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View Poll Results: Can Star Trek Beat the Competition in May?
Yes 33 68.75%
No 3 6.25%
Unsure 12 25.00%
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Old 03-05-2009, 12:23 PM
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Now I just don't know. Have you all seen what they are doing to Terminator? So far "Salvation" looks like the movie Cameron could only dream of making.

The bit that Christian Bale actually refused the part until a script could be produced that would be able to be performed on stage without all the action and special effects... that's script writing right there.

The news abut Bale's blowup on set is disheartening, but I don't know. I've watched featurettes of a lot of movies and have heard of some off camera drama doozies to rival Bale's "Bale out". Anyone remember "The Abyss"? Cameron telling Ed Harris to smack Mary, smack her, smack her, harder, until she walked off the set and didn't return for 2 weeks. It was during an intense scene. Reportedly, the infamous "Bale Out" was also during an intense scene. The codirector said it was the most intense scene of the movie.

Now Bale and Hurlbut have patched things up and Bale has nothing but praise for Hurlbut's work. Which may just mean pr, or we could just take his word for it. Your choice.

Really, I've seen the latest trailer. It looks like it more than redeems "Rise of the Machines" and almost... almost looks like it may even beat the original two.

I'm sensing another "Dark Knight" monopoly coming.
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Old 03-05-2009, 02:02 PM
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Originally Posted by MissionTrek08 View Post
I'd add that TREK's future in films is not based solely on a specific figure it must earn at US box offices -- as much as we might like to think it, we are not the whole world, and often films will earn much more money internationally (in total) than they earn solely in the US.

TREK's worldwide box office receipts will determine how much the film profits Paramount, and that margin of profit will be the yardstick for moving forward with a sequel and beyond. Earn $200 million in the States and $450 million everywhere else, that still adds up to $650 million sales for a $150 million cost. I'll take that return anyday.
That said, the last few Trek films going back to Generations all earned the majority of their box office in the U.S

Though when a movie does work internationally it can significantly boost total box office takings.
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