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Old 05-07-2009, 12:14 AM
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Default Movie Discussion/ SPOILER reviews HERE - *SPOILERS* enter at own risk

Good Morning All,

I saw Star Trek XI last night (May 6th) at 8pm - yes thats right, they showed it a whole day early here - and this is my review.

No Spoilers In this Bit

In short - this movie is everything that people are saying it is - Brilliant, Great, Funny, Serious, Sad, Happy, well Cast, with great special effects, great music, a great storyline and great acting.

There were moments in the movie that had the whole cinema almost crying, other moments that had people roaring with laughter and other moments where it was deadly quiet as something serious happened.

Everyone should see this movie - even if they have some conception that its going to be an abomination. Sure, some people might not like it, but I tell you something, there were 2200 people in that cinema with me last night (they showed it on 3 screens), the place was packed full, and afterwards I heard people saying in both English and the Local Language how great it was.

Even my Girlfriend, who anticipated that she would HATE the movie (she thinks Star Trek is for Geeks, the usual) - said afterwards that it was great, highly entertaining, and that she can't wait for the sequel.

In the First Ten Minutes of the movie, there is a sequence with the USS Kelvin and I have to admit to panicing a little bit at first when I saw some shots of the Interiors, however this feeling quickly passed as I got caught in the storyline and after a few minutes, I had gotten used to it. There are some fairly radical changes, but it feels believeable and its worth noting that the Kelvin is a full 30 years older than the Enterprise.

The Movie Feels 80% like the Star Trek we all grew up with and maybe 20% of revamped or altered things. Original Sound Effects are kept for the most part or changed just a little and everything just looks and feels great - Even the Bridge of the Enterprise.

One final thing i will say....Star Trek has had no advertising whatsoever here in Serbia, nothing, yet that cinema room filled up fast. The capacity was around 1000 seats and it was full and that was just in my screen (the showed it on 3 as I said before). If it can be like that here where there has been no advertising, i can only imagine what it will be like tomorrow across the UK and USA and everywhere else when it opens at 8pm.

All in all - 10 out of 10 - Can't wait for the sequel!


Memorable moments:

Sulu forgetting to take of the "Parking Break" before they jumped to warp - DOH!

Mccoy - "I've got nothing left, my ex-wife took the whole damn planet in our divorce!"

Scottys reference to Admiral Archers Beagle! ( I bet he was pissseeeddd )

Checkov trying to get the computer to recognise his "v"s in his authorisation code - wiktor wiktor ahahahahaha!

Vulcan (you will know what i mean when you watch)

Spock and Uhura - this was certainly and eye raiser

Spock kicking Kirks a*s on the Bridge of the Enterprise.

New Spock and Old Spock meeting for the first time.

The sexy green Orion girl at the academy. (yeah yeah I got a thing for green aliens - sue me!)

Leonard Nimoy's "Space, The Final Frontier" Rendition at the end.

The one and only moment of the movie i thought was corny was the Nokia phone in young Kirk's car.....Puh-lease.

Seeing all the pipes and innards of the ship was interesting and believeable. We never saw anything like that in the Trek we all know and love, but you have to believe it was there somewhere.

Huge funny moment when Scotty is accidentally beamed into the Water Pipes.....was laughing my a*s off.

There was a mind meld sequence that recounted the storyline from the Countdown Comic books and how Nero got into the past, which was awesome and well done.

Sulu gets an excellent sword fight with some kind of Katana, prior to that, they space jumped onto a platform which was scary! (Chief Engineer Olsen dies because he deploys his chute too late)

Scotty makes a classic comment about Sandwichs at one point which caused the whole room to burst laughing.

Again, this movie was amzing and i cant wait for Star Trek XII!!

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