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Old 11-23-2012, 12:15 PM
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This thread just gave me an idea that doesn’t neatly fit Trek canon exactly, where Starfleet is human-centric as before but the advanced humans are descendants of survivors of a disaster or war that knocked Earth’s civilization back to the Stone Age millennia ago with the exception of those in space at the time, most of whom, aside from a few researchers here and there, were involved in the asteroid-mining industry or space tourism. They were greatly saddened by the situation on Earth but couldn’t really help much and decided not to openly interact.

They survived in space and in remote areas of the Earth, and their population and infrastructure grew. Contact with the Vulcans resulted in friendly relations and technological assistance, and they made protecting Earth their primary mission while letting its society naturally progress, learning its lessons the hard way, thinking that someday the new society would be ready for contact. The Vulcans deemed that a logical approach and offered their assistance.

All members of that space-based human society are members of Starfleet, and they do spend time on 21st-century Earth but strictly obey the Prime Directive, which in this scenario treats Earth’s population as a prewarp culture. Earth, as a special case, is officially a Federation World, a founding member, even though the Federation only deals with Starfleet, while the planet remains off-limits to off-worlders.

So the idea is that this could lead to a different kind of Trek series, where Starfleet looks pretty much like 24th-century Trek of TNG, DS9, and VOY, but it’s our 21st-century with some stories based on happenings in space but much of it involving close plain-clothes observation by Starfleet personnel of events on Earth, which would presumably be less expensive to produce for weekly episodic TV than previous Trek series.

Maybe it’s not a good idea, just something worked out so far only in the course of typing these few paragraphs. Maybe someone has suggested something like it before (maybe numerous times). I wouldn’t know. I guess it would be classified as a reboot but one in which the look and feel of Trek wouldn’t have to change much, although canon would be pretty much a blank slate, allowing the writers to reinstate some previous canon at their discretion while building new canon (with the planet Vulcan still long thriving and prosperous, not destroyed by Tabasco Sauce).
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