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Old 02-14-2008, 04:29 AM
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Post Hypothetical 'Xindi Mission' game - what if.. ( nerdy)

WARNING - this post is for the most hardcore Enterprise fans, and in fact the most rabid Star Trek fans in general. So please don't flame me or others who choose to play this game. Also, people who are not as 'hardcore' can play as well, all are welcome as long as you don't flame someone for being so nerdy to know the detail needed to play this word game!! END OF WARNING

We all know of the Xindi mission, where they entered the delphic expanse, and finally saved earth.

Now the game...

What if the same exact mission was needed to be carried out - BUT -

Instead of the NX-01 Enterprise, the N.C.C. 1701-E Enterprise was sent in in it's place.

I don't know how this could happen, time travel, whatever.

But for the sake of this game, imagine Picard and crew had NO KNOWLEDGE of what to expect, just like Archer's ship and crew. They were going in blind and alone.

Now, knowing what you know of the Xindi Arc, how would things have played out differently?

For example, the Enterprise-E was and is VASTLY superior in every way compared to the NX class starship. Speed, Defense, Weapons, Transporters, Shuttlecraft, Sensons, etc all of it is a wild leap from the NX line.

I will start off the little game with my 'what if' thoughts

I would suspect Enterprise E would be shielded from, or could quickly adapt to the nature of the expanse, so those damaging 'anomalies' from the Spheres would not harm them like they did the NX class.

Also, with the Sovereign class Enterprise, with it's advanced sensors, would have pinpointed much faster than the NX class could where the Xindi were, they could have scanned all of the spheres instead of the smaller number the NX class could, etc.

All encounters with the Xindi would be heavily favored toward the Sovereign class Enterprise.

I would be they could have went right in and destroyed 'the weapon' without having to use the stealth Archer did, and if the weapon got away they could have followed it and caught up without the help of Degra's ship, etc.

I hope you like this idea, I know it got my mind going, filling in Picard's ship in each episode instead of the NX Enterprise.
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Old 04-12-2008, 04:46 AM
SciFiJunky SciFiJunky is offline
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WOW!! talk about hypothetical. Technically that could have happend, Daniels could have sent the E back in time to stop the threat to the timeline. But that wouldnt have made for a very good and very long season.

The whole fact that the E has shields shoots this whole Idea out of wack. Not to mention longer and bettter use of transporters.

Then again you can say that about any episode or Movie or any show at all for that matter. U can usually say, WHY DIDNT THEY JUST DO THAT??? But again, its a movie, show, and it would make it short and boring.
" To Bodlygo were no man has gone before."

I,m still trying to figure out why they never went to Bodlygo. does anyone remember that episode???
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Old 04-12-2008, 09:20 PM
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Based on everything we saw during Season 3, there wasn't a single vessel in the Delphic expanse that could've stood up to the Enterprise-A, let alone the E. And given the much more advanced scientific knowledge of the crew on the Enterprise-E, the nature and function of the Spheres would've been deduced very quickly; and they probably would've destroyed or disabled them rather quickly. It's also quite likely the Enterprise-E would've had a lot less trouble convincing the Xindi to call off their attack, considering all the data they must have in their computers. Also, it's quite possible that there could even be Xindi crewmen aboard the E that could help in convincing their ancestors.
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Old 04-18-2008, 12:05 AM
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Hypothetically Daniels could have sent the E back in time to stop the threat to the timeline but the "Makers" could have sent back a similar defence ship from the future or forged a partnership with the founders?.

Imagine, NX01, 1701-E & J against the Makers & the Jem Hadar?
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