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Old 05-19-2012, 07:18 PM
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They should have done one the designs (or something like it from) the ship chronology.

The Moscow (Or Baton Rouge Class)

USS Patton (Marshall Class)

The Bonnaventure too is well designed.

Any of the Designs here could have been good beginings for a more realistic...or 22nd century look...because they all look a heck of a lot more military than the Akira prise and I think military types would have got on board that idea.

This is another Failure of Berman.
It was recently 2009 that the miltary brass were no longer interested in continuing the the tradition of Enterprise in the NAVY because Star Trek has made a Mockery of the name.

The military likes to be look good just like any other organization. They believe in pride an honor. Just like this knew film Battleship. Even though it was almost purely fluff it excited alot of people about the NAVY including my Ex Marine friend who said that getting the armed forces invovled is free advertisement for those branches and they endorse these overtures.

Berman had SUCH AND EASY bridge to make to the same concept with Enterprise getting the military on board and encouraging a proud tradition and making Trek relevant as well as the NAVY relevant when it was expereience a lot of cuts. When it comes to traditions like this it become s a piggy back ride on dads back...super super easy. This is all about demographics. The Navy is a BIG demographic as well as their family. Look at JAG and NCIS...

So easy...But Berman was clueless.
This was an oppurtunity to teach and inspire...ESPECIALLY at the time when America was going thru 911. I really do believe he had blinders creative gumption at all.


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