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Old 01-11-2010, 04:49 PM
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Default Sex!

I've begun the Xindi arc again. And I've noticed something that I didn't before.

Braga and Berman suck at writing romantically interesting scenes between Trip and T'pol. They just talk some science technobabble and then take off their clothes. The excuses they come up with to get those two to strip is just ridiculous. Vulcan Neuro Pressure? Why not just call it a back rub? And why would you need to get naked for that? Professional Messages sure, but between two officers in the military? Give me a break.

Those two tried waaay to hard to give Trek sex. The whole "de-contamination orgy room?" Yeah that makes sense in the 22nd century, they've evolved so much.

Sex in film/tv doesn't bother me at all, Jolene Blalock is hot. But when it's just thrown in for flare and really doesn't add anything interesting to the subplots, it's crap writing.

Here's a way it could of worked. Trip is losing it because his sister was killed, T'pol has feelings for Trip, she comforts Trip and the two bond that way. Having someone comfort you when you lose someone is a very real and believable situation.

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