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Old 07-25-2012, 07:02 PM
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Default Penalties for the Joe Paterno scandal

Well, for one who does not follow sports very much, sometimes things happen that are like watching a train wreck...for some reason, ya' just can't look away.

Metta World Peace's elbowing of an opposing player in basketball, and then acting like nothing happened...that was one thing...hence, my signature.

This whole thing with the Penn State Scandal over Joe Paterno and his

So, with this report that was handed down, and having been accepted as complete and true, Penn State's football program now suffers penalties that are almost nuclear in their fallout.

-111+ wins to be vacated from 1998 to 2011.
-$60M fine to be paid over 5 years which is to be earmarked for sex-abuse prevention and victim programs.
- Four year ban on post-season play. IOW, no championship chances.
- A cut in the number of scholarships that can be handed out. Only 15 allowed, as opposed to the standard 25 that most other schools enjoy.
-Penn State's cut of the conference's estimated shared bowl revenue – about $13 million over four years – will be donated to “established charitable organizations in Big Ten communities dedicated to the protection of children.” (Directly quoted from

Students at Penn State (at least those who are slavish to sports programs) reacted with shock at the bombshell of sanctions dropped on their school's athletic program. It's basically a short term death penalty for the football program. Short-term because it's only four years, but it will likely take considerable time for the program to recover from that, so the effects will likely be long-lasting.

Folks who are more detached from the following of such cults view the sanctions as anywhere from "perfectly levied" to "not stringent enough", thinking of the real victims of the scandal (not the students that were affected by the sanctions, but the children that suffered during this prolonged period of deviant enabling.)

The only real upsides for athletic students at Penn State are that they are free to transfer to other universities and colleges if they wish to continue their sports activities. Other students who wish to continue their educational endeavors (the ummm...purpose...of an institution of higher learning) are free to remain and continue, sans sports activity.

I can understand both sides of the coin on this:

On the one hand, the students feel as if THEY are the ones being punished for the illicit and criminal activities of several individuals in the campus faculty. Those who played their hearts out to secure victories for their team over the course of 14 years (obviously quite a list of alumni over that time, including current students), now feel as if everything has just been yanked out from under them, arbitrarily. One student said something to the effect of: "So those victories weren't real, huh? This steel plate I got in my head as a result of playing in one of those won games says otherwise." I'm sure that fans feel just as passionately as the students who ACTUALLY play(ed) the games.

On the other hand, I can empathize with those who feel that the penalties incurred on Penn State are necessary beyond doubt...sending (hopefully) a clear message to sex offenders, and to other campuses that might engage in such cover up activities to preserve their name and "honor".

I'm kinda ambivalent myself. I've seen plenty of music and arts programs go by the wayside to jocktivities, because, supposedly, THAT's where da' money at. So seeing this, well...all I can say is "good luck to your sports future. Maybe you can try investing in aspiring musicians so we can start getting some good stuff on the radio HEY, THERE's a noble cause."

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