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Old 05-17-2013, 06:32 PM
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Default What do the Star Trek Into Darkness Klingons look like?

I wanted to post this a while ago, but my internet explorer wasn't quite working with this site. So google chroming it right now.

So I’m gonna go ahead and post this response to an article. It is a slight spoiler yes (in case you are so anti-spoilerific, you don’t even want to know what the Klingons look like in the upcoming movie).

First some notable observations. And I’ll deal with the obvious expected complaints from people who think they’re Trekkies.

Firstly, yes. He’s bald. Do we know of any other bald Klingons? taH pagh taHbe’ Uh, yes, so let’s lay that debate to rest.

The author of the article ran the picture by their “alledged” Klingon expert. What did this “expert” have to say?

Ahhh! It looks…different? What’s with the lips? And what’s with the earrings? I have never seen a Klingon with earrings. A bandolier, yes, but an earring, no. It looks a little more like the Klingons from ‘Star Trek: The Motion Picture’ than the Klingons we’ve come to know from ‘The Next Generation’ or ‘Deep Space Nine.’ Klingon Empire insignia is legit though.”
Let’s review some things here. “What’s with the lips?” Oh, boy. My first reaction was, “Did he just say that?” Looking at the obvious racial background of the actor playing this Klingon… yeah I’m gonna just go ahead and say that comment might be worthy of Tosh.0’s “Is it racist” segment.

Next: “And what’s with the earrings? I have never seen a Klingon with earrings. A bandolier, yes, but an earring, no.” Yeah, that long hair often gets in the way. Tell me, Mr. Expert, how many Klingon ears have you actually seen?

And the most obvious: the Klingon forehead. Oh, sweet Mary mother of God. First, I’ll post a couple of the comments:

Being a true trekkie (aka sad pathetic bastard) at this point in the star trek time line Klingons were human looking with no make up as shown in TOS The Trouble With Tribbles...I was really annoyed that I wasn't going to find out what actually happened to make them look that way...
It does blend the old and new Klingon. That, presumably, was the point. But for the Trekkie fans the design doesn't fit the timeline... unless there is time travel in this film.
*sigh* /smh

Look… I understand… that “Star Trek Enterprise” is deemed a lackluster by even a lot of fans. But it’s there. It’s canon. And guess what, there’s an explanation to all of this. I shouldn’t have to recap. You are Trekkies. Look it up. I’ll help you out. Just watch (or rewatch) the episodes “Affliction” and “Divergence”.

So yes, now, we all know about the plague. The debate of course is whether the affect was total or not. I was under the impression that while it certainly affected a lot of Klingons, it did not hit all.

Now even if you don’t accept Enterprise as canon, we still have Kahless. And yes, he looks very Klingon by the standards of the movies and later tv shows.

Here’s the article:
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