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Old 09-19-2013, 11:18 AM
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Originally Posted by horatio View Post
Thanks to Roddenberry?s self-aggrandizing view of ?evolved humanity,? we got stale and stiff characters with a ?higher sensibility.?

I guess the guy missed the stories in which Picard fought with his brother, Riker fought with his father or Geordi failed at dating.

I think it is important to emphasize ad infinitum to Next Gen fans like myself that the new movies are a return to TOS and that TOS differs in some ways from the other series. But I also think it is important to question some cliches about Trek which overemphasize the actual differences among the series. Picard isn't a stiff intellectual captain who never gets laid and Kirk isn't an action-hero captain who only thinks about getting laid. Actually they both have brains and balls and frequently use them.
If there was one thing that I loved about the Trek TOS movies vs. the TNG movies was how TOS handled interpersonal relationships and situations.

I thought the first three, and the sixth TOS films were exemplary in that regard. I thought the Kirk, Spock, McCoy trinity were really held up quite well.

There's just some nice personal touches about scenes like:
-Kirk and Scotty in the travel pod
-Kirk breaking the news to Decker in engineering
-McCoy, Decker, and Kirk in Kirk's quarters.
-Kirk, Spock, and McCoy in the officers' lounge.

-Kirk and Spock outside the KM simulator
-Kirk and McCoy at Kirk's condominium on Earth
-Kirk and Spock discussing the situation in Spock's quarters
-Kirk and McCoy (extended scene) after the death of Peter Preston
in sick bay.
-Kirk and Carol in the Regula moon. That was probably the BEST interpersonal scene in all of the first ten Trek films. The dialogue, the meaning, everything.

-The crew gathered in Kirk's condominium on Earth, mourning Spock.
-Kirk's meeting with Morrow to get the Enterprise back
-McCoy talking to a comatose Spock on the Bird of Prey

-Kirk confronting Spock at the command conference
-Kirk's personal log about David
-Kirk and McCoy talking about the future in their prison berths
-Kirk talking with Spock in Spock's quarters just before arriving at

The Next Gen movies tried to get a sort of interpersonal feel between some of the characters, but it always felt, no matter how personal they tried to get, so distant and formal. In the TNG movies, the best interpersonal scenes came when an individual crew member (usually Picard) is speaking with someone who is not a member of the crew.

-Even though the dialogue seemed rather stilted, Kirk, Scotty, and Chekov still seemed to present a sense of familiarity that you knew these guys were friends for years.
-Worf's promotion on the holodeck sea-faring HMS Enterprise. There were still just elements that felt too distant. Picard's confiding in Riker about life at sea was about the nicest touch in the scene, as was Data learning to "get in the spirit of things", at Dr. Crusher's (and Worf's) expense.
-Troi talking with Picard about the deaths of Robert and Rene. While nicely intended, and played out, it still felt too much like a ship's counselor talking to the captain, rather than Deanna talking to Jean-Luc.
-Data and Picard in stellar cartography.
-Picard trying to convince Kirk to help him fight Soran. Beautifully played by both actors.

-Nice little scene with Cochrane and Lily just before the Borg attack on the Phoenix camp.
-Picard's talks, alone with Lily.

-Pretty much any time that Picard spoke with Anij. Some very nice personal interplay there.

NEM- -Picard talking with Shinzon at dinner in the Romulan Senate. Tom Hardy, in my opinion, really brought out the personality in the scene...understated, making it feel less formal.
-Data and Picard in astrometrics.
-Picard and B-4 in quarters set aside for B-4.

Just my personal observations. There are far more that I could list for TOS movies, but I don't wanna bore anyone with long lists. (too late? )

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