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Old 11-24-2010, 08:14 AM
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Just to give you all a perspective of what this news means: Nothing really.

Antimatter will not be used for the production of power here on earth for the next two centuries, because the energy output of a matter/anti-matter reactor system is negativ. That is because the production of antimatter costs more energy than the fusion in the reactor will create. Such a system therefore sucks energy out of our power networks. But hey, it gives a nice shining light in the reactor core.

If something practical could ever come from the production of anti-matter, then that it might be used as fuel for a space probe. But that would need us to produce a million times more of that stuff and to develop a system that allows us to store that stuf a billion trillion times longer.

So, we basicly have cought one ant for 0.25 seconds and now dream about making a billion ants pull a train.

And yes, warp flight has zero to do with that. For that you have to look out for news headlines telling you that scientists discovered 'negative energy' or 'exotic matter with negative energy potentials'. That would be the first small step. Small as in "I rose my *** out of my sofa? Yippeh!!! I am on my way to the moon! Now, all I need is leave my appartment and see how I get further from my doormat."
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