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Old 06-12-2012, 12:47 PM
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Originally Posted by kevin View Post
That's kind of what I find vaguely unpleasant about the underlying notion. Is it really 'his Dax' once Ezri becomes the host?

Is he in love with the symbiont Dax or was it the physical Jadzia? I guess we could suppose the former and the combination of life's that had informed the union by the time he met Dax that appealed but Jadzia's physical body must have been part of the initial attraction as well.

I still find his getting her vaguely creepy. I still have to ask who is really in his mind when they sleep together. It's a bit vague. Like when Crusher has sex with Riker's body while Odan is inside him. It's not like Riker doesn't remember that happened. But she's not having sex with Riker.

So is Bashir having sex with Dax, the memory of Jadzia or Ezri or some combination of them all? I'm not sure I want to know. But I'm also not sure it's a 'happy ending' as such either.

I'm starting to see why Janeway once claimed the guidance for interspecies relations was hundreds of pages................
Maybe my opinion is coloured by the fact that I was seven when the last DS9 series came out, maybe eight in the UK? I grew up on this, and it doesn't seem creepy to me at all. I think he was obviously initially attracted by her appearance - to Jadzia's appearance, and later it is obvious that it is no longer her appearance (though perhaps he would not have preferred Dax to be transferred to another male host). And since the spotted Trills merge with their hosts, rather than with the bumpy forehead Trills who seem to take over, Bashir must be in love with Dax as a whole (at that time being female). Then we move to your next points.

Originally Posted by kevin View Post
I think I never looked at it in that way. But I never really felt Jadzia and Bashir were going to happen. Jadzia was too far ahead of Bashir socially and in her kind of 'wordly wise' manner than the bashful over-eager kid.

I guess I'm trying to say Jadzia was way out of his league from the start. She wasn't the sort of person who would tell him that, but that was how I always saw it. She liked him, she respected him but for romance and relationships she needed someone much more confident, strong etc

That said, by the time you get to Ezri she's very much like Bashir was at the start of the series and nothing like Jadzia, whereas Bashir was a little more battleworn and 'real world' bruised. She probably was a better for him as the host than Jadzia.
I think that Jadzia Dax possibly loved Bashir, but as you rightly point out, he was not what she needed. And then the situation is reversed, and Bashir finds he is needed, by the person who is still partly the one whom he loved. Poor Worf.
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Old 06-12-2012, 07:51 PM
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I loved the wisdom and need for the friviously in Dax...all that was gone with that child that was Ezri. Jadzia was such a real woman.

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