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Old 02-18-2008, 01:06 AM
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1 Dr. Robert Crater
2. Nancy Crater
3. Omet'i'klan
4. Leonard McCoy
5. Captain James T. Kirk
6. Crewman Darnell
7. Ensign Tuvok (VOY:Flashback)
8. Keiko O'brien <--
9. Dr. Pulaski
10. Midshipman First Class Peter Preston
11. Female Changeling
12. Benjamin Sisko
13. The Traveler
14. Naiomi Wildman
15. Crewman Greene
16. Spock
17. Tuvix
18. Mirror Johnathan Archer
19. Captain Maximilian Forrest
20. Smiley O'Brien
21. Leonard James Akkar
22. Ensign Lynch
23. Amsha Bashir
24. Daras
25. Colonel/Major Kira Nerys
26. Quark
27. Capt. Ron Tracy
28. Norvo Tigan
29. Jadzia Dax
30. Chester
31. Spot
32. Capt. Kathryn Janeway
33. Lt. George Primmin
34. Weyoun IV
35. Uhura
36. Julian Subatoi Bashir
37. Tora Ziyal
38. Senator Kilana Cretak
39. Tribble #837
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