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Old 08-08-2010, 09:00 AM
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Borderline fantasy? I don't know, Trek is always vague on economics, large-scale peace is possible in my opinion and overall the United Earth / Federation seems to be more of a result of social design (there are still Mudds and Suders and Kodoses) and a mind change after the horrors of the Eugenics Wars / WWIII and first contact with aliens.
Don't forget that for example after WWI there there wasn't just material damage in Europe but also something which I'd call an ideological void. I recently read an article which analyzed Serbian nationalism in the Balkan wars and the main argument was that it was a substitute for the declining socialist ideology.
So I don't consider Trek's implied post First Contact developments as unlikely.
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Old 08-08-2010, 09:28 AM
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Well, it's not the Federation itself that I mean. Working together in a cohesive way and perhaps being an inspiration for the future isn't the problem at all.

Just some elements of the presentation of Earth etc

On the other hand I do want to see some difference of opinions within the Federation. I want to see that this power is a real political entity and that means it can't always be 'the big happy fleet' always doing research and exploration. This is why I like more the DS9 era Federation that made it's previously predominantly 'higher ground' complex (fostered in TOS and early TNG and which was very GR) much much murkier and revealed the underbelly we've frequently discussed.

It made the presentation of the Federation more plausible.

Little things like the Eddington speech in one of the Maquis episodes about how the Federation perhaps couldn't understand why people would not want to either be a part of it, or live within it. Let's have a look at that, like DS9 did a little. That even kinda goes back to 'The Way to Eden' which in and of itself is no special episode but it also features people who just wanted another way of life that didn't feature the Federation. And TOS mocked them for it and killed them off at the end for their likely foolishness.
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