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Old 07-11-2012, 01:06 PM
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Default Amazing Spiderman Reactions-Spoilers ahead

I'm surprised a thread for this doesn't already exist. Did no one go see it? I know more than a few people that went meah at the prospect of paying money to see Spiderman's origin story told again on the big screen. I' ve been a Spidey fan since I was a kid, so I had to go see.

The Good:
  • The chemistry between Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone
  • The new Spidey costume: cool new look and web shooters
  • Fight scenes between Spiderman and Lizard
  • Cool new Spidey visuals doing anything really
  • Background on Peter's parents (okay, this is really just creative license with no basis for it in the comics or cartoons)
  • Spiderman has a sense of humor, like in the old cartoons
  • Andrew Garfield plays a hipper, cooler Peter Parker (skateboards, gets in trouble at school, wears stylish clothes) Whereas Tobey Maguire's Parker was a nerdy "nice guy", Garfield's Parker is a semi-cool outcast/loner.
The Bad:
  • We get the same origin story as in the first Spiderman, it just gets tweeked a little
  • Andrew Garfield plays Peter Parker like the character has ADD, or is Garfield just playing himself?
  • The story is just a live-action version of the 90s Spiderman cartoon episode, "Night of the Lizard" + origin story, told slightly different
  • The movie doesn't carry as much of an emotional punch as the original Spiderman (2002) film did.
  • Peter Parker/Spiderman comes off as a dick in parts of the movie, this can be somewhat forgiven in that Parker is growing from an irresponsible kid to a mature superhero/crime fighter.
  • We get Captain Stacy instead of J. Jonah Jameson as the misguided public citizen that is opposed to Spiderman.
  • The Lizard is lacking his Crocodile lizard beak, making his face look too human, though that's what he is, a human lizard thing

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