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Old 01-25-2010, 05:20 AM
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Default How Big Is The iBridge Deck On The Abramsprise??

Okay. Something just occurred to me recently. In TOS and every other incarnation of Star Trek ever seen on the TV or the big screen, Deck 1 is always the bridge deck. The bridge is usually the only room on Deck 1 on most if not all starships in the Starfleet. And correct me if I'm wrong, but I have never seen a doorway on any bridge of any starship in any incarnation of Trek, either TV or movie, that leads out to a corridor. In most if not all cases, the only way off the bridge is via turbolift.

Yet in STXI, there appears to be not only a turbolift door, but also a regular door leading off the iBridge to a corridor. On the Abramsprise, the iBridge deck is enormous. Here's why: In the scene where Kirk is lying on the bed in sick bay and wakes when he hears Chekov's broadcast, he and McCoy go out the door into a corridor. Kirk then uses a computer to locate Uhura. They both run down another corridor and find Uhura in the brewery monitoring the firmentation process with some other cadets. After Kirk talks to Uhura, they all three run out of the brewery into another corridor, around a corner and onto the iBridge. They never took a turbolift. They got to the iBridge from sick bay using only corridors. That would seem to imply that both sick bay and part of the brewery are on the same deck as the iBridge. Later, as Vulcan is being destroyed, Spock leaves the iBridge via turbolift on his way to the transporter room. Some time later, Chekov leaves the iBridge on his way to the same transporter room via corridor from the iBridge. Chekov leaves the iBridge, runs down a corridor, and into the transporter room. During this, Spock is still in the turbolift on his way to the same transporter room. Chekov has time to save Kirk and Sulu from their chute-less freefall of death while Spock is still apparently travelling all over the ship in the turbolift. It tool Chekov all of 4 seconds to run from the iBridge to the transporter room. While it took Spock several minutes to get there via turbolift. Something doesn't add up. Either way, not only are sick bay and part of the brewery on the same deck as the iBridge, but apparently the transporter room is as well. That's a pretty big deck. Anybody else notice this? Just wondering.

1-2 Med Bay.jpg 3-4 Brewery Corridor.jpg 5-6 Corridor iBridge.jpg 7-8 iBridge Turbolift corridor.jpg

All of these rooms apparently are on the same deck.

Aha! Another thing just occured to me! From the first sick bay scene, we know that the sick bay and iBridge are both on the same deck. Yet in the battle scene at Vulcan when the Narada fires missiles at the Abramsprise, one hits the neck of the ship. When the missile impacts, we clearly see sick bay sustaining heavy damage. It looks like the same room where Kirk was sedated. Yet we know that room is on the iBridge deck. Hmmm. Is there a duplicate sick bay in the neck of the ship?

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