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Old 10-31-2009, 08:33 AM
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Originally Posted by horatio View Post
Some dynamics in the show might have been different with Ro instead of Kira.

Not because Kira was in the Resistance and because Ro joined the Maquis, that happened in TNG's last season (so it would not have happened had Ro been in DS9) and Ro might have gotten a Resistance background (just like O'Brien, a polymath, the Chekov of the 24th century, got some engineering skills); rather because she is not a Bajoran officer and more introverted than Kira. The latter seems to be most important in terms of interaction with other characters IMO.
Great observations, Horatio! When Michelle Forbes debuted on TNG i thought she was the most interesting character or guest star to appear on that show in a long while. She was the foil to TNG's established rhythm and family-like coziness. I think she was an unintended influence on both the Kira character and B'elana. Kira's personal history suits her better on DS9, they couldn't have had all those good stories that went back into the occupation period of Bajor without that. And Ro Laren would have been little more than a Federation interloper, someone with no real authority to speak about the occupation and what it had done to her people. Honestly, i think Michelle Forbes is a better actress and more formidable than Nana Visitor.
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