get inside a mountain?"

Smith: "The whole region is volcanic but we have no idea how old it is, I doubt a shuttle could survive the temperatures and pressures it would have endured during an eruption."

Crawford: "Is certain a mystery that you can both debate for months, but that isn't going to help us. Look for a communications array or something we can use. Some water maybe, the Captain has lost a lot of blood and needs sustenance." (With a sigh Smith and Jones diligently began working the consoles. Only a few were working, it seemed many had suffered damage.)

Jones: "Sir, it's not a communication array or water dispenser but I've found..."

Crawford: "Then I'm not interested Jones, keep looking!" (Jones looked dejected but Smith walked across to the console as well.)

Smith: "It's a log sir, it could help us."

Crawford: (Sighing) "I suppose it might, open it up Jones." (Activating the most recent files the three of them looked at console as the image of a woman appeared on the screen, they were taken aback by her appearance. The woman had several cybernetic implants attached to her face and neck, what looked like input ports and sensor modules, inside her eyes there appeared to be an odd glow where her pupils should be. There was a symmetry and an unobtrusiveness that made didn't make her frightening or too artificial, for one thing her skin was a fair complexion and not the clammy, gaunt look that many drones had, she had flowing hair as well and a pretty smile, Crawford shook his head as he found himself attracted to her.) "Play the file Jones."

Jones: "Aye sir." (The image came to life and the woman's voice rung out over the speakers, she had a smooth voice, though quite husky as if she'd breathed in a lot of smoke, her face was also sad, they could tell she wasn't reporting happy news.)

Kolarna 5-Beta: "Kolarna 5-Beta reporting, mission date 31356 - 2123 periods since the joining. The attempt to reroute the power to the dematerialiser failed, we're now stuck with the last of our supplies gone and our power almost completely drained. I'm sorry to report that Gletar 2-Gamma and Wan 3-Gamma perished when trying to find a source of food outside the cave system. Those... creatures got them, they've wasted no efforts trying to destroy us, even now they attack our outer hatch. Our initial jubilation that the hatch wasn't covered by rock has turned to dismay as it will eventually let them inside and destroy our work here. Our cargo cannot be destroyed! Too much time, too many have been lost in it's protection." (The image flickered somewhat and became distorted.)

Crawford: "Can you clear it?" (Smith looked at his tricorder and pressed a few buttons on the console.)

Smith: "It's very old sir, some of it has deteriorated, I'm afraid several seconds of footage are lost forever." (After a few moments of static the image of the women Kolarna reappeared.)

Kolarna: "... way it should be. We've taken a vote and the three of us have decided to transfer power remaining into protecting the cargo. We'll turn off life support in 2 spins time and reroute some power into electrifying the door for a spin as well, hopefully that will deter those monsters from coming back. To my loves back at the Unimatrix, know that if you ever receive this message, that my last thoughts were of you, I just wish I could have shared your thoughts before the end. Farewell." (The image disappeared replaced with black. The three of them stood still for a moment not saying anything. Crawford cleared his throat.)

Crawford: "Bring up an earlier log entry. Try and find one from when they first arrived here." (Smith pressed a few more buttons and another image appeared on the screen, again of Kolarna but also a male, who looked injured."

Kolarna: "This is Kolarna 5-Beta and Toris 1-Delta, mission date 31347 - 2123 periods since the joining. Our transwarp field destabilised in this region of turbulent space and we returned to normal space within this planet. We're trying to affect repairs but our link to the collective has been lost, our efforts are also being hindered from outside, we think there are aliens in the caves outside but efforts to communicate have failed. We're going to try and..." (The image became distorted and they couldn't make out anything more.)

Smith: "I'm sorry sir, that's it for the transmissions, the others are fragmented badly as well."

Jones: "That's awful. I wonder what happened to them?"

Crawford: "Isn't it obvious? By turning off life support and locking themselves inside they chose to die to defend their... cargo, whatever that was."

Smith: "With the power still being partially active, whatever it was may still have been powered."

Crawford: "Until we came in and started powering up consoles in here." (Smith looked alarmed.)

Smith: "We might have affected whatever it was, what if was some kind of containment field."

Jones: "Or a weapon, perhaps a stasis chamber."

Crawford: "You're spouting completely baseless speculation, we have no idea what it was! And like I said before the log isn't a communication array or water or something useful so it hasn't actually helped us much. Jones, keep looking for ways to contact the ship, Smith, look for this cargo... if it is something dangerous we need to know about it. I'm going to stay with our foul smelling, purple blooded Captain and make sure he doesn't writhe himself into a wall. Get to it!"
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*USS Gorkon-Bridge-Right After My Last Post-The Two Different Gorkons Hovering Near Each Other-Jed Jr and Commdore Zardoz are addressing each other vis Viewscreen*a

Zardoz:"Doubt all you wish Commander. We have no wish to fire upon you. Your father and I can get you home."

Jed Jr:"Possibly, and change this reality, and ours forver Commdore. No thanks."

Zardoz*Sighs*:"As you wish. Red alert, sheilds and weapons."

Jed Jr:"Cut channel. Red Alert!"

*The klaxons sound as Jed Jr.'s Orders are carried out!*

*Unix 3312, the Borg shuttle trapped within the cave system, about 40 mins after Roysten's post. K'larrg is stable, and unconsious. A banging is heard out the exterior of the shuttle*

Jones:"That does not sound good, sir."

Crawford:"Those...whatever kind of creatures they are must have figured out we're in here."

Smith (At a console):"I think I have more information Doctor."

Crawford:"Well, don't keep it to yourself Smith."

Smith:"First Doctor, based on tricorder readings only, this shuttle is over 2,000 years old."

Crawford:"That's not it?"

Smith:"You said that these Borg were virtually immortal, sir."


Smith:"I have a final log entry, but it's pretty tattered.."

Crawford:"Let's see it, Smith."

*The screen flared to life again the familar visage of Kolarna 5-Beta appeared on the screen, but beaten, tattered, burned in a few places that were visbale in the frame*

Kolarna 5-Beta(On Screen):"Kolarna 5-Beta reporting, mission date 32126-2128. We have failed. The creatures have destoryed even our basic ion impulse drive....*static*...even self destruct had failed...*static*...the nanoprobes have been stored for possible future revival of crew.....*static*...Rojan 3-Beta has rigged a a self regenerating power source from our transwarp drive....*static*...should keep the cargo safe.....*static*...hopefully...*static*.....dying ...must get to stasis tubes..."

Crawford:"They are still on this shuttle? How is that possible?"

Jones:"I have a door that just appeared on my tricorder!! There's a 4' by 4' room in there!"

Smith:"Maybe the running of the logs triggered it sir?"

Crawford:"Can we open the door?"

Jones:"Yes...I can atune this tricorder to the proper frequency..."

*The door hisses open, two obvious corpes are in clear tubes, the third, Kolarna 5-Beta looks like she could start speaking at any time, but is in stasis.*

Crawford:"Amazing...preserved for over 2,000 years. When she went into stasis...Andorains were still nomadic clans on Andoraia.."

Jones:"On Earth, the Roman empire was just coming to an end."

*A Computer Voice Interupts*

Computer:[Nanoborbe restortion initaiated on tube 1, full restoration in 93 seconds.]

*All theree stand stunned, helpless to stop what is happening. 93 seconds later Kolarna 5-Beta eyes open, as does the tube.*

Kolarna 5-Beta(Stumbling):""

Crawford (Catching her before she fell):"You are still on your shuttle, we came"

Kolarna 5-Beta(More aware now):"You are not Borg?"

Crawford:"No. I am Commander Crawford, of the USS Gorkon, a starship in the service of the Untied Federation Of Planets."

Kolarna 5-Beta:"I have never heard of your "Federation. How did you find us?"

Crawford:"To be honest, we weren't looking for you. Our being here was an accident."

Kolarna 5-Beta:"Computer, what is the current date?"

Computer:[The mission date is 1457831347.]

Kolarna 5-Beta:"I have been in stasis for 63,000,000,000 spins???"


Kolarna 5-Beta:"Is the cargo safe???!!"

Computer:[Cargo is currently safe, but power levels are dropping. In 42 spins, power will be dangerously depleted, and the cargo vibale again.]

Crawford:"Can we help you Kolarna 5-Beta?"

Kolarna 5-Beta:"How do you know my name?"

Crawford:"From your logs. Sorry, we had no idea any of you were still alive."

Kolarna 5-Beta:"What is done, is done. What is that creature on the floor!!!"

Crawford:"That is our commanding officer K'larrg, he is of a race called Klingon. He was hurt by what you call "the savages."

Kolarna 5-Beta:"Did they cut, or punture him, with any weapons?"

Crawford:"Yes, but he is stable now."

Kolarna 5-Beta:"No, he is not, even as we speak his life is fading. I can help him."

Crawford:"With nanoprobes?"

Kolarna 5-Beta:"No, with the antivenom we created(Grabs a nearby box that is a medcial kit.)

Crawford:"Can I scan it first to make sure it will work for him?"

Kolarna 5-Beta:"By all means."

*Crawford Scans it, it's the real deal*

Crawford:"Thank you, please help us."

*Kolarna 5-Beta applies as what seems to be a hyopspray to K'larrg's neck*

Kolarna 5-Beta:"He should be healed in a short while."

Crawford:"Thank you Kolarna 5-Beta. Can we help you with your cargo?"

Kolarna 5-Beta:"Yes. We must keep the cargo from reviving, it is an abomination."

Crawford:"Smith, Jones, with us."

*Soon Kolarna 5-Beta has them in another area of the shuttle, it is another stasis-like tube, Crawford's eyes widen as he sees what it is*

Kolarna 5-Beta:"We found this.....abomination at a crash site on Gamma Hydra near the Natcka Nebula. It was in a what seemed to originally be a cube shaped vessel. It's..."Companions" were dead. It tried to force it's will upon us."

Crawford:"I know what this is Kolarna 5-Beta, and your not going to like it."

Kolarna 5-Beta:"Speak the truth, Crawford of the Federation."

Crawford:"Where I come from...this is the Borg."
"High Priestesses Of Zardoz" By Eliza's Starbase Of Avatars Copyright 2009."
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*Gorkon bridge Jed Jr rushes over to the engineering console.*

Jed Jr: "Evasive maneuvers! I have an idea... if my father or Zardoz didn't think about it we should be able to do get an override of their system and shut them down..."

*Jed runs his hands over the console starting a connection to the other Gorkon.*

Jed Jr: "Computer... Emergency Starfleet over ride of the ship we've linked to... Authorization Jed Jeggins Jr. code Victor Victor Two."


Jed: "You've got to be kidding me..."

*Jed begins working feverishly at the Engineering console. As the ship gets jolted by a phaser blast from Zardoz's Gorkon.*

Jed: "Lt keep them off of us just buy me a few more minutes!"

Kusto: (Via Comm): "Jed what are you doing up there? I've been locked out."

Jed: "Kusto, Give me a few minutes Im trying to give us a new ship registry."

Kusto: "Your what?"

Jed Jr: "I think Im done! Computer List ship registration information."


Kusto "The USS Interloper how in the great birds ghost did you pull that off?"

Jed "I'll explain later. You should have controls back. Computer... Emergency Starfleet over ride of the ship we've linked to... Authorization Jed Jeggins Jr. code Victor Victor Two."


Jed Jr. "About time... Emergency shut down off all main systems except life support. That ship is stolen Starfleet property. "

Computer: "Shutting down Warp, Impulse, Weapons, and Shields."
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*During Jed's Post USS Gorkon-The Older Version-The bridge lights and consles start dimming*

Jed Sr:"We're loosing Warp drive, Impulse, Weapons, and Shields."

Zardoz:"Where from Jed??"

Jed Sr:"In the name of....they've managed to change the ship registry. They are using our uplink to disable us."

*Zardoz jumps up to help Jed*

Zardoz:"Your son, has to be."

Jed Sr:"I don't think I can stop this, sir."

Zardoz:"What if we shut down all systems, Jed? Then restarted everything?"

Jed Sr:"Are you talking about "cold booting" a Galaxy Class starship?"

Zardoz:"it would give us time to change prefix codes, and registry. Wouldn't it?"

Jed Sr:"We'd be defenseless."

Zardoz:"We already are Jed, do it."

*Jed taps in a few commands and all goes dark*

*USS Gorkon-New version*

Kusto:"Sir....the other Gorkon is powerless...not even running lights...or life support. they have about two hours before their air is too stale to breathe."

Jed Jr:"It wasn't us Lt. They cut their own power. My program would have left them life support. But why come all this way, then commit sucide? Makes no sense."

Kusto:"They would have if it gave them an advantage, sir, no matter how small."

Jed Jr:"No....they might be trying to do a "cold restart" of their ship. If they are off at all in the calculations...they could take this whole sector with them."

Kusto:"Anything we can do from here sir?"

Jed Jr:"No. Prepare an away team, armed haveily. We are going to board that ship."
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(Unix 3312, Borg Shuttle - Crawford, Smith, Jones and Kolarna all crowded round the coffin sarcophagus, in which a single Borg was currently in stasis. Smith looked at the drone in disgust, he'd lost close family when the Borg had attacked Earth a few years earlier, he reached for his phaser.)

Kolarna: "No don't! As much of an abomination as it is, I have to deliver it to the Unimatrix. We desperately need to study it, before they come again."

Crawford: "At ease Smith, it isn't going anywhere. Kolarna, this Borg, you say it came and attacked your people?"

Kolarna: "Yes, one of our outer colonies, I was told they came through a distortion in space, a temporal anomaly was also detected."

Smith: "That must have been only a few decades ago by our timeline, this drone is clearly not as advanced as the ones we've faced, but it's definitely one of the b*stards alright."

Jones: "I think we should destroy it."

Kolarna: "You can't!"

Crawford: "Kolarna. You've been in stasis for... many spins. A lot will have happened in that time, your people may have overcome the Borg, they may have been overwhelmed by them, we just don't know. What I do know is that this drone could be a danger to us here and now, and I don't know about you, but I'd rather have air to breathe then keep this thing alive. It's not as if this ship could ever leave the inside of this mountain." (Kolarna sighed and held her head in one hand.)

Kolarna: "You're right, since I can't hear the others my mind isn't as it should be, I'm also tired, so tired. The stasis does cause degeneration over time, we're not supposed to be in it for more than a few hundred spins at most. I'm surprised I didn't die in there." (Crawford ran his tricorder over her and frowned.)

Crawford: "There has been some degeneration, most of you cybernetic systems are in working order, but several organs are beginning to fail, I'm afraid without medical attention you'll only live a few months more."

Kolarna: "What does it matter, all my loved ones are gone, their minds just faded echoes in the collective, my mission has failed. I have nothing left to live for. (They heard a voice behind them, that made them all jump.)

K'larrg: "Live for their honour madam, and the honour of your fallen shipmates."

Jones: "Captain!"

Crawford: "Are you alright sir?

K'larrg: "I am feeling better Doctor, it seems I am in your debt."

Smith: "Actually it's Kolarna who stopped the alien poison."

Crawford: "Thank you Mr Smith. Anyway, whilst you were sleeping we've answered a few questions, but also found some new problems." (K'larrg stood over the drone.)

K'larrg: "Yes I can see, please, fill me in."

(Old Gorkon - In a darkened section of engineering Jed Jr, Kusto and three security officers appeared in a brief flash of blue. Their eyes quickly adjusted to the dim light and they hid in a corner as people rushed past trying to restore power.)

Kusto: "This isn't going to be easy, once they're onto us we'll be swarmed in seconds."

Jed Jr: "What happened to that boundless optimism?"

Kusto: "I'm afraid I left it back in our universe sir."

Jed Jr: "Just concentrate on the mission, one step at a time." (The plan was simple in itself, eject the warp core and antimatter storage pods so the ship would remain unpowered and couldn't blow itself up. Of course this would take up to a minute to complete and many security officers could appear in that time, oh well, at least it's not going to be boring.)
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*Unix 3312, Borg Shuttle -A Few Moments After Crawford's Post When K'arrg Has Been Caught Up On Events.*

Kolarna:"You know what this is too Captain?"

K'larrg:"Yes, in my universe, they destory entire worlds, and forcibly "Assimilate" ontehr into being drones for their collective."

KolarnaNoticble sickened by what K'larrg said)"That is.....beyond vulgar....obscene."

K'larrg:"I tend to agree Lady Kolarna."

Smith(Consulting Tricorder):"Captain, this drone is now sending a interplexing signal."

K'larrg:"Lady Kolarna, open the stasis feild at once, I shall explain later!"

*K'larrg sets his phaser as Kolarna hurridly does as he said. K'larrg fires directly into the Borg drone in the chest cavity, buring a 5cm hole, as the smell of burnned clothing and flesh fills the air.*

Smith:"Signal has stopped Captian."

Crawford:"What in the name of the Mother Of Andor was all that about??!"

K'larrg:"Doctor, that Borg was transmiting a Interplexing Signal. That style of signal circumvents normal subspace. It was alerting the Borg like it in this universe."

Kolarna:"How?? He was in stasis!!"

K'larrg:"You said yourself Lady Kolarna that the equipment is very old, probably a minor malfunction. If my years on the Enteprise taught me anything, it was how to deal with the Borg, no offense Lady Kolarna."

Kolarna:"None taken, Captain."

Crawford:"Shouldn't we try to contact the Gorkon?"

K'larrg:"If the Gorkon has followed orders, she out of this sector of space. I belive we should fight our to the shuttle.

Crawford:"What shuttle Captain??? We can't move this shuttle!!"

Kolarna:"Captain, the Doctor is quite right."

K'larrg (Smiling):"Mr. Smith, are you still registering the Delta shuttle that Commander Jeggins send down remotely after we beamed down?"

Smith:"Reading it sir. About a 1 km from our postion, still fully fucntional, if my readings are right, sir."

Jones:"But those...creatures out there will rip us apart before we get too far sir."

K'larrg:"Then we shall need a strong battle plan."

Crawford:"Why do I think I am NOT going to like this??"

*Old Gorkon-Seconds After Crawford's Post*

Jed Jr(Whispering):"I'd pay real money if we can pull this off."

KustoWhispering)"Sir, getting a silent comm signal form our Gorkon."

Jed Jr. (Tapping Commmbadge):"What is it Gorkon?"

Andrews(On Comm):"Sir, 3 Borg cubes have dropped out of Transwarp!"

Jed Jr:"Red Alert! Get hat ship out of there of you can!"

Andrews:"Yes sir!"

*Comm Goes Dead*

Kusto:"Let me guess....we're going to try and repower the ship..."

Jed Jr:"Right now, the Borg are more of a threat than Commdore Zardoz."
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(Unix 3312, Borg shuttle)

Jones: (Next to the entrance hatch) "Sir the noises have grown louder, I reckon there are more of those things out there now, all surrounding that door and blocking our way out."

K'larrg: "Yes, I'm counting on it?"

Smith: "Sir?"

Crawford: "Seems that alien venom has messed with your mind, did you just say you're counting on it?"

K'larrg: "Seems your ears work almost as well as your mouth doctor, I am indeed hoping that all the creatures in the area are now around that door." (Crawford raised his arms exasperated, Smith scratching his chin then smiled, realising what the Captain intended.)

Smith: "The door defense mechanism, you intend to electrocute them all."

K'larrg: "Indeed, hopefully disabling those in direct contact with the the door and injuring or deterring those near it."

Crawford: "I hate to be so negative but isn't the whole reason they've been able to get close to that thing in the first place is because the power ran out?"

Kolarna: "That is correct, all the power was diverted to keeping that monstrosity alive."

K'larrg: "I am aware of this. Mr Smith?"

Smith: "It would be easy enough to hook a phaser up to the door and produce the desired charge, should also be able to control the door mechanism as well so we can out afterwards. Should only take a few moments."

K'larrg: "Get to work."

Crawford: "There are probably more of them, electrifying the door for a second isn't going to get rid of them all."

K'larrg: "Master of the obvious aren't we, you whine like a wounded targ! We're going to have to fight our way out obviously, but we have little choice. We can't stay here, our best option is to go whilst we still have the strength to do so."

Crawford: "Your arm doesn't exactly give us a tactical advantage."

K'larrg: "I'm feeling much better thank you. Do not concern yourself with that, just make sure you aim the right way with that phaser." (Crawford frowned then walked away to where Smith and Jones were working on the door."

Kolarna: "It seems I have little choice but to come with you, if you'll take me."

K'larrg: "Of course lady Kolarna, I must warn you, it will be dangerous."

Kolarna: "Danger... seems I've never left it. I understand, I do not have any weapons however, I worry that I will burden you."

K'larrg: "I saw medical devices designed to suture flesh, no doubt they would cause burns if set high enough, I believe it would serve you well as a close quarters weapon."

Kolarna: "I think it would, I'll go and fetch it."

K'larrg: "Progress gentlemen?"

Smith: "Almost there sir."

Jones: "Sir, can I recommend making some kind of noise to get their attention and draw them as close to the door as possible."

K'larrg: "Good thinking Jones. Seems you've overcome your earlier fears, and seems you do have a warriors heart." (Jones beamed with pride.)

Crawford: "Just watch your nose for more falling rocks on your way out." (Kolarna reentered the room and nodded to show she was ready, K'larrg looked over at Smith who also nodded, a determined look on his face. Jones checked his phaser and also nodded. Crawford sighed rolling his eyes, which K'larrg took to him being as ready as he'd ever be."

K'larrg: "Start making noise, once the scratching gets louder set off the charge, we wait for a few seconds then open the door. Stay in close formation, Crawford and Kolarna in the middle, Smith and Jones take the front, I'll watch the rear, stay focused and stick together. Right, make enough noise for the hounds of Gre'thor to hear!" (They each began making noise, shouts, claps, whilstles and taunts to get the enemies attention. Sure enough the scratching and rasping grew lounder until it reached such an intensity that Smith though the door might fail. Through the noise K'larrg grasped his shoulder and gave him a nod, Smith put up his hand signalling everyone to take a step back then he activated the phaser's power. Sparks flew from the door and the lighting inside the shuttle flickered and failed, they stopped making noise and everything fell silent. They heard squeals from out side and the sounds of fading motion, evidently some of the creatures have got away. Shining their torches at the hatch it slowly open, revealing the scorched remains of half a dozen creatures who lay on the ground around them.) "Don't waste time staring, move!"

Smith: "This way!" (They began back down the passage they entered and made a good pace. Soon enough they heard noise from behind them as the creatures perused.)

K'larrg: "Don't look back! Keep moving!" (K'larrg fired off many shots hitting several more creatures but they kept coming. A few came from side tunnels ahead of them where they met the harsh touch of Jones' and Smith's phaser. The number of creatures died off and they soon found themselves back outside in the howling wind.)

Jones: "Sir I can't see anything!"

K'larrg: "Follow your tricrorders, keep pace, we're 600 metres away!" (They slowed with their heads bowed, they each fired phasers shots at odd noises around them. K'larrg knew they were being stalked but didn't want to add further fears to their already precarious situation, he put his phaser on a wide beam and fired a sweep in several directions, he saw a few shadows rush away suggesting he'd hit home. After what seemed like an eternity they made it to the shuttle.)

Smith: "It's intact sir!"

K'larrg: "Quick get inside!" (Smith opened the hatch and they clambered inside the small shuttle. The silence inside was an odd contrast to roar they'd just left and they each doubled over coughing up dust.)

Crawford: "Welcome to our shuttle Kolarna, hopefully in better shape that yours."

Kolarna: "I hope so." (Smith had activated the ops console and was scanning the area.)

Smith: "There are dozens of creatures coming out of the mountain, there are 5 surrounding the shuttle."

K'larrg: "I have lost my patience with these creatures. Raise the shields and charge phasers. Fire at the entrance of the cavern, full power. Anyone who ends up in the this sorry place shouldn't have to go through what we just have." (Smith worked his console and angry phaser blasts erupted from the front of the shuttle, any creatures unfortunate enough to get in the way were completely atmoised by the huge power and at the cavern entrance several cubic metres of rock were vaporised instantly. This caused a cavein which forever sealed the cave and hopefully the creatures in their sorry tomb forever.)
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