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Old 04-02-2009, 09:52 AM
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Originally Posted by DammitJim View Post
hooray me...i got a promotion

but how... this morning i was a midshipman
Congradulations but I can't even say your name out loud...
I'll be refering to you as Midshipman DJ.

Originally Posted by williamLX View Post
Yes I did. I could not even read the forum for a week, and then for a further 3 weeks could read but not post (or open picture attachments). As you may gather I am very bitter about that. Especially as the 'imagined' infraction was described as attacking or harassing another member. I at no point even mentioned any other member by name etc. Also was very unhappy that the Moderator would not respond to PMs. No doubt I will get banned again for making this post.
Lets not rehash the past.

Old 04-02-2009, 09:59 AM
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Originally Posted by williamLX View Post
Mind you just about a month a go I voiced this point and got banned with out warning and with out the chance to defend myself. Shameful!
You had three active infraction points, as well as a previous warning point. The Posting Guidelines and Terms of Use - Must Read! explain the infraction/warning system very well. As they state:
Each infraction will generate a point. If someone accumulates 3 unexpired infraction points they will be banned for one week. If the returning member continues to accumulate additional infraction points after their ban they could be banned permanently. If anyone tries to circumvent a temporary ban by posting under another user name, they could be banned permanently.
People have a right to express their opinion, even if it's one you disagree with. These forums have less negativity then many other fan forums. I've been pleasantly surprised overall.

Threads that complain about others are really more detrimental to a forum than what anyone actually posts about the topic at hand. The posts about the movie are impersonal. These kind of threads are about actual people or members, even if you're not singling people out by name, and that makes them personal.

For that reason I'm closing this thread. If someone complains about the movie you have the option of putting them on ignore. To do that go in to your user CP.
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