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Old 01-09-2012, 11:18 AM
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*During Crawford's Post-Delta Shuttle Montgomery Scott-Heading out of Unix 3321's atmosphere*

Crawford:"Captain, you realize doing that wasn't nessicary."

K'larrg:"Dr. I do not tell you how to treat your patients, I would remind you do not tell me how to command."

Kolarna(Whispering to Smith):"Do they always do that? They seem like they hate each other."

Smith (Whispering):"Actually, the Captain being Klingon, he's showing the Dr. respect. Klingons and Andorians are warrior races. This interplay is very normal Ms. Kolanra."

Kolarna:"Odd, odd behavior indeed. I am just Kolanra."

*Smith nods and smiles*

Jones:"Sir, the Gorkon is not in orbit!"

K'larrg:"I suspected as much. Scan for Starship debris Mr. Jones."

Crawford:"Oh wonderful! What will we do if they are destoryed, sir?"

K'larrg:"Then we shall do what we can to stop the plans of Commdore Zardoz, and Captain Jeggins."

Crawford:"A Delta shuttle against Starships? Isn't there a Kingon saying that says "...only a fool fights in a burning house..?"

*K'larrg glares as they are interupted by Jones*

Jones:"Scans say no sign of any spacecraft debris, Captain."

K'larrg:"Good. Then plot a course out of the Badlands, Mr Jones. Full Impulse."

Jones:"Understood, sir. Any specific heading, sir?"

K'larrg:"231 mark 73, what they call Omara base Mr. Jones."

Jones:"Couse laid in, sir."

K'larrg:"Execute. How long until we clear the Badlands?"

Jones:"At sublight, about 10 hours sir."

Carwford:"Why 10 hours??? The Gorkon got in here faster, at warp."

K'larrg:"Becuase Doctor, this is a Delta Shuttle, NOT a Galaxy Class Starship. Our Warp engines are not as protected. (Addresing all) I would suggest all of you take this oppertunity to rest, and try to sleep."

Kolarna:"I slept long enough Captain K'larrg. I can keep track of our heading, if you would like sleep."

K'larrg:"That would be most welcome, Lady Kolana."

*K'larrg settles back into a science station chair and drifts to sleep..and dreams...*

*In K'larrg's dream, USS ENT-E, approximately 7 years ago*

Picard:"Number one, isn't it a bit early for your shift?"

K'larrg:"Sir, as a first officer, it is my DUTY to set an example for the crew."

Picard (Smiling):"That it is Number One."

Lt Crusher (At Tatical):"Capatin, I getting am audio only distress signal from the Palona star group, it's faint."

Picard:"On speakers Lt. (Turning to K'larrg)Mr. K'larrg, what do we know about the Palona?"

K'larrg:"The Palona only achived warp capability 3 years ago, technology equivlent to Earth about 2120, or the the reign of Emperor Klong, in Klingon History."

Picard:"So they can travel about Warp 2?"

*K'larrg nods*

Picard:"Any contact with other species?"

K'larrg:"Unknown sir."

*Signal comes over the speakers*

Voice(Very Static-y):" any ships.....away ng all....."

Lt. Crusher:"Sir, it's being broadcast on all fequencies the Palona are known to use."

K'larrg:"Sounds like the Borg sir."

Picard:"But they haven't been in this sector of space since the USS Voyager returned what, 9 years ago, Number One?"

K'larrg:"10 sir. (Addressing Crusher)Lt. scan for Borg signatures in and around the Palnoa Star Group."

Lt Crusher:"Affirmitve for Borg signatures in the Plaona Star Group sir!"

Picard:"Prepare to head for the Palona Star Group, warp 8! Red Alert!"

*Short Time Later Palona Star Group*

Lt Crusher:"3 Borg Cubes, they are all focusing weapons on major sities."

*There is a flash upon the bridge, Q is standing there in an Admiral's uniform*

Piacrd:"Q, is this your doing?"

Q:"Oh, you don't see me for a few years, do I get, "Hello Q we've missed you" or, "Well Q, what have you been up to?" No, I just get blame."

K'larrg:"Q, we have no time for this!"

Q:"Ah, Comander K'larrg, at least you have a larger vocabulary than Picard's LAST Klingon."

Picard:"Q, why are you here??!"

Q:"If you insist Jean-Luc. I am NOT here for you."

*After a flash, Everybody but K'larrg and Q are standing on the bridge*

K'larrg:"I told you last time Q, I do not want to join you."

Q:"I know, but you have no idea of the future you denied yourself."

K'larrg:" never appeared at Palona...this must be a dream..."

Q:"Well you're partly right Commander, this setting is a dream."

K'larrg:"But you are real?"

Q:"As real as your so called precpetions get, o warrior K'larrg. I am here to help you."

K'larrg:"Why do I doubt that Q??!"

Q:"My motivations this time are pure Commander, or should I say Captain?"

K'larrg:"Why Q, why help?"

Q:"Your Commdore Zardoz by coming back here, has caused a fissure in our reality, the Q Continuium. Our reality is slowly ending."

K'larrg (Sarcastic):"Oh, what a loss to the universe..."

Q:"Rudeness does not become you Captain, but I guess we can chalk that up to your Klingon upbringing, such as it was. But...we need your help..."

K'larrg:"What was that Q??! Did you just ASK for something? Why not simply snap your fingers?"

Q:" powers are limited in this reality. Due to the loss of the Q Continuium..... K' people are me.....please?"

K'larrg:"As a Starfleet Captain, I am duty bound to help all who ask. But if this is one of your tricks Q, I will kill you myself...slowly. Am I understood?"

Q:"Of course!! I knew you to be a man...or rather a Klingon of honor!! See you back on the Gorkon...until then..."Sweet Dreams...."
"High Priestesses Of Zardoz" By Eliza's Starbase Of Avatars Copyright 2009."
"Zardoz Speaks To You, His Choosen Trek Fans."

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Old 02-19-2012, 11:02 AM
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(Delta Shuttle, 2 hours into their journey - Crawford and Kolarna were both standing over K'larrg who was asleep but moving and shouting out, they both tried to hold him down with little luck.)

Kolarna: "He is having a disturbed sub-conscious experience?"

Crawford: "Surely one hell of a bad dream, he shouldn't be this hard to wake though, Klingon's are by their nature, light sleepers." (Finally pushing him onto his back and pinning his arms down Crawford slaps K'larrg with the back of his hand, which has little effect. Kolarna stood up and picked up a glass of water that Smith had left, she threw it over K'larrg's face and roused him, rubbing a hand down his face to remove the water he slowly broke out of his dream. As he focused he was ready to punch whoever threw the water over him, he saw Crawford first and was ready to wind him, but after seeing it was Kolarna who held the glass he clenched his fist and punched the floor instead.)

K'larrg: "By the sword of Kahless, there had better be a good reason to wake me."

Crawford: "You were crying out and flailing like a wounded wilderbeast, we tried to wake you by normal means, it wasn't working. Was about to call Jones from the aft compartment to help pin you down."

K'larrg: (K'larrg rubbed his jaw) "Did I hit my face against something? Or was that one of your normal means?"

Crawford: "Erm, well, you were moving quite violently, was difficult to do anything with much precision."

K'larrg: "Indeed doctor. Like I said before, there had better be a good reason for waking me."

Crawford: "There is sir, we have some bad moves." (Straightening K'larrg became more alert, sensing a seriousness to his tone.)

K'larrg: "Explain?"

Kolarna: "Oh Captain K'larrg, it's those abominable parallel Borg. We've detected them." (K'larrg stood and went over to the main console. Sure enough he could see a Borg signature in the next system.)

K'larrg: "They're near a Federation starship."

Crawford: "Yes sir, it's the Gorkon, the old Gorkon. We're not reading any power from them."

Kolarna: "They must have been killed. I'm so sorry."

K'larrg: "That does not seem right, the Borg assimilate, they don't destroy, they would assimilate the Gorkon. I believe something else is going on here. And I believe it has something to do with my dream."

Crawford: "Dream? You been sneaking drafts of Blood wine when we weren't looking?"

K'larrg: "Be silent and listen! Q visited me in a dream I had of a previous Borg encounter. He was explaining a catastrophe that has befallen the Q as a result of what Zardoz is doing, he was telling me how we can save them and restore the timeline just when you woke me."

Crawford: "What? That sounds crazy... sir. Hardly Q's style."

K'larrg: "He claims to have only limited powers in the universe since this has happened. He is not known to be a liar, I have no reason to doubt his word." (Crawford snorted with disdain.)

Kolarna: "Forgive, but what is a Q?"

Crawford: "An all powerful being, apparently, omnipotent and all seeing, though they've had their share of vulnerable moments where us lower beings have had to intervene, they also have a strange obsession with humanity... they're tricksters in my opinion, who try to impress and instill fear with cheap parlour tricks."

K'larrg: "Think of them what you will doctor, but helping him is in line with our current plan and he says he may be able to help us. Set a course for the Gorkon, and pray we get there in time to help in anyway possible."

Crawford: "Sadly I don't think there'll be anyone to help."

K'larrg: "Until I know that for certain Doctor I won't hear such words."

*Old Gorkon - Jed sat glassy eyed at the main engineering console, Kusto and the other security officers are stood behind him wide eyed with their hands on their heads, behind them are several Gorkon security officers with phasers trained on them all. Jed had a darkened patch on the back of his uniform where he'd been shot after refusing to step away from the console, not that it had stopped him.)

Gorkon officer: "Move away from the console, or I will shoot again! I will set this weapon to kill if you force me too." (His voice was hard but there was an uncertain edge to it, partly because he didn't know if the weapon would be any more effective second time round and partly because he didn't know if Jed Sr would forgive him for killing his son.)

Jed: (Jed's eyes regained focus and he turned slowly putting his hands up.) "I... I don't know what I was doing."

Gorkon officer: "Clearly more sabotage, you already disabled our ship, just as the Borg dropped out of warp, you've sentenced us all to death... or something worse then that."

Kusto: "We had no idea the Borg were here until our plan was already in action. Our hand had been forced. Commodore Zardoz left us no choice. We're all on the same side here, we should all leave together."

Gorkon officer: "Quiet, this is clearly all lies, you are the traitors!"

Zardoz: "Stay calm gentleman, security, dismissed." (The officers looked uncertain for a moment, concerned Zardoz would be in danger, he had a phaser in his holster however and the others had been disarmed. With reluctance they left but lingered close by just in case.)

Jed Jr: "I don't know what happened. I was trying to reverse the effects of the shutdown when I felt... possessed... for want of a better word, I could see what was happening but had no control of my body." (Kusto looked at Jed with concern, he had no idea what had just happened but hoped that Jed wasn't bluffing, as it would be a poor lie to try. Looking at Zardoz though he didn't see mistrust but concern as well.)

Zardoz: "I believe you Jed, I can feel... a presence near us that I haven't felt for a long time, and not one that El Aurians ever like to feel. Whatever you did though has created a strange sort of damping field around the ship that the Borg can't seem to penetrate... for now."

Jed Jr: "That's good I guess, I'm afraid I don't know how I did it."

Zardoz: "My teams are looking at it as we speak. For now I think it's wise we put our differences aside and try to solve our new mutual problem, yes?" Jed, Kusto and the others looked at each and nodded._ "Right, please come with me to the observation lounge."
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