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Old 05-07-2009, 01:21 AM
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Default Opening day on the other side of the world...

I managed to nab a ticket on the way home from work, for the 6:10 pm screening. One of the biggest screens in New Zealand, which made it all the more worthwhile.
Any spoilers will be marked, so no worries.

Now, I went into this movie with cautious optimism. I've been very enthusiastic about it, but always with a reservation that things mightn't pan out the way I'd hoped.

This film exceeded expectations in every respect. It excited, saddened, entertained and basically drew me into its world even better than I'd hoped. I feel confident in saying that Star Trek has a future again, and this is it. And it can be a new future, thanks to the new history that's unfolding.

Particular highlights:
"No man left behind." Every major character has a critical role, rather than just being along for the ride. While this is very much the 'origin story' for Kirk and Spock, each member of the main cast is indispensable, and proves themselves the best at what they do.

"New surprises." Thanks to berks on the internet, quite a few major plot points were spoiled which I would've rather not known about beforehand.
For example...
Still, despite all that, plenty was still unexpected -
like, for instance
Despite all the trailers and all the preview scenes, all the snippets and revelations, there's plenty that was never even suggested in the promotion.
Also, the random Beastie Boys were good for a laugh.

I'm not an especially emotional person. I don't cry, and haven't for nearly
two decades. Nonetheless, my eyes misted slightly within the first five minutes of the film, when
bit of a spoiler

Perhaps noteworthy: this is the first movie I've attended where half the audience burst into applause at the end. That says something, I believe.

People who haven't seen this film criticise it for being "dumb" and "mainstream". Such criticisms fall apart after actually seeing the movie. It's only as dumb as the audience member trying to critique it. The reviewer who claims that Nero's motives and origins are unclear is plainly either: (a) too stupid to follow the dialogue, or (b) didn't pay attention. Either way, not a valid critique.

This films strikes a great balance - enough depth to keep you thinking and guessing, but enough action to keep an intense pace. Enough dialogue to make the characters compelling and engaging, but no self-indulgently long diatribes that'd bore even the most sedate viewer.

Trek at its best, simply.

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