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Old 09-10-2011, 02:41 AM
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Originally Posted by Livingston View Post
The story has already been resolved by the time Trek takes place I'd imagine. Gays aren't going anywhere, one way or the other people will have to resolve their prejudices or problems with gays. I mean a coming out of the closet story or some individual who has some problem with gays would seem a ridiculous story for Trek to me. These issues I'd imagine would be one hell of a throwback for gays living in that time. Someone on here mentioned that Lincoln was the only time someone referred to Uhura's ethnicity which to the crew of the Enterprise and to all of earth would seem a little strange I would think simply because those issues had been worked through in the past.

Maybe I'm wrong and sexuality in the 23rd century and 24th century is still an issue and starfleet has their own version of don't ask don't tell, but IMO that'd be just stupid.

Besides, the Marquis's issue was with the Cardassians kicking them out of their homes and the Federation not doing anything to help because of treaty issues. The guy on Voyager, who I believe Brad Duriff played, was a psychotic. Evidently mental illness is still a problem in the future. But who knows, sure you could concoct an antihomosexual story for some alien or human that's got a problem with two people of any species of the same sex being together, but isn't there more out there that would be far more interesting? The show's about humanity exploring the cosmos and as Q put it once, 'charting the unknown possibilities of existence' and all humanity should go along on that trip, or on that trek I guess you'd say. Anyway I think any sort of gay persecution story would be boring. If you're going to have a gay character, just have them there. You don't need to explain it or have some excuse to show it.

Watching Torchwood right now, it's interesting how they handle it.
I agree, a gay persecution story would feel weird in Trek. I think that once homophobia is gone it is gone for good. People with psychological issues as well as political conflict will always be there whereas something like racism, sexism or homophobia can be exterminated.
Where should racism come from once the idea is gone? I guess or rather hope that one day it will not have to be regulated via political correctness, i.e. explicit rules, anymore but rather will be socially hard-wired into us like shame concerning nudity or the incest taboo.
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