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Old 09-05-2012, 08:19 PM
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Default Starship Troopers: Invasion on Blu-Ray


This movie was a hell of a lot more enjoyable than the two direct to video sequels (and I really cringe to call them that) to the original Starship Troopers film. This felt like a direct sequel, taking place obviously several years after the events of the first movie.
This is a largely Asian/Japanese production, with Casper Van Dien (Johnny Rico from the first and third movies) executive producing. A pretty compelling story is told here of a soldier who had fallen from grace for reasons not explained til later. The story also reunites first film heroes General Johnny Rico, Captain Carmen Ibanez, and Colonel Carl Jenkins....but Jenkins is not quite the same as we knew him from the first film. Let's just say a pragmatic moment he has in the first movie foreshadows what he becomes for this CG movie.
Some of the voice acting falls a little shy, but overall, the voice cast did a fine job of capturing their characters. None of the original cast were gotten to reprise their roles for this movie.
The CG in this movie, I loved the hell out of it. Some of the set pieces were extraordinary, with main engineering of the John A. Warden being probably my favorite CG set, especially when lit up. The ships looked really good too. I wouldn't say that the characters looked as good as the characters in Final Fantasy: The Spirts Within, but they do look good enough to not take away from the story.
They even touch on the power armor that was such a heavy factor in the original novel of Starship Troopers. A nice touch. And the armor that the troopers wear is very reminiscent of the Halo video game series.
The music, by Tetsuya Takahashi, set a good tone for the film, and my heart leapt when I heard his adaptation of "Klendaathu Drop" by the late, great Basil Poleduris, who did the score for the original film. I really miss Mr. Poleduris' work.
This movie is much better than the live action sequels, (it has a few semi-goofy moments, but overall is much darker even than the first film....and certainly darker than the mounds of crap that followed) and better than the CG animated series of movies that was briefly available on DVD, and I actually enjoyed those CG movies. Yes, it's largely space-fantasy, so expect a lot of stuff to call B.S. on, but it adds to the charm of the film.
This is an R-rated movie also, so it's not for the kids. Graphic violence, strong language, and some nudity are present here. But, this is probably the best Starship Troopers experience one will ever get. And if you can get it on Blu-Ray, do it! The picture quality is stunning.

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