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Old 05-18-2009, 10:57 AM
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Default New Actor/Old Characters

One of the firsts of this film is having different actors play the characters of the O.S., who up to this point, in film, were only played by the actors who starred in those roles on the television series. The idea that this could even be done was first experimentally tried out by James Cawley in his "New Voyages" fan-made episodes, with mixed results. Some fans liked it, others stayed away from it. The risk of doing this rather than starting from scratch like was done with Enterprise, is that the fans may not accept these actors as these characters and on that basis reject the whole thing altogether. Some roles are so closely tied to an actor's performance that it is difficult if not impossible for the audience to make the distinction. The characters have to be larger than the actors who play them, for someone else to be able to step into their shoes, and be accepted. One thing this film has going for it in this respect is time, over 40 years of it. During which the characters have lived on off screen in novels. The risk of having different actors play these roles is that they come off as different characters entirely, that their interpretations of the character are too different to be accepted as these characters. In the "New" Star Trek film, the only character for me that really was believable as an earlier version of a character from the O.S. crew was Karl Urban as Dr. "Bones" McCoy. Quinto's Spock was "too aggressive" for me, Pine's Kirk was "too juevinile", Saldana's Uhura "too much of an ambitious social-climber" (I wonder if her relationship with Spock has anything to do with this?), going with actors who could give strong foreign accents to the characters of Chevok, and Scotty was a safe bet. I don't feel i got enough of a sense of either of these characters or of John Cho's Sulu to even be able to say how they differed from the original actor's performances of those characters. This is a thread I'm creating to compare and contrast these differences. Make your addition or contribution as you see fit.
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Old 05-18-2009, 10:58 AM
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You know the movie only had some characters who looked like the real characters Spok looked like him but kurt didnt he didnt look at all like the old character
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Old 05-18-2009, 11:53 AM
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Actors who got it spot on - Pine, Quinto, Urban and Saldana.

Actors who were good but a little different - Pegg

Actors who didn't work out - Yelchin and Cho (though to be fair Cho had possibly the least to contribute overall).
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Old 05-18-2009, 12:32 PM
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I personally believe that each character played the character they were supposed to play perfectly, yelchin who played Checkov may not have looked that similar to the old checkov but he still was good and cho who played Sulu looked alot similar to Takei and though simon pegg barely looked like james doohans' scotty he was able toplay him just as well if not better. Leonard Nimoy is definitley the better spock, even hough Quinto played him adimarably bringin something different to the character and Chris Pine looks exaclty like Kirk only much younger of course and played him better if I dare say so myself.
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