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Old 01-20-2010, 10:45 AM
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Garth darts back to his command chair, and touches a button: "All stations, all decks: go to manual control, now!" Garth barks urgently. "Take all automation off line! Commo, order the Nova Scotia to do the same!"

The communications officer sends the order to the remaining functional ship, while the engineer nods from his own console: "All ship's systems are now on manual, Captain!"

"I have no joy on the physical source of the transmission, sir!" the tactics officer reported.

"We're being hailed, Captain!" the commo officer calls out.

"Have the Nova Scotia try emergency evacutation procedures for the Weylan and the Bonaventure....get anyone they can out of there!" Garth orders, then redirecting his attention to the viewport. "Get him on screen!"

The view of space on the main viewer shimmers to the visage of a Klingon warrior bearing a ferocious grin. The markings on the helmet that covers a large portion of the warrior's face strike a chord of familiarity with Garth.

"General Kor," Garth addresses, repressing a spiteful grin.

"I see you learn fast, Captain Garth." Kor replies, his own grin not waning in the least, "I see Axanar was a valuable lesson for you."

"I see it was not for you, General." Garth answers back. "Come out of your cowardly cloak, and let's settle this like warriors!"

"If that is your wish," Kor smiles, "I will be happy to oblige. So'wI yIchu'Ha!"

"Oh, my God!" mutters the helmsman....


... as a large Klingon warship appears in front of the Yorktown. The ship is only slightly larger than the Federation heavy cruiser, but is bristling with more weaponry than seen on a warbird.

"The new Klingon dreadnaught," announces to the bridge crew, rather dispassionately. "I was wondering when they were going to unveil this."


In the hazy, crimson hued lighting of the dreadnaught's command center, Kor sits in a very imposing command chair. The Nova Scotia has been targetted on the tactical display.

"BaH!" barks Kor.


A barrage of photon torpedoes streak from the portside hull of the large warship, and slam into the Nova Scotia. Plasma fires from the battered cruiser's hull flicker out into space.


"Nova Scotia's been hit, and is November Charlie" the tactics officer informs Garth.

"Lock all bearing weapons on that dreadnaught, and fire at will!" Garth orders.


The phasers and photon torpedoes of the Yorktown that can bear on the Klingon dreadnaught pour into it. The Klingon's shields hold, although a couple of small explosions can be seen on the hull.

The dreadnaught pulls forward, attempting to broadside the Yorktown with a barrage of torpedoes.


"Close in weapons, prepare to fire!" Garth barks.


At near point blank range, the starboard torpedo tubes of the Klingon warship flare to life. In response, the close in weapons systems of the Yorktown open up. Many torpedoes are intercepted by the CIWS, but a couple get through, exploding on the shields of the Federation cruiser.


General Kor leans forward in his seat.

"Full disruptors!" he bellows. "Tear down their shields and blow her apart!"


The starboard disruptor banks of the dreadnaught rip into the Yorktown's deflector shields. Several more bolts strike the hull.


The cruiser rocks violently. Garth recovers to his seat, having been thrown from it.

"Hail closest available ships," he orders.

"Channel open!"

"Nearest available ships, this is Garth on the Yorktown! Laurentia Prime is under attack! My personal squadron is destroyed, and the Yorktown is severely damaged! Require immediate assist--"

The commo board, and several other panels on the bridge blink out as the ship shudders again.

"I don't know how much of that message got through, sir!" the commo officer reports.

"What's worse," Garth replies, "I don't think they're aware that the Klingons are using system shockers again. I don't know if they'll know to go to full manual."

The tactics officer speaks up: "Captain, this ship is November Charlie!"

Then the helmsman: "No maneuvering control whatsoever, sir!"

"All hands abandon ship!" Garth orders. "Repeat, all hands abandon ship!"

The bridge crew moves toward the turbolifts. Throughout the corridors of the Yorktown, personnel are scrambling to the closest available escape pods and shuttle craft.

Garth flips out his communicator as he ensures that every last bridge officer clears the command center: "Computer, inter-ship! Command authorization delta niner foxtrot one one!"

The computer quickly confirms the codes, and grants him access to address the crew from his own communicator, while he runs for the shuttle bay: "Remember, go to manual as soon as you launch! Make for planetfall on Laurentia, scatter, and hole up. We'll try regroup operations later!"


The Yorktown is on heavy fire as it too starts careening toward the Laurentian atmosphere. Shuttles and escape pods blast off from the wounded cruiser, and start veering for planet fall, as the Klingon dreadnaught continues to pummel away.


General Kor orders a targetting of the pods and shuttles. "Some will get away," he grins, "but so much the better."


The dreadnaught turns its weapons toward the tiny escaping craft. Many of the ships have already entered atmosphere which is ablating some of the Klingon disruptor fire.


Kor leans forward again as he sees the last shuttle depart the dying Yorktown. His grin tightens.

"That must be Garth," he muses, "the gallant captain being the last to leave his sinking ship! Blow that shuttle away!"


Garth issues an order to the pilot: "Plot descent for the second Elban continent."

The pilot complies.


One of the Klingon gunners informs Kor that they have a firing solution on Garth's shuttle.

"Lock a torpedo on that ship, and send him to Gret'hor!" Kor barks.


The dreadnaught fires a torpedo at Garth's shuttle.


Garth orders an emergency insertion plot into the Laurentian atmosphere.


The shuttlecraft makes a direct dive for the planet, her ablative skin complemented by low yield shields. The torpedo continues to follow, and to gain on the escaping craft.


"Come on," Garth urges under his breath.... "just a little further!"


The shuttle penetrates the atmosphere, and the torpedo detonates short of the ship.... but not short enough. The shuttle is rocked by the concussion wave, and part of her hull is heavily damaged.


The pilot is killed instantly by shrapnel from the hull. Garth pushes the body out of the pilot's seat, and attempts to fly the damaged ship himself. Control is sluggish at best, and the ground grows closer in the window. Straining with the flight stick, Garth attempts to level the shuttle's descent.


A few moments later, the shuttle plows into the ground, tumbling and skipping off the soil, and finally settling to a rest in the middle of a forest.


Fleet Captain Garth sits grievously battered, bloodied, and unconscious in the pilot's seat. The shuttle is ashambles.

more to follow

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Old 01-20-2010, 12:49 PM
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Captain Garth. And he is not insane! Yet anyways...
And thats my opinion. (Disclaimer) My opinion's should always be regarded as facts.
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Old 01-28-2010, 09:08 AM
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OK Im starting to go through withdrawals!!!!! I needs me some more Absolution!!!!
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Old 01-28-2010, 03:20 PM
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Trying to get some more cranked out, Rabid.

Had to put in a bit more singing than usual....and with Mardi Gras and the Super Bowl coming up, I've a feeling I'm gonna be pretty busy in the coming weeks.

I am glad you like what you see so far. If anything, this gives me the time to think up ways to keep up the story quality.

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