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Old 06-01-2009, 02:06 PM
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A wonderful post from IMDB board - all credit goes to DebauchedSloth
Star Trek 09 ripped of Shakespeare - Tru Fax!

A Winters Tale: Bloke is marooned on an icy island, then chased by a bear.

Othello: has a trans-racial romance in a military setting.

Henry 4 part 1: son of a famous commander goes off rails and hangs around in bars getting drunk.

Henry 4 part 2: military commander goes recruiting criminals and drunks in bars

Richard 3: Has a dude called James in it. And another one called Christopher.

Romeo and Juliet – People fight with swords

Henry 5: has a chick who is learning foreign languages who is chatted up by a guy who misspent his youth hanging out in bars (see Henry 4 parts 1 and 2)

A Midsummer Night’s Dream: has pointy-eared dude with funny name making out with chicks and annoying comic little people, and a love triangle. TWICE.
And when I saw it PICARD was in it.

Tempest : almost every TOS episode EVAR – plus a wise old magic bloke stranded in a cave, and when I saw it PICARD was in it.

Macbeth: has a comedy Scotsman. And PICARD was in it.

Two Noble Kinsmen – has a Doctor.

Hamlet: bloke’s dad is famous warrior and gets killed, and he is sad and he kills the killer, and when I saw it PICARD was in it, with that DOCTOR WHO, who is a time-travellers, so that is where Star Trek ripped off the Time Travel plot as well, obviously.

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