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Old 05-13-2009, 05:26 AM
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Originally Posted by MrQ1701 View Post
I think DS9 showed that it wouldn't work! That's why DS9 was forced to have more episodes off the station. We saw more and more runabout episodes on alien planets or areas of space. The station was too boring. For me, DS9 got really good with the introduction of the Jem'Hadar and then the Defiant.
Yes, always the same environments became stale and seriously limited story-telling possibilities.
Concerning ENT, if people had come up with good scripts, why not a few episodes or half a season before the launch of the NX-01? Not every show would have had to be set on Earth, you could do some history shows * la "First Flight", tell a story set on Vulcan from the Vulcans's perspective (TNG's "First Contact", the episode, and VOY's "Distant Origin2 showed that telling parts of the story from an alien perspective can be interesting), perhaps even a Denobulan story, explore the Human-Vulcan past and relationship a bit more in depth, check out how far humanity has progressed in that last 80 years ("Terra Prime" !), perhaps show some rivalry between Starfleet and the UESPA ... IMO it really depends on whether they would have come up with good scripts.

Originally Posted by DannydeK View Post
The timeperiod they started the federation of planets, and that the humans are responseble for that (mainly Archer) is a little unrealistic though. I mean, come on, some newbies in space without any experience and good technoloy who change everything in the most radical way in a few years?
The slow build-up towards the Romulan War made the future founding members slowly put their differences aside. A common enemy always unites.
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Old 05-13-2009, 05:42 PM
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I will admit I enjoyed Enterprise as well, however the one annoying thing is that after the pilot the whole Plasma Cannons on Enterprise just disappeared?

Where did they go? Were they replaced by the Spatial Torpedoes? And the Enterprise got Phasers a little to quickly. However I will commend them for sticking with the Polarized Hull Plating.
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Old 05-13-2009, 05:58 PM
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"Polarize the hull plating!" "Saaay whaaaa?!?!?" -----My reaction when starting out on ENT. Now, its like "polarize the hull plating!" "Awww YEahhhhh!" Sometimes though it sounds like their saying, "polverize the hull plating!!!!!!!" "OHHH NOEZ!"
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Old 05-13-2009, 07:20 PM
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I know Enterprise wanted to go lower tech. But it went too low to work well for television audiences... at least in terms of what they expected out of Star Trek.
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Old 05-14-2009, 04:03 AM
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It isn't that lowtech though. But the fact they didn't even know what a forcefield was, was kinda disturbing
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Old 11-13-2013, 11:57 AM
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Wish I'd posted more in this thread... 4 years ago wow.

I randomly caught season 1 episode "Oasis" today and thought I'd jot down my thoughts.

I enjoyed Enterprise a lot and really wished it had got more than 4 seasons. Had a frown on my face at the end of this episode though as it's just plain very lazy writing, with no real redeeming features in a series that should have been pushing boundaries in every direction rather than this rehash of an episode.

For those who have forgotten Oasis is about a "ghost ship" that the crew of Enterprise come across and find people on board when it was thought to be abandoned. The crew find out eventually that only 2 people survived and the rest are all holograms, the show ends with the surviving father and daughter being taken aboard Enterprise to start a new life.

There's nothing wrong with the basic premise (except it's near identical in plot to the DS9 ep. "Shadowplay"), though the story doesn't really seem to go anywhere. The twist that the crew are holograms is obvious and isn't even put across as a great surprise, there's little character development to compensate for this and no real action or revelation to keep the audience awake.

Had the writers focused on Liana's isolation or relationship with her father (Ezral) or his obsession with keeping the illusion alive then it could have turned into a nice character piece and exploration of those psychological directions that Star Trek can be quite good at from time to time. Also very lazy but less forgivable they could have turned it into a horror flick with the kind of jumpy-action we got in TNGs episode "Genesis", as it stands none of the regular cast gain anything and the guests don't come across amazingly either, despite Rene Auberjonois making his character come across sympathetically.

Anywho, this may have been done to death in previous threads but thought I'd put my 2-cents in there to see if anyone had similar (or counter) views to what I've put.
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Old 11-14-2013, 04:58 AM
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In my eyes "Oasis" is one of these lackluster episodes which suffers from, as you pointed out, not going anywhere and which feels like a leftover script from DS9 or VOY. There is nothing ENT-specific about the story, it could have been an episode of any series. Vox Sola is another first season episode which, while being better than Oasis, also feels like a leftover.
In general ENT was often good when it wasn't generic Trek but genuine 22nd stuff. But we all know how many fans reacted to the xenophobic 22nd century Vulcans so let's be honest, it is not just the studio and the producers who stood in the way of fresh Trek (the executives were pretty risk-averse whereas the producers had new ideas but embedded them in too-familiar patterns) but also the fans (demanding new stuff while complaining about it when it is actually delivered is obviously hypocritical). Everybody is to blame.
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Old 11-14-2013, 05:42 AM
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I missed 'Oasis' but I had been trying to rewatch some ENT episodes again as Pick TV has been rerunning the whole series in a loop the last few months but I just can't say revisiting it has helped my outlook on the show.

The characters are still flat, and although maybe it could be argued they tried to do some things differently I don't think they really wanted to push too far out of the feel established by that point. I don't think the enthusiasm was there. Although I can see where potential lay I still remain of the belief it was squandered.
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Old 11-14-2013, 06:23 AM
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If there is something wrong with the characters it is not that they are too flat but too enthusiastic, especially Archer, Mayweather and Phlox. Initially my main issue with the show (and its characters) was that it was too vigorous and too dumb compared to the more restrained and reflective TNG (including again the characters). Nowadays my opinion is that this is totally natural, they are the first guys out there, they haven't read any textbooks, they are excited and mess up.

THEY, obviously meaning Bermand and Braga, did very well want to change some things like setting the first season on Earth but the studio did not want to. THEY did actually innovate in some respects but WE reacted allergically to even moderate changes like not-so-nice Vulcans.
This is after all why Season 4 and the movies came along, Paramount realized that while the fans say they want new stuff they actually want old stuff. Admittedly Season 4 worked because it wasn't just nostalgia but actually told something new about old characters and races (something which is direly missing in the new movies but then again TUC is the only Trek movie which tells something new about a familiar race) but obviously the main reason behind the last season was to satisfy the fan's hunger for TOS.
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