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Old 05-22-2008, 06:34 PM
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Default Development of Starfleet Command 4 announced by

We at are now in beginning stages of developing Star Trek : Starfleet Command 4.

by FVA_Braxton_XC

I will just open by saying this is probably the post many have been waiting for a long time to see.

I'm proud to officially announce the launching of the Starfleet Command 4 project. The staff has been working hard setting up the resources, drawing up the paperwork, getting the development machine ready.

The next step is getting the word out to the whole community. To get the project off the drawing board and into production, we need people: programmers, modelers, artists, campaign designers. One thing I know not many have thought about, but we also need people with skills in sound design and composition; they would be a huge asset.

If you would like to help out with this project, please fill out the form below and submit it to me at All information is required. Your name and address will be kept confidential and are only required to send the required paperwork.

The current plans on the table have the project being written in either C++ or C#, so programmers who would like to join the team must be fluent with the C/C++ language.


Job (IE: Programmer):
Skills (IE: C++/SQL):

Contact Email:
MSN Messenger (If applicable):

Please include a piece of sample of your work as an attachment.

Applications will be accepted indefinitely, but to get in on the initial development stages, please have your application submitted by May 31st.
by FA_Frey_XC

Please note that anyone doing any work will be required to sign:

1.) An NDA
2.) A non-compete agreement

and will release any intellectual property rights to their code, artwork, or anything else contributed to the Dynaverse Gaming Association.

This is standard stuff if your a dev in a company, which the DGA is.

and before anyone goes ballistic or gets crazy - this will be released without a single CHARGE. Once it's done, we'll be releasing it to the community for no cost.

Now, if you get so happy you want to make a donation to help out, by all means, you should know where the link is but I'm not going to post it here because that's not what this is about.
Hope that this is good news for you all. We will attempt to give you the best Star Trek Realtime Tactical Strategy Simulator that current technology can provide. The game will be a Stand Alone game based off the Starfleet Command II : Empires at War / Orion Pirates game engine (heavily modified and modernized) with lots of Micromanagement if you like that, or you can use the adapted Starfleet Command 3 interface for the Basic controls.

Dynaverse Gamers Association
Taldren Software, Inc. (Formerly)
Star Trek : Starfleet Command 4 Project QA Coordinator
Starfleet Command Series Technical Support Specialist
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