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Old 10-11-2011, 10:27 AM
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*During Jed's Post*

Jed:"We can stop that sir..."

K'larrg:"I see no reason not to. "Casey" will be fine. Please report to the bridge as soon as your duites allow Commander."

Jed:"Will do sir, engineering out.

K'larrgTurning to Smith)"Proceed on pursuit course Engsin, Maximum warp."

Smith:"Yes sir, course plotted, and laid in."


*The Gorkon surges ahead at warp 9.99999 as Jed enters the Bridge*

Jed:"Reporting as ordered sir."

K'larrg:"As you may know, Klingons value family highly."

Jed(Puzzled):"Ok, sir. But what does this have to do with the mission?"

K'larrg:"Since there may be combat, I am offering you the chance to, "Sit this mission out" as one of my instructors used to say."

Jed:"Are you releiving me of duty sir?"

K'larrg:"Not at all Commander. I am permitting you to releive yourself, so you do not have to possibly fight your own father."

Jed:"Sir, with all due respect, I a Starfleet officer first. Also, your going to need what I know about my father to end this as peacefully as possible."

K'larrg(Thinking for a second before answering):"Can you destory the Roddenberry, if it comes to that Commander?"

Jed:"Yes, my first loyalty is to this ship and Starfleet. In fact sir, you insult me by insinuating otherwise."

K'larrg(Slight laugh):"I do belive there is some Klingon in you Commander. Please take your station."

*USS Roddenberry-Bajoran Sector-Alternate Universe*

Smithers:"Sir...this is odd...."

Zardoz:"What is it Cadet?"

Smithers:"I am reading Bajor as a planet...but no Bajorans."

Cadet Jones:"Confiormed sir."

Jed Sr.:"Scan the station in orbit around Bajor, Cadet Jones."

Jones:"Sir...I am reading the...Gorkon???"

Jed Sr.:"That's ok Cadet, we should be."

Jones:"She is mising her saucer section....sir there's a dry dock facility next to the station!!! Reading hundreds of life forms...and Klingon vessels!!"

Zardoz:"Frak!! We're here too early!!"

Jed Sr:"Not by much. Cadet Jones, try hailing the station, use alpha baker fequency."

Jones:"Sir, that fequency has never been used by Starfleet, are you sure?"

Jed Sr:"I am sure, just do it Cadet."

Jones (Suprised):"Getting a responce sir."

Zardoz:"On screen."

*The image of a much younger Jed Sr appears on the screen.*

Younger Jed Sr:"This is Fleet Captain Jeggins of the Federated Klingon fleet, please state your purpose (Then he sees Zardoz) Captain!! Er...I mean Admiral...where in the name of the great bird did you find that ship??!"

Zardoz:"Jed, this will be a tad hard to belive. But I am not your Zardoz, I am from quite a bit in the future."

Younger Jed Sr:"In this universe, I'll belive just about anything. Power down your weapons, and enter orbit. The Klingon vessel Freedom will then escort you to our dock facility. If you do not do as I have laid out sir, we will destory you as per standing orders."

*The screen goes blank*

Zardoz:"I remember giving those orders, so long ago. (Turning to Smith) Do as the fleet Captan has requested."

Smith:"Weapons offline, sir."

Zardoz:"Bring us into standard orbit of Bajor."

Smith:"Orbit established, sir."

*The screen flairs to life again, a Klingon in a simple tunic appears*

Klang:"I am Commader Klang of the Federated Klingon Fleet ship Freedom. It is good to see you again Admiral Zardoz, no matter what time you hailed from."

Zardoz:"Klang, I never thought I'd see you again. The pleasure is all mine."

Klang:"Please follow us at 2500 KPH to Starkiller Dry Dock."
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Old 10-12-2011, 12:21 PM
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(The Gorkon continues to cruise at maximum warp, on the bridge the tension has risen somewhat as the prospect of having to fire on another Federation starship begins to sink into the crew. In engineering Jed finds he can't look at the Plaque of his mothers name as he wonders what she'd think of father having to fight son, and whose side would she be at, Jed couldn'thelp but conclude that it wouldn't be at his. On the bridge Crawford was pacing up and down the lower circle much to K'larrgs annoyance.)

K'laarg: "Doctor, sit down or I will break your legs."

Crawford: "This is a dangerous place, we're going to get ourselves killed."

K'larrg: "And be quiet as well, you're making the junior officers nervous."

Crawford: "The..." (With a growl K'larrg cuts Crawford off.)

K'larrg: "I won't tell you again." (Without another word Crawford sits in the seat next to K'larrg muttering to himself.)

Smith: "Captain, I'm detecting Deep Space... I mean the Omara base ahead. There's also..." (Smith paused.)

K'larrg: "You were saying Lieutentant?"

Smith: "Sir I'm detecting dozens of Klingon ships around the station, in orbit of Bajor and in the surrounding space, B'rel class birds of prey, Vorcha class cruisers and also several Negvar class battleships. It's an armada sir."

K'larrg: "Crawford, what is that fleet? Why is it there?"

Crawford: "That fleet is our worst nightmare sir, we can't follow the Roddenberry in now, please say there's no honour in suicide."

(The Roddenberry was now in orbit, flanked by several Klingon ships but apparently in no immediate danger. On the bridge Zardoz received another hail from the younger Jed Sr.)

yJed Sr: "Captain... other Zardoz, we're detecting another starship in the region, we read it as the Gorkon, what are trying to pull? What are you hiding from us?"

Zardoz: "Please Jed, that ship is also from our time, they followed us in and are trying to stop us, they're not stupid, they won't come in all guns blazing."

yJed Sr: "Your arrival has already complicated matters, another ship with an unknown agenda is just creating more uncontrolled variables that we don't need right now. You of all people must know how critical this time is."

Zardoz: "I do, that is why I am here, you have to trust me."

yJed Sr: "I do, but there's more than one person who has command over events here. The other ship is to be captured, if they resist they will have to be destroyed. As for you, we need to talk face to face, beam over to..."

Zardoz: "Please Jed, don't destroy the Gorkon, they're a good crew and... and your son is onboard." (Jed's face darkened, he turned away for a moment not sure what to do, then looked back at the screen with a hard look in his eyes.)

yJed Sr: "You've brought this on us, there's no time, we can't take the risk, he isn't my son, my son is counting on me to get this right. Beam over to my location Zardoz. The fate of the other ship is out of my hands, don't mention it further." (The screen blinked off and Zardoz sighed.)

Cadet Jones: "Sir should we help the Gorkon?"

Zardoz: "They chose their fate cadet, I only hope the Great Bird guides them to a safe retreat out of harms way."

(The Gorkon dropped out of warp just outside the Bajoran system, the ship turned into a low orbit of one of the larger objects in the Bajoran Oort cloud.)

Smith: "Our signature should be obscured by the high magnetic metal content of these Oort objects sir."

Crawford: "Doesn't matter, they'll blast these little asteroids and swarm us."

K'larrg: "Any readings from the Roddenberry?"

Smith: "They're in orbit, their shields are down, looks like they're with friends."

K'larrg: "Looks like Zardoz got to where he wanted to be. Now we just have to stop him before he makes his move."

Crawford: "And how are we supposed to do that? Waltz in and ask nicely, then he'll say why K'larrg I've seen the light, lets go home and forget this ever happened., and all the while the Klingon ships will do a dance for us and light the way back to the anomaly with fireworks." (K'larrg didn't know whether to strike Crawford or laugh, but an alarm grabbed his attention.)

K'larrg: "Report!"

Smith: "Several Klingon vessels have broken away from the inner system and are heading this way at high warp, they'll be here in a matter of seconds."

Crawford: "We can lose them in the Badlands, it's a much better hiding place then these damned floating rocks."

K'larrg: "That's the first sensible thing you're said all day. Helm, get us to the Badlands, maximum warp!"
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Old 10-13-2011, 02:28 PM
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*During Crawford's Post-Federated Klingon Fleet ship-Explorer-Lead Ship*

Captain Klong:"Open a channel to the other Gorkon."

Commander G'rethor:"Channel open, sir."

*K'larrg Appears on the screen.*

Klong:"Gorkon, I Captain Klong, in the name of the Federated Klingon Worlds, I am asking you to power down, and be escorted to Starkiller Dry Dock."

K'larrg:"Somehow, I dount your "sincerity" Captain. I am Captain K'larrg, commander of the USS Gorkon. I have no wish to fire upon you, but this vessel will defend itself, if you wish to do battle."

Klong:"Battle?? Why? We only wish to talk Captain K'larrg."

Smith:"5 mins. to Badlands Boarder, sir"

K'larrg:"Increase speed Mr. Smith."

Klong:"You leave us with no choice, Commander, tirun on the inhibitor."

*With the tap of a pannel, the Gorkon is only left with emergency lighting and life support."

K'larrg:"In the name of Khaless!! REPORT!!"

Smith:"Sir, we are powerless, except for life support, and emergeny lighting."

K'larrg:"I should have known....(Opens channel) Bridge to engineering."

Jed (On Comm):"Jeggins here, I know what your going to ask sir. And, no we have't figured it out how they did it."

K'larrg:"Would your father know how to disbale us this way?"

Jed:"Yes, to be honest sir."

K'larrg:"Can you find a countermeasure, Commander? We cannot allow this ship to be taken by them."

*Starkiller Dry Dock-Same Time*

Zardoz:"Did it work?"

Young Jed Sr:"It did, sir."

*Older Jed Sr. Walks in*

Older Jed Sr:"Was I ever that young?"

Young Jed Sr:"In the name of all that's's true.....all of it."

Zardoz:"I am afraid it is Jed. We are here to get you, and the orignal Gorkon, home, instead of being trapped here for years."

Older Jed Sr:"Remember that transwarp experiement you tried, Jed?"

Young Jed Sr:"Sure, it was only a few weeks ago. It resulted in Admiral Zardoz's shuttle disappearing, probbaly forever."

Older Jed Sr:"Yes, and then you...I mean we abandoned it. But what if I told you that is your ticket home?"

Young Jed Sr:"Love to hear that one...Jed?"

Older Jed Sr:"Call me Jeggins...for now."
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Old 10-16-2011, 11:26 AM
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*Gorkon Engineering*

Jed Jr: "Of course he knew how to hit us, he designed most of the equipment in here."

Kusto: "Well we're sitting ducks now."

Jed Jr: "Captian, I have a way to get us either weapons and sheild or Impluse, warp is out. I can't do both so either we can shoot back and sit here or we can run."

K'largg: (Via Comm): "How long untill we can get all systems back up.?"

Jed Jr: "If I do nothing and focus on repairs and a cold restart 1 hour minimum."

K'largg: "And with the other options?"

Jed Jr: "If we fight and can't move we wont last long. If we run and can get away from them I could try get power back back up while we're running but it would take longer."

K'largg: "So either fight and die like warriors..."

Jed: (Cutting him off) "Or Play it smart and live to fight another day."

K'largg: "Lay and wait for a better chance?"

Jed: "Give me time to find out what they did to us so I can make sure they dont do it again. Then we'll be able to fight like true Warriors." Jed was hopping it would be enough to keep the captians warrior mentality at bay long enough for a fair fight if it came to that.

K'Largg: "Fighting in fight you know you will lose but gains you nothing isn't honorable."

Jed: "My thoughts exactly."

K'Largg: "OK We'll see what our visitors have to say then."

Jed: "Good I'll ready our impulse engines so we can follow them. Jed Out."

*Jed turns to his team.* "OK team we're not going to die to day. I want any records or scan from the time of the power loss, I want a report from each of your stations. I need to know what they did. Kusto, You and I are going to route power from life support and the back up batteries to get the ship moving again."

Kusto: "Using Lifesupport and battery power wouldn't have lasted long on the weapons and shields. Gutsy move telling the captian that."

Jed Jr: "Well it worked. Lets go."

*Jed and Kusto begin rerouting power*
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Old 10-16-2011, 12:52 PM
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*USS Gorkon-Bridge*

Smith:"Sir, power had been rerouted to Impulse systems."

K'larrg:"Full Impusle into the Badlands, Engsin."

*The ship lurches forward awkwardly.*

Smith:"But sir, our sheilds, and tatical, will be usueless."

K'larrg:"Then the odds will be even."

*The Gorkon Enters the Badlands, soon followed by the Explorer*

*FKS Explorer-Bridge*

Klong:"How did they get Impulse???"

K'nara:"They rerouted life support...."

Klong:"How is that even possible? Quick, follow them!!!"

*The Explorer surges forward at full impulse*

K'nara:"Sir, we have lost sheilds and tataical!"

Klong:"Of course...they want us to follow them..."
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Old 10-20-2011, 06:00 AM
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*Starkiller Dry Dock a few minutes after Zardoz Post."

Jed Sr: "They went into the badlands?"

Zardoz: "Im not surprised."

Alt Jed: "Sorry this is all just really strange to me."

Jed Sr: "Yea I remember feeling that way."

*They begin walking toward a turbo lift*

Jed Sr: "We have a plan to correct all that has occured here and some bad things that will occur."

Alt Jed: "Like what?"

Zardoz: "We can't say if we fail in our plans we dont want to corrupt the time line any more than we already have."

*Gorkon Engineering*

Jed Jr: "Keep trying to our system online. I have a feeling that we still might have a fight on our hands."

Kusto: "It would seem that way."

Ensign: "Sir I've been thinking about the plasma storms in the Badlands. If we can emit some of our own plamsa we could effectivally cloak ourselves."

Jed Jr: "That could be dangerous but it could keep us safe for a short while, Ensign get some data and run a simulation I need proof we wont burn out selves up with that trick before I present to the Captain."
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Old 10-25-2011, 09:10 AM
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*Gorkon Ready Room-Some Moments after Jed's Post-Jed and K'larrg are talking.*

Jed Jr:"It's risky, but could help hide us further."

K'larrg:"So Commander, allow me to get this strieght, you want to vent drive plasma into a severe pre existing plasma storm on the bsis it "might" work?"

Jed Jr:"Sir, it's only a matter of time before they find us. No tatical, no sheilds, we would be targets."

K'larrg:"But what you fail to relaize is now the odds are even Commander. They are as vunerable as we are. If I was their Commander, I would back off knowing we will not be moving, and coem back with more ships."

Jed Jr:"Hmmm yes, if these were Klingons of our universe sir, then you'd be 100% right. But these are more like humans, if what my father told me is true."

K'larrg:"So you belive they will stay, and continue the search?"

Jed Jr:"I would sir."

K'larrg:"I see. Prepare you idea Commander, but let us keep it as a last resort...for now. Ship's status otherwise?"

Jed Jr:"Even with all these upgrades, the plasma storms are playing havoc with our EPS systems, and SIF systems, sir."

K'larrg:"How long can we stay in here Commander?"

Jed Jr:"Unless we can enter orbit of a planet in, or out, of the badlands, I'd say about 2 hours, sir."

K'larrg:"Commdore Zardoz would know that...and use it. (Opens Comm Channel)Captain to tatical."

Smith(On Comm):"Yes sir."

K'larrg:"Pull up the maps of the Badlands, are there any class M planets near our postion?"

Smith:"If this universe is the same, then there is Unix 3321, about 40 mins from our present postion at full impulse, sir."

K'larrg:"Wasn't Unix 3321 a Marquis stronghold at one time?"

Jed Jr:"According to my father, the Maquis never existed here. Should be uninhabited, if it's there sir."

K'larrg:"Can you get us there with computer driven map control?"

Smith:"Engsin Jones says he can do it, sir. No problem."

K'larrg:"Then execute at once, Captain out."

Jed Jr:"How do you know sir, they won't be waiting there?"

K'larrg:"I don't Commander, but we have very little choice at the present."

*Starkiller Drydock*

Alt Jed:"The KFS Ship Exporer reports they have lost the Gorkon for now, but it's due to the loss of tatical and sheilds in the Badlands sir."

Zardoz:"Not to worry, they have baout 2 hours beforev they have to leave, K'larrg should know that. We'll be waiting."

Alt Jed:"To destory them, Sir?"

Zardoz:"No...we'll take their ship. It will make the transwarp bubble much more stable, and restore both these realites."

Jed Sr:"Having that ship would make it easier."

Zardoz:"Where did we find that replacemenmt saucer section for our Gorkon when we were here?"

Jed Sr:"Cardassian sector, it came off the destoryed ISS Nixon."

Zardoz:"Oh yes!! Now I remember! Can you and Jed take the Roddenberry and bring it back?"

Alt Jed:"There's a REPLACEMENT saucer section for our ship???!!!! WOW...sirs....!!"

Jed Sr:"Yep, and it'll be alot easier this time with the Roddenberry to help tow it."

Zardoz:"Good, go and bring it back. I think having two Gorkons might be useful."
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Old 10-27-2011, 01:10 PM
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(Gorkon Ready Room - K'larrg is stood at the window with his arms folded behind his back, bright sporadic flashes illuminate the room every so often followed by a slight rumble as a shockwave travels through the ship. We can't stay here too long he mused. Walking to his desk he opens a channel to engineering.)

K'larrg: "Progress Mr Jeggins?"

Jed Jr: "We're almost there sir, I have to warn you though, it'll blow out some systems if the storm sends the plasma back at us."

K'larrg: "Indeed, a risk it is. That plasma will also be a danger to them as well, there is potential here to use it defensively and offensively. Can you plot the currents in the storm?"

Jed Jr: "Well, we can try sir but they're very unpredictable, perhaps for a few dozen kilometres, then there are too many variables to consider."

K'larrg: "There's a Klingon saying... every edge of a knife you sharpen is an edge given to a warrior in battle."

Jed Jr: "Ha, we have a similar saying Sir."

K'larrg: "Then its meaning is not lost on you Commander. Give us that edge. K'larrg out." (As he closed the channel the ship rocked again, more violently than before, the flash that lit up the area around him wasn't the familiar orange either. With a frown he returned to the bridge.) "Report!"

Smith: "Sir, they're dropping gravitic mines, I think randomly, but that shock we just felt was caused by an explosion 25 kilometres to port."

K'larrg: "How many mines are we talking about here?"

Smith: "It's impossible to be sure, we can only detect them once we're right on top of them, a ship like that could carry dozens, maybe even a hundred."

K'larrg: "Keep your eyes sharp helm, don't get too close." (The young crewman at the helm gave a nervous nod and stared diligently at the proximity sensors.)

Smith: "Sir, I have an idea."

K'larrg: "You have my attention."

Smith: "If we remote fly a shuttle ahead of us a few kilometres then we can better map the space in front of the ship and see any mine with enough time to change heading. If it got destroyed it wouldn't give them an accurate fix on us as we'd be way behind."

K'larrg: "Ha, you have the tactical mind of a seasoned High Council Member. Make it happen." (Smith nodded and moved to a console at the rear of the bridge to relay the necessary orders. At the same time Crawford stepped back onto the bridge, limping across to the chair to K'larrgs left.) "Are you injured doctor?"

Crawford: "Not really, just a damned dead leg from the rocking this ship has been doing, can't you keep things steady? I've got nurses with laser scalpels trying to patch people up, last thing we need is more knocks."

K'larrg: "That was your idea Doctor, perhaps a knock to your thin skull made you forget that. As for these knocks, if we hit one of these gravitic mines you'll be feeling much larger ones I can assure you."

Crawford: "Mines! This just keeps getting better and better. The tour for the Admiralty is starting to sound a lot better."

K'larrg: "Make sure you remember saying that as I'm going to make sure it's you giving most of it!" (Crawford fell silent and stared at the maelstrom on the viewscreen. K'larrg grew irritated and frowned, clenching his fist till he heard his bones crack.) "Is there a purpose to you entering my bridge? Or are you just here to watch me?"

Crawford: "What? Oh yes." (Lowering his voice) "I'm not sure where it's coming from sir, but there's a metagenic field in this version of the badlands that's affecting the crew, there aren't any symptoms yet, but in a few hours people will start to fall ill, it attacks the cellular structure, we can expect hemorrhaging of the capillaries in our eyes, skin, internal bleeding, then our organs will start to fail, then we'll..."

K'larrg: "I get the picture. We have to leave long before then anyway, that same field is attacking the ships systems, we're already seeing failures in certain sub-systems and random errors in the computer. If that ship out there wasn't enough our own ship is going to fail us before long."

Crawford: "Or our bodies."

K'larrg: "If it came to that I'd much rather face them head on and leave this pit of Gre'thor."

Crawford: "So we can all die a stereotypical warriors death."

K'larrg: "Your attitude offends me doctor, I see it as a chance to live. And live I intend to do, we still have our mission."

Crawford: "Correction. We still have your mission."

K'larrg: "Do not test me Doctor, I am willing to ignore your attitude on the basis that your brain may be starting to bleed. Do not make me cause external hemorrhaging to your scruffy frame." (Before Crawford could respond Smith cut in.)

Smith: "Shuttle is away sir, I have remote control of it from here. I'm positioning it exactly 10 kilometres off our bow."

K'larrg: "Excellent. Do we have telemetry yet?"

Smith: "Just a second... yes, between us and the shuttle we can now map a fair area ahead and to both sides. Our sensors must be damaged sir as the shuttle has much better range then we do."

K'larrg: "That is likely to be the system faults, no doubt they will affect the shuttle in time."

Crawford: "Good thing we have a few spare."

K'larrg: "If the remote system goes down we can send you out there, I hear you've had some pilot training."

Crawford: "In space, not tomato soup."

K'larrg: "I'm sure you're a quick learner Doctor."

Smith: "Sir, I've noticed something interesting."

K'larrg: "What is it?"

Smith: "It's the mines sir, from their position, rotation and relative motion we can tell roughly where the Klingon ship was, how fast it was moving and when it was that it launched each mine."

K'larrg: "Good work Smith, you'll rise the ranks quicker then an ambitious Klingon who knifes with commanding officers in the back."

Smith: "Indeed sir, we should be able to track them..."

K'larrg: "I'm sensing a but Lieutenant?"

Smith: "Well sir, the mines, there's three sets of them ahead, from their position they were laid 7, 9 and 12 minutes ago respectively."

K'larrg: "Your point?"

Smith: "Well, one of them is a trail we've been avoiding for the last 10 minutes, another comes a bearing of 115 mark 12 and the other comes from 034 mark 176."

K'larrg: "Again, your point Lieutenant?"

Smith: "These mines can't have all be laid by the same ship. Sir, there's more than one enemy laying mines here."
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Old 10-28-2011, 11:04 AM
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*During Roysten's Post-Gorkon Bridge*

Kl'arrg:"More than one ship? Mr Jeggins, could there be a cloaked vessel?"

Jed Jr:"Possible sir, but not likely. Cloaking device was never invented here, or so my father used to say."

Smith:"I have Unix 3321 in our range, sir."

K'larrg:"Well done again Lt. You are aquitting yourself well as an offcier."

Crawford:"Flattery now Captain?"

K'larrg:"Doctor, is there a MEDICAL reason you are on my bridge?"

Crawford:"Since it seems you are bent staying here, my presence could be quite needed, sir."

*K'larrg Glares*

Jed Jr:"Sir, I think we can get into orbit around Unix 3321."

K'larrg:"Mr Jones, you heard the engineer."

Jones:"Trying to establish standard orbit of Unix 3321...orbit achived."

K'larrg:"Any life signs?"

Smith:"Inconclusive sir. The plasma storms are making readings unreliable at best."

K'larrg(Standing):"Then I shall lead an away team, Smith, Jeggins, Jones, you are with me."

Crawford:"Excuse me Captain, but isn't Starfleet regulations very clear on the Captain leading an away team?"

K'larrg:"Since we lack a First Officer, there is no choice. Or, is this an feeble attempt to get on teh away team?"

Crawford:"Someone is going to have to stuch you back togeter sir."

*K'larrg Laughs*

K'larrg:"Come along Doctor, you are on the away team."

*Cardassin Sector-USS Rodenberry-Bridge*

Cadet Smithers:"Commdore, we have a powerless Galaxy Class ship dead ahead."

Jed Sr:"That would be the Nixon."

Zardoz:"Get an away team ready Jed, we need to power up that ship long enough to get that saucer section."
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*Nixon Engineering Minutes after Zardoz's post, away team materializes wearing Vac Suits.*

Jed Sr: "Okay team, we need to get enough power back for life support and to detach the saucer, don't worry about trying to get main power online... We wont be able to."

Lt. Tyndall: "You seem awfully sure of that."

Jed Sr: "Yes I've tried it before."

Lt. Tyndall: "Of course sir. Sorry."

Jed Sr: *Walking to a main console* "If I remember the main power reserves are still functional. Just not the warp core."

*Jed Sir opens a console and makes a few adjustments dim lights turn on a slight hum is heard, computer console beep and slowly light up.*

Lt. Tyndall: "Well back up power is restore life support is coming back up. That will make our job easier."

Jed Jr. "Everyone give me status reports on the Saucer section and the clamps."

Lt. Tyndall: "Sir it seems the saucer's impluse engines are intact. As are the clamps."

*Jed nods looking at the console the read showing life support was stable. Jed removes the helmet and runs his finger through his hair.*

Jed Sr.: "Good lets go to the bridge and begin the separation proceedure."

*Komack Engineering*

Jed Jr: "Sir your going down to the planet?"

K'larrg: "Yes."

Jed Jr: "Aye Sir, I'll keep running simulations on the plasma trying and try to get us a prediction on the interaction."

K'larrg: "Keep me posted."

Jed Jr: "Aye Sir. Be safe."

K'larrg "Engergize"

*K'largg, Crawford and the team fade from the transport pad. Jed Jr Sighs Never a dull moment he thought as he left the transporter room.
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