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Old 02-23-2008, 08:03 AM
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Default The Star Wars Trilogy: Uncut

I know this is a Star Trek forum, but since we have an off-topic area I'd like to discuss Star Wars storyline glitches and continuity problems AKA what happened behind the scenes. Since the prequel glitches are countless I'm going to focus solely on the original trilogy for now.


--In the original STAR WARS, Darth Vader seemed to have limited power.
Grand Moff Tarkin appeared to "hold Vader's leash" as Leia put it. So when
did Vader get as all-powerful as he was in EMPIRE STRIKES BACK? Was it
after Governor Tarkin died? Or was there yet more of a status ladder
climb that occurred between the two films?

--Han Solo really, REALLY wanted the money to pay off Jabba the Hutt in
STAR WARS, but three years later, in EMPIRE STRIKES BACK, he still hasn't
payed it off. WTF? It must not have been that important after all! Or was
it? Did Han actually try to pay it off, but never got the chance?

--When was the freaking Super Star Destroyer built? Don't tell me that thing
took only three years to build!!!

--Robot Chicken even parodied this next one. Was the Emperor pissed off at
Vader when the Death Star blew up? Or was it the standard kindly grandpa
approach that was used in the prequels "Oh my poor lad, thank heavens
you are all right!" I think the latter idea is BS, but how did the Emperor
really respond? Did he even care? Or was it a "necessary loss"?

--Expnding on the previous idea, how did the Emperor treat Darth Vader?
Was it the same way he treated Darth Maul, brutally and abusively? Or
was Vader like his pride and joy son sort of thing? Did Vader ever get in
trouble with the Emperor? If so, what was his punishment?

--How did Darth Vader eat or drink? Was it in that Isolation chamber?

Sorry if all this is rather overwhelming to answer, I figured it would make good conversation!
"To boldly go where no man has gone before"


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