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Old 11-13-2010, 08:38 AM
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Question Back to the Future Part III question

Okay, in the end of Back to the Future Part III, after Marty gets back in time on the railroad tracks in the DeLorean only for it to be destroyed a minute later, how in the heck does Doc return to the future in a time machine train? Okay, if he had that technology to create a hover conversion from the 19th century, why didn't he just do that to the DeLorean instead of having to configure it to the tracks on a railroad? This question just recently came up after having a conversation about it with my friend.

Now, of course when watching the movie, you don't really think twice about how he was able to make the train hover and he even says, "Marty! It runs on steam!" Okay, that party I understand, but to have the ability to make it fly in addition to having a flux capacitor? That just didn't make sense. Now, I do remember when Doc saved Clara at the last second, he sped away on Marty's hoverboard. Now, maybe that was what gave him the technology to create a time machine train with a hover conversion, but I'm not sure if that one board would be enough to create a hover conversion on a train.

And one more thing, remember how Doc was so upset about how the DeLorean caused nothing but disaster? Why on earth would you go on and create another time machine which could cause all of the same problems?
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