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Old 06-02-2009, 06:50 AM
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Default Basic plot flaws *Spoilers*

Hello all,
It's my first post of these forums, so please be kind!
I saw the new film (or "movie" if you prefer) last week, and enjoyed it so much that I went back this weekend. Congratulations to the teams who made it - I thought it was terrific, and can't wait for more. I don't mind it changing some details from previous films - personally, I prefer them to make minor changes for a more interesting film.

Just a couple of plot questions that I had the first time I saw it, and couldn't work out during my second viewing:

1. When Vulcan is being attacked, Kirk and Sulu stop the drilling device in the atmosphere; Pike is on Nero's ship; and Spock has the bridge. All is fine. Then the red matter is fired into the planet, and Chekov tells Spock that the planet is about to be destroyed. Spock leaves the bridge (presumably to hurry to the surface and save the council as he explains) and Chekov is in charge. Fine. Then, after Chekov has been put in charge, Kirk and Sulu fall off the platform. A decent amount of time (30secs?) ensues, before Chekov realises that he can run to the transporter room and save them. He runs there, spends a few seconds saving them, and then guess who walks in... SPOCK! What?! How did Chekov overtake Spock, even though he left the bridge earlier, and was (presumably) in a rush also!? Did he stop for a Starbucks coffee?

2. So, Vulcan is destroyed, and Spock then orders the Enterprise to regroup with the fleet rather than go to Earth. Whether or not the place they are going is in the direction of Earth is irrelevant for my question, but I inferred it to be in a different direction (which makes my question ever more bizzare). He then jetisons Kirk onto a planet. Kirk then walks 14km in the snow (a couple of hours?), picking up Spock Prime on the way, before having a chat with Scotty and transporting onto the Enterprise. More time is spent taking charge of the ship. Total time since the destruction of Vulcan: perhaps 3 hours? What has Nero's ship been doing all this time? Presumably it's on the way to Earth. Remember the Enterprise's first trip from Earth to Vulvan - that took about 10 minutes... so how long would it take Nero in a ship over 100 years more advanced? Surely, by the time the Enterprise got to Earth, it would be destroyed??? Before you say that Nero had to repair the drill.... it's a mining ship - surely they have spares! What did the Romulan's do - stop at a Cafe Nero en-route?

3. Out of interest, what did the Romulans do for the 25 years between their appearance in the "past" and Spock Prime reappearing?

4. Spock Prime required 1 drop of red matter to stop the supernova. So why, praytell, did he fill his ship with gallons of the stuff?!?!? He even explains that they refitted the ship for the purpose. Why? If they'd just given him a few canisters of the stuff, he'd have saved times and Romulus would be saved!

Sorry for the length. Just wondering what I missed!

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