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Old 04-23-2008, 02:14 AM
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Default Star Trek XI: Original Motion Picture Score by Michal Giaccino

Musical score is something that, for me, has been at the heart of Star Trek since I've been a fan, and in some cases it has defined my fascination or lack thereof with the films (the only serious critique I've ever given a Trek film was related directly to the theme of Star Trek IV, which IMO royally SUCKED).
Altogether, the only themes which I recognize as truly representative of Star Trek are the ones written by Jerry Goldsmith for Star Trek: TMP, TNG, Trek V, First Contact, Insurrection, Voyager, and Nemesis. Second in my opinion is James Horner's themes for Trek II and Trek III. But this topic is not about personal favorites, although I'd be interested in knowing yours, as well.

This topic was started to see what you think the score for Star Trek XI could, would, and should be like. In the case of this film, we have a new composer; Michael Giaccino, who thus far has revealed very little of what the score for this new film will be like. In any case, what do you think this new composer's score be like? The options are:

1--An orchestrated version of Alexander Courage's TOS theme
2--A re-orchestration of the theme music from an earlier Star Trek film (ala John Ottman's re-use of the classic John Williams theme for Superman Returns)
3--A totally new theme, completely unrelated to any other, with or without Alexander Courage's fanfare
4--A new theme with subtle hints and motifs from other Star Trek scores
5--Not even really a classical score, but almost a mixed genre score (ala Hans Zimmer's more urban-themed percussionist score for' Batman Begins')
6--Something entirely new and unrelated to the options listed (the random option)
7--A combination of certain options as listed above (the mixer)
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