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Old 08-31-2010, 01:35 AM
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I don't think they were DOA as such, although I think there was a diminishing level of interest in NEM by the time it arrived in theatres but I'd guess that's not quite the same thing as DOA.

I think the thing that FC does better than the others is play to the cast chemistry and their characters interactions. More than some of the other films did. The right characters separated between ground and ship, something for everyone to do at least once in the film etc

For me, the next two didn't manage that and the GEN didn't because it was too heavyily focused on Kirk, Picard and Data.
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Old 08-31-2010, 05:32 AM
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Originally Posted by samwiseb View Post
It's interesting to note that, as you said, INS and NEM are nearly polar opposites to each other, yet between them they both managed to capture most of what was tedious about the Trek TV shows of the time (Compare to FC, which despite its flaws seemed to play to many of contemporary Trek's strengths).

I don't personally accept however that NEM, or any Trek film besides maybe STV, was already dead on arrival. As with most films, the STs usually just needed the right people to find the story within the woodwork and then saw it down to its proper shape. Unfortunately with ST, that often didn't happen.
OK, I am a bit harsher, I think that NEM's story was rotten from the start.

Ignoring the stories, I thing that NEM's weaknesses were as you said the boring battle and the flat characters whereas the TNG characters were OK in INS and the battles in space and on the planet weren't bad per se but bad because they didn't work in harmony with the attempts to make this movie funny and political.
In short, production-wise it's the indecisiveness of INS which caused its problems just like Baird's decisiveness to do a stupid action movie caused NEM's problems in my opinion.

The single large difference between the TOS and TNG movies is that the latter lack irony. Rarely do the characters get some distance to themselves, only Picard does it from time to time, when he learns something about himself in GEN or FC or when he comments on the increase of military and diplomatic duties in INS.
The funny thing about NEM is that I like the cut-out scenes which focus a bit on the characters and create at least a tiny bit of a mood much more than the movie itself.
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