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Old 03-07-2008, 03:13 PM
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Default Constitution Class Launched

This is a news article from the Star Trek Space Flight Chronology.


Year: 2188
Captain's Log:

As we approach Sarbase 4 at the conclusion of this shakedwn cruise of the Enterprise, I'd like to report each Officer's Impressions concerning the ship's systems functioning, beginining with myself. Straight out, this is simply the best starship I have ever sailed. From my command station at the center of the bridge, I have had the pleasure of commanding the Enterprise through stardates of complex stress tests and emergency simulations, and the maneuverability, responsiveness, and overall spaceworthiness of the vessel are starggering. Everything is better-helm handling, warp capability, shielding, phaser power , even the food. While I've let my officers evaluate their respective systems, I think i can speak for the whole crew when I state my conviction that the Enterprise and its fellow Constitution Class Vessels will become the cutting edge of a great leap forward in the galactic security and exploration.

Engineering Log:

Since the engineering on the Enterprise differs from all previous starships on account of the intergration of the dilithiium into the warpe engines, I cannot make substantive comparisons with older systems. It is safe to say, however, that the Enterperise's engineering is vastly superior to any predecessor's. The dilithium convertor assembly allows for cruising speeds of up to warp 6, and stress test ahve achieved warp 8.5 withough serious break down, whouth a flow sensor did malfunction at that speed. The two-nacelle design delivers symmetrical matter/antimater field flux, and the warp engagement delay and warp acceleration are substantially better than I've ever known. in diaster simulation, the auxilary impulse unit delieverd as much lifesaving power and sub-war maneuverability as I could expect. In sum, the Enterprise's engines are better designed, stronger and faster than any previous starship in Federation history. They are beautiful.

Communications Log:

Communications on board the Enterprise is excellent. Subspace radio transmission of warp 30 is now possible due to the increased warp power designated for comunications. Telemetry encoding has been flawless: even communications three day's travel away, 221.7 light--years, are transmitted and recieved without error, in sharp contrast to the garbled messages previous ships would on occasion recieve at a quarter the distance. Space noise damping is -90 decibels, and frequency response on all hailing and sideband channesl is accurate to 10^9 MHz. I would rate Enterprise communications as excellent, bordering on superb.

Helmsman's Log:

The Enterprise is a joy to steer. Its turning radius is sharper than you would expect in such a large craft, an the helm's resoponse is quicker than ay I've eer sat behind. I'm not crazy about having the Captain's chair directly behind mine, since it's hard to shake the feeling he's looking over my shoulder all the time, but the time delay between the giving of acommand and it's execution is that much faster. The Enterprise's weaponry a marked improvent over previous sytems. The forward and rear laser banks can discharge stronger and fster than anything I've ever fired. But I would be less than honest if I didn't say this remarkably innoavtive ship is using waonry first developed a century ago. Even still, I sure wouldn't want to cross this ship.

Science Log:

Some significant improvements have been designed into the Science Console, notably, a much greater sensor capability. The warp-assisted long range sensor, both tight focused and wide scan, can sweep fore and aft ships to distances up to 30 light years, while the capability of close-range sensors is simply unbelievable, as they can detect individual molecules in the interstellar void.

But the most extraordinary science innovation is the amazing new on-board computer. With the duotronic circuits installed, the Enterprise's computer contains practically the whole of present galactic knowledge, making my taks as Science Officer immeasurably easier. My duty tour aboard the Enterprise will be a pleasure.

Medical Log:

I am on the whole satisfied with the Sickbay and auxillary medical facilites available on the Enteprise. Landing party tricorders are more poweful and have a much greater diagnostic range because of the duotronic assisted transtator circuits. The Sick Bay's Metabolic Analyzer is excellent, as is most surgical and post-opperative equipment

howeer, the Enterprise has a much, much greater range than any previous starship. It is going to go farther and run into more kinds of trouble than any preivous ship, and I have my doubts that the Sick Bay is capable of responding to all the demands examinging this situation, and I'm confident that some significant improvements can be made in this area.

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