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Old 07-17-2009, 01:23 AM
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Originally Posted by JSnyder4 View Post
Not precisely, but close.

As for strange lines... during the bar beating I was almost expecting someone to scream out in the theater "Rodney King! Rodney King!"

As for The Strange Line (which I think can be officially trademarked for this film) in the movie I've got to agree with "A star will explode and threaten to destroy the galaxy".

All of the dialogue hints that the star that exploded was very nearby, or else Spock would not be able to inject his Red Matter directly into the supernova and suck the destructive ripple effect into a black hole. That'd be one hella black hole to suck in an effect stretching over many many light years, or even stranger would be the implication in the film that the effect was all focused in one direction?!? for the Red Matter to have any real effect so far from the supernova itself.

Really the whole thing is just strange.
Change the phrase from "galaxy" to "Romulan Civilization", and it might make a bit more sense. Maybe. Provided the supernova was from a far-orbiting twin star of the Romulan home system or something.
I didn't take it that literally. I just took it to mean that the destruction of Romulus and the Romulan Empire's homeworld would threaten to destroy the galaxy's balance of powers. Chaos would ensue politically, that sort of thing. I didn't take it to mean that the star going nova would literally destroy the milky way. The line seemed ambiguous, almost poetic, especially in Nimoy's reading.

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Old 07-17-2009, 02:13 AM
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Originally Posted by Livingston View Post
I didn't take it that literally.
No worries.
I agree for the most part, and pretty sure I've already said as much on here somewhere previously.

The topic is: strangest line(s) [in the movie].
It's a puzzler and needs more than a bit of hand waveyness and some innocent whistling.
Strangest (to me) isn't the same as drooling-in-the-corner picking-your-nose-and-eating-it while muttering the most dumbass line in the film.
The quoted line comes close to that boundary though, especially for the casual viewer in an after-the-fact manner should they give it more than a passing thought -- wait, an exploding star is going to destroy the galaxy?
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