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Old 10-23-2012, 01:39 AM
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Default STID: Time to stir the pot.

Ok, time to start stirring the pot, seeing as JJ is intent on giving us nothing, nothing that wasn't already leaked, like Spock in a ‘volcano suit’ was known before the 3 frame insult on that Conan show. Just for the heck of it, I'm saying he’s rescuing a horta. Anyways, may as well get our own rumour mill going. Though with so little to go on, its just speculation but what the heck. By the time a trailer gets out we could have all chipped in and written our own movie.
Since there is really endless possibilities as to the way things could go, I'm skipping the crew for the time being and focusing on the guest stars. As we have no names for characters (Spock Prime excepted) I’ll be using actors names.

Peter Weller. Very interesting casting choice. He’s already been is Star Trek lore on Enterprise, the Terra Prime leader. Now, he’s too big a name in the genre I think to have a bit part, and Paxton is too recent and recognisable to have him playing someone else. Like Nimoy doing a cameo as a random guest alien for the sake of it. I think Weller’s character will be a direct link to his previous one, maybe one of the progeny of Paxton from Enterprise, or maybe a carbon- copy clone, (genetically enhanced of course if you want to do the Khan thing), described as a CEO, he could bear a resemblance to Paxton. Weller then could be of the same xenophobic disposition which could hint at the direction and the darkness we are stepping into………

Spock Prime. SpockP did his thing and passed the torch in ST. There is no need for him to be here unless it’s a key role or point in the move. Taking my lead from this guy, I think we’re going for emotional impact here. SpockP will be killed not die or sacrifice himself heroically (properly, and for good)in this movie. If Weller is a xenophobic offspring of Paxton, SpockP would be a prime target (pun intended). Consider the chaos he caused in the first movie, the threat he indirectly I suppose brought to Earth, and possibly the refugee problems of Vulcans. The black and grey uniforms (whats with all the different uniforms) are very sombre looking, and could be for a funeral scene methinks……

Blondie Alice Eve. Nurse Chapel I think. Or a 50/50 split for Rand. She may have an impact in the movie, or more of a supporting role. If the Gary Mitchel thing isn’t happening, (according the comic series he’s supposed to be dead already) and I think Orci dismissed that.

Cumberbatch (CB). Yes he Khan. No he Khan't. He is, he isn’t. He’s not, but he is a canon character, but not Khan. I’ve a few out-there ideas.
I think CB is linked to Weller’s character. Maybe even a henchman. If Weller is the xenophobic variety he could be into breeding a genetically engineered super human race to defend Earth against what he sees as threats, ie Klingons. He could be doing this openly or covertly. A twist on this could be that CBs character isn’t Khan Noonien Singh (Prime, if you will), but takes that namesake as he now epitomises everything that KNSP stood for. Or perhaps Weller went searching for the lost ‘supermen’ and that could be the Trek Into Darkness area. Or CB could be playing one of those supermen that were mentioned but never seen, or is he Joachim to Wellers (incognito/epitomisation of) Khan, which would also make it canon, but, just enough of a twist on the Khan thing. Of course the augments of Enterprise could turn up. At any rate CB appears human, but from the fight released/leaked, Spock is his ‘whipping boy’ and CB is kicking his ***, more than a match as he removes the neck pinch….
Now the problem is he’s in Federeation uniform, like Kirk in the first movie wearing the black undershirt thing for a lot of it. So is he a good guy gone bad, like Mitchel, which isn’t supposed to be happening, or a ‘moustache twirling’ villain incognito. I think he could be this movies Bane, and Wellers character the Miranda Tate.
If he is Federation, is he the captain of another ship, that something dreadful happened to and he's out for revenge like Commodore Decker?

Unnamed plot device. Please say its not time travel. Done and done and done. A doomsday machine, done in the last one, done in TWOK, Nemesis, to an extent in others also, TVH. God, FF. Tribbles now we’re grasping at straws. The Klingons are meant to be key to the story. But what do Klingons do. Fight and blow sh*t up. Is this a straight out war movie? Is this whats going on in the Laurentian system. Is CB Colonel Kurtz, and Weller the Industrial Military Complex? The fact that CB seems to have superhuman strength, still makes me think though…….

JJ, teaser trailer please

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You may find that having is not so pleasing a thing as wanting. This is not logical, but it is often true." Spock (Amok Time)

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